Can anyone explain to me what happened to Venezuela?

Can anyone explain to me what happened to Venezuela?

I mean their socialist economy was working fine till a few years ago

now they are eating dogs and cats

what happened?

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The economy is 70% privatized.

Venezuela is capitalist and has always been capitalist. Its success then was capitalism, its failure now is capitalism.
The burden of proof is on you to prove it's socialist. Even if we go by the revisionist Stalinist definition of "socialism means all capital is owned by the state" it doesn't meet that requirement. Hell, Venezuela barely meets the standards for social democracy (welfare capitalism AKA what 90% think of when they hear socialism)

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And no, before your inevitable sperg out, Scandinavian countries aren't Socialism either.

Hugo Chavez himself called the Venezuelan model 21st century Socialism

sadly my reliable sources and only in spanish

He also encated many social programs, similar to a social democracy, like universal health care, Housing, Food, Education and poverty reduction

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no this guy, but just because Hugo calls it "socialism" doesn't automatically make it so

Economy relies mostly on oil and other non-stable income sources.
Economy privatised in part, and most importantly, almost entirely in the hands of the Chavez clan. Chavez' widow is the richest women in Venezuela.

The crisis causes people to vote for opposition/rightist parties during the next election. Maduro is unhappy and basically voids the assembly's powers. He rules exclusively by decree, and everytime an electoral results displeases him, he declares it invalid with the Supreme Court.

Political violence rises as both sides use various stunts and show of force to submit the other. Several important figures of Chavezism begin to criticise Maduro autism for his treatment of the crisis.

It is important to note, however, that all this can only happen because the opposition is actively organised and free to talk.

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No, this is the equivalent of social democracy in Latin America

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Explain why he was wrong

so far everything chavez did since at least 2006 can be seen as socialists policies

in fact he made an entire plan that relies on central planing, soviet style

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Like? I mean if he only did socialist policies then why is Venezuela so privatized?

I don't see how the government up to this point has been anything other than nationalists with shallow socialist rhetoric.
All of the PSUV Socialists policies

PDVSA, the venezuelan oil company, was complety nationalized, before some if its assets were sold to the chinese, to pay debth

CANTV, The national phone company, was also complety nationalized, controls around 80% of al telecomunications

SIDOR, Mayor Heavy industry company, also nationalized

Price controls, oil nationalization (which they are hugely dependent on), and too much socdem welfare spending.


It's never enough for these morons. They'll find small little details to claim that X isn't real socialism. Your brain isn't nationalized, well, sorry, that's not socialism.

Who knew Alaska is socialist guys.

The US decided to fuck shit up because VZ refused to accept the US's oil regulations. As a result, private corporations in VZ started to horde food and necessities, creating the media storm we have today.

Social programs are social democracy.

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No such thing. All nation-states are capitalist.

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Alaska also gives every permanent inhabitant an oil dividend, literally free money.

A lot of people are pointing out that their capitalist, which is true. But the government's ideology is most definitely socialist. Succdem polices are probably a precursor to actual socialism. And the reason why Venezuelan's economy is doing bad is because, for one, it was based around oil and there now trying to diversify the economy, and two, the US has an interest in the oil reserves so an economic war is happening. Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia are also socialist governments, but their economies are doing well despite the alt-right/media fixation on Venezuela.

what does that even mean? the USSR was capitalist then? the PRC too? WTF

im posting a simple argument and your response is "but thats not real socialism"
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Venezuela follows OPEC regulations, the US has nothing to do with that

And the national guard took them, and they are still starving

Sorry fam.

Citation please
besides everyone that knows a little bit about oil, knows that most of the Venezuelan oil is Heavy/Extra Heavy Oil, dificult to refine and process

Hahahaha my cuban neighborgs will strongly dissagree with that statement
Also a shithole
They have introduced many reforms to their economic policies, trying to make their econonmies more competitive in the free market
They also took millions of dollars from Venezuela in the form of bonds and aid


Moot point when you consider it's the largest proven oil reserves and literally the reason why they can trade with other countries for the past decades. Look at whats happened in the middle east and you're telling me the US doesn't have interest in Venezuelan oil?

Literally every Latin American country (including the non-socialists ones you never seem to mention) has and had economic troubles. If you're calling Nicaragua a 'shithole' then call them all a shithole.

Ah yes, the same free market reforms that saved Chile…

Oil reserves don't mean shit when the final price is higher than standard or when those same reserves are not exploited because it's not economically viable due to the first reason. Keep yapping about US when Middle East was the most significant player in the lowering of oil prices. Lefty tinfoilers sicken me.

Yes. The nation-state is an invention of capitalism.

You do know Venezuanlas economy is based on trading oil for goods right? They would hardly exist if it wasn't for those reserves. Are you even self-aware?

This article sums it up pretty well.

They subsidized oil instead of taxing it. They tried to develop a tourist market that catered to "porky" which meant that poor people were arrested, because whose streets our streets.