World's witnessing a new Gilded Age as billionaires’ wealth swells to $6tn

World's witnessing a new Gilded Age as billionaires’ wealth swells to $6tn

Don’t worry guys, you may be getting crushed by crippling debt, suffering from social alienation and isolation, and working a miserable soul crushing job for shit pay, but your local porky is going to open up an art museum so it’s all okay.

just a coincidence. god bless america.

They worked harder than you, they deserve it.


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Those poor hardworking Billionaires

All is forgiven, porky.


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I remember reading a study that showed that when the poor donate money they give it to services that will help improve people’s living conditions, but the when porkies do it the money goes to vanity projects like the aformentioned art galleries, sports teams, and public works.

This has been the norm for almost all of human history. The post-WWII prosperity was an anomaly that will almost certainly never occur again. The early 2000s were the last shreds of that prosperity. After that all the leftover money was all spent on wars and bank bailouts.

No, there's enough money to extend all of it, we just don't have it. The future is already here, it's just unequally distributed.

I love how they're so removed from ordinary people that they believe the best way to buy off the commoners is with art galleries rather than basic social services such as healthcare and education.

Thanks OP ;_;

soon the only way males will be able to stay afloat is to marry a woman breadwinner, who works the only remaining occupation.

Why wouldn't said women just work as concubines and not marry a third party man?

When I read the only remaining occupation I thought he meant boring office job

That's more realistic to be honest.

Remember that just one trillion can pay for 8.33 million people's college through all four years, or feed 378,644,453 million ==Americans== for a year

full access office workers, more likely. doing menial work all day, and then getting fucked occassionally to justify the oxygen he spends for them.

maybe they'll still want emotional intimacy with someone, and someone to look after the children and add wood to the hearth.

I see you've gone out of your way to point out that it can feed that many Americans.
Just imagine, feeding two billion people. Mindblowing.


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Reminder that the number of richest people that own as much wealth as the lower half of mankind is already down to five.


it's going to trickle down any second now, just wait.

We just need to give them more money, then I'm sure they'll give the rest of us jobs.

it is trickling down, into the destruction of the middle east

I'm ready to gear up now tbh

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actually saw on Fortune that automation will probably kill all those jobs first.


Oh, I can think of someone who can.

Technically though, you can blame 2 of them on the thoughtlessness and miseducation of the proles.

It's been a hundred years since the revolution. the capitalist class simply isn't afraid enough,ever since the end of soviet union and globalisation of There Is No Alternative.
As the article says:
The self-interested porky should stop acting according to their class interest, and invest into the people to stop the revolution and even societal imbalance that will lead to multiple crises of capitalism. Capital accumulation has become a spook with severe consequences for the elite.

But you have to consider how competition factors in. The porkies who see the train coming will get off the tracks, but that just leaves room for other porkies to step in and take their place. Capitalism's answer to porky's conscience or self-awareness is that there's always someone else waiting in the wings who doesn't have that quality that causes restraint.

Very true. The sort of super-rich the article talks about do wield quite a bit of personal power as well, so maybe there is some way they could influence
Push for UBI or some other such method? The current plans for UBI set the level of income too low, but should it be at an actually comfortable level you simply couldn't force people to work shit jobs with shit conditions. It would avoid crises of dwindling consuption too so theoretically it's a good way to patch over the contradictions of capitalism.

Well yeah, but Porky himself fosters those things on proles in the first place.

That's one of the funny things about capitalists' power. Individually they're already mighty, and as a class they rule absolutely – yet they're not an organnization, or at least a big enough organization. Like you said, if one porky sees a crisis incoming and pulls out, others will fill in. It's in Porky's nature to be greedy, no matter how risk-averse or not, so if left unchecked, they would have made capitalism collapse a long time ago.

That's where the capitalist State comes in. Its function, obviously, is to serve the interests of capitalists, and that includes making the unprofitable investments that Porky just plain won't do (power, sanitation, roads etc.) despite being necessary for the development of any economy. Arguably, the biggest such investment ever has been the modern welfare State. I imagine the porkies back in Bismarck's day suffered an epidemic of the vapors when he proposed actually giving away government funds to the hoi polloi. Yet we now know, probably nothing did more to defuse leftist rise than the welfare State. The capitalist State is the one serious class organization that the capitalists have in order to avoid or fix the class-wide mistakes they make don't want to avoid or fix by themselves out of plain and simple greed.

That's where the agitation for the UBI comes from, it's another measure to save capitalism from its own contradictions at least temporarily. It's essentially Welfare State 2: Squeal Havoc, and a handful of porkies are having the forethought to propose it early. But when (not if) the government enacts it (which should take many decades at the least, I think), you can bet the capitalist class will throw a tantrum.

I've become convinced that UBI is a scheme by billionaires to squeeze out their small-time competitors (businesses) who will take the brunt of the hit from new taxes. That leaves more space for the fuckhuge conglomerates to move in and take more market share. And then once the competition is gone, they can tell everyone "UBI was a mistake - look how many jobs and businesses it killed. Better repeal it now," once it's done that job for them.

Ultimately they're slaves to the cycle of capital, more directly than the proles or petite bourgeois even.
And here's the problem with the state as an organ of control for the capitalist class. They're all competing with each other for control over it, so ultimately it too sways to the interests of capital. No pile of money is so big that the cycle of capital won't place someone else at the top of the pyramid if they serve the God Profit better. And then the more ruthless, devil-may-care porky will win control over the government. At best the government slows the effect of competition filing off the rough edges of the capitalist class.

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