Hot take from the NYT


Good luck in fucking capitalism



You misunderstand, our comrades at the New York Times are actually arguing that social democratic solutions to the problems of capitalism are just patchworks, and instead we should focus our energies on actual socialist solutions such as universal employment.

Wow America is 25% liberal, 75% cuckservatives and 0% leftist.

see: forced labor

when did NYT stop trying to hide their class sympathies

As if this solves the medicine issue at all. People with well paying upper middle class jobs still end up in serious financial situations after hospital trips

Universal employment just means anyone who wants a job will get one. Not that you have to have a job.

From who? Doing what? Who pays their salary?

When a country starts legalizing chemicals that create mental illnesses when they accidentally inhale them as children, then refuses to give them help and tells them to get a job as adults, they shouldn't be entitled to the public's jobs.

Fair and simple. They aren't entitled to jobs, the jobs market should suffer catastrophically.

Should I feel mad at the author, or pity?
>we Democrats

Depends on the tendency.


We live in a world wher rich people have the gall to tell us to our faces that UHC is tantamount to slavery.

Absolute /ourguys/


UHC would make poor folks like Rand Paul into slaves, and we don't want that.

(((New York Times)))


Oh dang for some reason I never caught that it was Rand who said this.

Is this nigga really named after the ancap broad?

His parents deny it, but given his dad’s political inclinations…

Maybe this could be done through a universal right to employment and wage problems could be fixed via labor vouchers which constantly increase in value over time because of automation.

Does the NYT not know that socially consrervitive leftism exists.

holy fuck they're bad at propaganda

I'm torn between dislike and a slightly tempered dislike for Rand

Probably around the time nobody bothered to sue them for straight making shit up or pushing the country into a bigger waste of a war than Hearst did.

That turns into "we're worse off than slaves" so very, very easily.