So what's really the difference between a tankie and your average Holla Forumsack?

So what's really the difference between a tankie and your average Holla Forumsack?
I mean the only difference I can think of is that nazis literally tried to murder all jews, whereas in ML countries you just have the odd booj being gulaged every now and then, but the rest of their class privileges remain intact. Oh and they like different banners I guess.

What gives? I can understand being a ML or a Maoist before the 90's, but after that it just seems stupid.

No. You see right. Socialists and fascists are the same. I'm so glad I read Bookchin.

Wow dishonesty straight from the get go.

Russian was always a country with imperialist goals. Their goals always has been just one: get more land.
They changing to USSR didn't change a thing. Stalin goals were to recuperate the land that had been previous part of the Russian Empire. Putin's goals are to recuperate the land that has once been part of the Russian Empire and the USSR.

you're right, i should probably put that at the bottom of the list next time.

What about Lenin though?

It was all over when he failed to position Trotsky as his successor.


Also is that some fresh OC from MarxistMatey?????

I hate this shit so fucking much

I don't think this needs addressing.
I don't think anybody gets "offended" by the fact that the first world has less revolutionary potential as they are paid off with welfare. Not every Marxist-Leninist is a Third Worldist though.
As opposed to Leftcoms who screech "opportunist" as everybody who wants to do something? Fuck off.
Your picture is a strawman, we fucking hate Saudi-Arabia, Turkey, etc. - it's easier to brush everything off as a "fascist dictatorship" instead of providing materialist nuance, but then again, you are a liberal and believe everything the media tells you.
No Marxist-Leninist says China is socialist, for fucks sake, can you differentiate between a socialist system and a socialist government? China is clearly revisionist but their government is still somewhat socialist in their outlook.
Jews are an ethnic group, bourgeoisie is an economic status. Kill yourself.

Your first point is retarded but the rest makes sense. There is nothing wrong with trying to make your ideology as scientific as possible. Didn't Marx or Engels call socialism a science anyway?

t. Red liberal

You will come around once whatever "movement" you currently support gets crushed by American imperialism.

I would say the Russian regime had Imperial goals. The Bolshevik wanted a workers state. Lenin supported the right of a state to self determine.

I also forgot:

Wait, you mean the USSR wanted more Lebensraum?

LOL. Like pottery.

Of course there isn't. It's a different thing if you go around quoting random passages from your holy book and proclaim it as science because (insert charismatic figure) said so.

They did, but they died before epistemology was a thing.

How did he accuse you of "being a traitor", he accused you of being COINTELPRO. In order for us to call you a traitor, we would have to give a shit about the US state and its future existence. We don't.

Get BTFO in the Syria thread again liberal?


I hate to be a sectarian, but that second one is so fucking painfully true and it's so fucking annoying and makes it harder for all of us, as socialists, as
a side-effect.
If the Law of Value was supposed to exist under socialism, why did Marx advocate a labor voucher system? Like come on guys

Australia is anti-imperialist?


we'll find out as soon as a fascist dictator gets hold of it