Why, when speaking on the nature of religious states with lots of political influence and moneyed interest behind it...

Why, when speaking on the nature of religious states with lots of political influence and moneyed interest behind it, is the Vatican never brought up, but Israel is?

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Vatican has less influences and is less of an asshole than the others in the current day.
Vatican is a small as place. I used to have a house near there. Just loads of turist, nothing else.

Because the vatican has no power anymore…it just kind of exists.
The vatican used to have a lot of power. An european country would only be recongnized as independent after the pope gave his ok

It has enormous amounts of financial and political capital, just because it doesn't exist within traditional corporate structure, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Who could be behind this post?

Because the Vatican and ISIS both serve Israel's interests.

Think about it, what's the last stop the Vatican disagree with Israel?

Don't make this about religion, I could give less of a fuck about it.

Someone who's irritated this discussion doesn't ever happen

It has a lot of capital but a lot less influence. It's shit and It'll get invaded. Israel is worse under every aspect tho

This is not about religion, it's about race.

No? Capital doesn't exist without influence, that's absolutely ridiculous

I meant your religion, which is Holla Forums

Wait, Holla Forums is a religion?

No it hasn't. The pope comes out once ina while says "Hurr Durr please don't make war"…war still happens. Nobody gives a shit. Only some people still care aout the pope and christianism. That thing is dead, finished.
Christianism was replaced by cosnumerism and football. Those are today's religions and Shopping malls are the new cathedrals where the herd goes to express their faith in the Money God.
Pope Francis is just a marketing move in an attempt bring the people back to christianism.

Organized cult at this point.

Do elaborate.

What the pope says doesn't matter.

No it isn't.

We aren't talking about religion right now. Or what the Pope says. We're talking about the influence of the Vatican in capital, and I'm afraid to say I don't think you know much about the topic?

What is there to exactly elaborate?

What is, in fact, the influence of the Vatican in the capital?
At least Israel can actually force you to not boycott its produces.

How is Holla Forums an organized cult?

How is it not lol

Where is their sermon, their cult leader, their pray schedule?

It has its own god damn bank

What? I don't know a cult needed a sermon.

So does every country, including North Korea.

A cult need an unified sermon, a cult leader and a praying schedule.

The Vatican has been pushing for fucking "market reforms" and free market capitalism for the past god damn century

No it doesn't

You really don't know what a cult is do you

Go bait on Holla Forums


Spotted the Papist.

How is this bait? Why are you so sensitive about discussing this?

Ad has it been successful?

I beg to disagree, I do know a bit about religion and cult.

To be a cult, you need your own teachings that deviate from the source religion, and a cult leader who propagates said teaching, and a schedule for cult members to attend and listen to said teachings.

Holla Forums has it
Doesn't need a "source" religion, it can pick and chose what it likes from various sorces, political, ideological, and religious
No it doesn't

What the fuck? Israel exists? I love the Vatican now!

Which is?
A cult almost always deviates from a main branch of the religion.
Yes, it fucking does, every cults have their praying schedule, even nut cults like that weird shinto-christian jap cult.

A world religious power can influence the social policy of a number of nations, and declare entire political ideologies forfeit (See, Decree Against Communism). And push for market changes for the past century.

But none of that matters, actually. Look at the other religious state, spooky isn't it? Please ignore the Vatican



Has it been successful in any of those things?

Meanwhile, you can be jailed for denying the holocaust.

OK, no more point in arguing.

Yes, really. Point to me a cult where people don't pray at a specific time.


t. doesn't know what a cult is

The Family? Santiniketan Park Association?

Has the Vatican destroyed communism?

Well, big guy, I do happen to know a bit about religion and cult.

Is this a serious question you're asking me. It has to "destroy communism" for its decrees to not have worldwide reverberations

You're fucking absurd

But obviously communism has not been destroyed.

Stop shilling for the fucking Vatican holy shit lol

I google around, and the two hits regarding the Family cult and the Family International do involve praying times at specific schedule.

Yeah, it definitely doesn't have any influence if it doesn't completely annihilate every ideology it collaborates with other nations to fight, especially during the Cold War?

How does that make sense?

Not the family international dumbass, the Australian one.

I don't shill for it but I just don't see how the Vatican has anymore impact than Israel.

Well, it hasn't even been successful in destroying paganism and witchcraft, let alone communism.

That particular australian one has sermon, they fucking teaches kids those, man.

This is how I know I'm talking to an intelligent person. They compare political influence to an ideological battle about paganism like this is the 17th century

Just like Holla Forums

Holla Forums has no unified sermons, and it doesn't regularly invite kids over to pray. You mention a particular very sick cult.

The vatican cared more stampling out witchcraft and paganism than political ideologies.

The Vatican's stance on birth control and contraception in the 20th century hasn't exacerbated worldwide epidemics and health crisis. It's political influence stops at declaring Communism against God because it didn't stop paganism from existing (what the fuck)? It's capital ends at its enormous wealth. It has no influence

You're such a brain genius dude.



This was an attempt to discuss the Vatican's influence in Capitalism but it seems like we're not ready to have that discussion.

The naivety

Didn't stop half the planet to legalize gay marriage and Europe to have legal abortions.

Vatican is small time, bub.

It doesn't.


Care to show a Holla Forums sermon?

Europe is the only country that exists, and so too, the past century doesn't matter actually. Got it.

Try posting there you'll get plenty. But we both know you post there.

You sure are showing the HUGE current presence of Vatican man.

I'm asking you, buddy.

I just gave you a fucking example, it's spurred on diseases that still effect us in the 21st century. Diseases that could have been stopped by contraception had the Vatican not had political clout in South America and Africa.

It's created the environment for diseases to erupt in the 20th century, what more influence could you possibly need for you to stop shilling it and grow a fucking brain

You don't need to ask me what you already know by heart.

who the fuck have you been talking with

Like current event, man.

The thing in the 21st century.

What has the Vatican done recently that affected you?

Such as?

Stop saying man, stop reddit spacing, and stop posting

It costs someone $250,000 to become canonized, but this nation isn't running a gigantic scam.

The Vatican: a nation formed out of Mussolini's fear that the pope would call for anti-fascist Revolution and to get the popes to stop bitching about Italy.
Israel: A state made by European powers formed out of another state, keeps expanding into other Nations lands because of the Jewish version of manifest destiny.

Man they both look bad.
Look at this vid:youtu.be/OPHRIjI3hXs

World War II and the events leading up to t really created some fucking shitty states didn't it

Well we got Yugoslavia and maoist china so i don't think it was that bad.

Vatican has no nukes, no occupation, no apartheid, no institutional racism, nor army of note.

Damn that actually pretty good

The Vatican isn't a state. It is a private corporation, a bank.

Look lad, when you realize the Jesuits are the real jews ruining the world thats when you get prot pilled.


because the vatican isn't an imperialist apartheid state