Debate? Maybe?

what do.
personally i would defend myself tbh

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Ask specifically what you said/did was sexist. Most of the time they cannot actually call that out. If they can on something reasonable, chances are you were actually sexist.

Of course i would defend myself and then after the chick is on the ground i would stomp her face. These people need to learn self-awareness and if their parents didn't spanked them when they were kids, someone else has to do it.

repub opinion: they play the victim card the second self defense is initiated so others can jump in

yeah, most of the time they can't explain shit

likely because they just want to bully a male into god knows what. most likely an heroing.

Like, physically attacks? Slap that bitch down, you have absolutely no idea what some lunatic who comes up to you in the streets and starts accusing you of things will do.

Yeah this thread is useless

Note: /r9k/ is not capable of doing either

bullet to the head, nothing matter besides class struggle

physical attack yes.

Push her back and make it clear that she doesn't have to be a cunt about whatever you're doing?

Lmao. Use your big brain to reason with her.

You only have yourself to blame.

I only have myself to blame

This a purely ideology based upon the presumption that feminist(abstraction) is inherently violent. The main issue is that they have to be feminist in the scenario. This is a non-issue that only serves to divide without purpose. If anyone instigates violence upon you of course you defend yourself. The justification they give themselves to attack you is irrelevant. Im not gonna sage this thread though in hopes of actual rational discussion and nuance on this pretty baity prompt. Perhaps Im the fool.

I found a pic of your gf.


Hey aren't you the guy who had all his posts deleted and was banned last night? Or are you someone new?

Give that cunt a black eye obviously. Of course, I would get thrown in jail because the police are beta white knights and courts are stacked in favor of femoids, but it would be worth it.

Note: /r9k/ is not capable of doing this

If you freeze up with fear talking to your god damn sister how the hell are you going to punch someone

Actually, women are quite frail and are conditioned to like getting slapped. Women crave physical abuse so long as it is from Chad.

Actually, /r9k/ is quite frail, and they are contioned to like being slapped by women. /r9k/ craves physical abuse so long as it is from Mother

/r9k/ pretending to be an internet badass is the funniest shit

Did Chad forget to change your power today, user?

How the tables have turned

This is what every white knight on leftypol looks like. What a man!

Am I wrong? Do you not crave physical abuse? What would you complain about?


Probably like half of the people you bitch at being white nights are femanons mocking you

Take the dogpill anons. You will never be truly loved by a femail. Chad genetics stomps your beta communuts into the ground.

Go back to reddit

Top banter my lad.

Women love reactionaries, that's why reactionaries whine about how nobody ever loved them


If you are not Chad, this is what femails think of you. Its over comrades.

Top tier wymyn respectors every1

Literally every blonde kid drop out I know is a dude

You're basically selling losers homeopathic medicine to keep them perpetually pissed

Wrong. Misogyny is a turn on so long as it is from Chad.

Nobody goes for muscles anymore besides gay men.

I guess this is now the designated r9k thread

That sounds an awful like feminism user. Feminists love telling betas to stay in their place so they give femoids free shit while femoids cheat on them with Chad. I come not to please, but to destroy. The blackpill devours all cope, all blue pilled delusions.


Why do I have to cope? I have a cunt. Muscles are disgusting.

When you have to type a paragraph for a one liner you've kind of fucked up lol

And let her beat me to death?

don't you love it when your man look like a sentient swollen testicle

Post a pic of yourself. How small are you?


how small as in my dick?

4 inches lmao

The truth turns one insane, user. This world was not designed for human happiness.

Found you on the left.

Found you in the woods lmao

wOW, no wonder ur personality is so shit!!!!1111!

#discrimination based on physical appearance is ok when the left does it


"I'm a twisted fucking psychopath"

Who hurt you dude


Gnon user. Gnon fucked us all.

I am but a priest of reality, here to enlighten you savages on the laws of nature.

You have autism

Nobody gives a shit Nick Land go felate your prolapsed rectum somewhere else

sometimes i forget how relatively normal people are on Holla Forums as compared to other boards, yikes

Open your hearts to the truth. Its all about looks. Personality doesn't matter.

Based r9k poster, dump more blackpills

Is this from /jp/ or /r9k/?

guy if your actual personality is anything like how you post I have some bad news for you

Nobody is going to open their heart to you, nobody is ever going to love you, women are only going to laugh at you as they date skinny dudes and you won't get it

Perpetually stuck in the conception of the world as a high school of a Disney Channel Original Movie for the rest of your life until you commit suicide


Normal brained right wing women

I honestly hope that is a fucking filter.

This is the future of feminism user. Women are not equal to men; women are several orders more capricious and deceptive than men. already women try to overturn habeus corpus because that would allow them to dominate every single sexual interaction (more than they already do) with false accusations of rape.

There will never be a revolution commietard since you people are too stupid to manage your own bank accounts, let alone an entire economy. Delusional commietards think they can do better than millions of top tier businessmen because they read some Garl Margs. Enjoy dying poor, fag.

All women are whores.

As opposed to /r9k/, which is very much employed compared to here

Is that Trump?


Who are you trying to kid right now sweetie

Mommy issues

Leftists are robots in denial. Embrace your heritage and take the blackpill.

Why do you defend the Femoid user? Don't you see how much contempt they really have for you?

The ideology about labor rights is the ideology of the neet, ok lol

Because men hate you more than they hate women.

Leftists all want free shit they didn't earn, so it seems quite similar to me. Gotta take it all from the Chads and the femoids, amirite.

You're confusing yourself for everyone. Basically everyone has contempt for your posts, and every time you get banned. And we do this again, another day. Again and again.

And you do this because you're mentally ill.


leftypol IRL

itt: virgin bashing

Why don't you just start a business instead of violently taking the products of someone elses labor then?

It would have been more realistic if you just posted Felix Beiderman or someone who looks like him

You're never even gonna get why this is an oxymoron lmao

IN THIS PIC leftypol defends femoids online against evil nazi robot NEET SCUM. Praise Vagina!

This is you


Found your gf.

How many piss bottles are in your room as we speak

This is what leftypol aspires to be. Leftypol loves getting cucked by that superior Chad cock at the end of the day.

100 million.


That's an uplifting story actually, I'm proud of them

Because I am not Chad. Women make endless excuses for Chad because he is Chad. Women love getting raped by Chad, its genetic.

Wow, leftypol doesn't even deny it. Cucking is maximum cope, please stop jewing yourself.


like you and a woman's love?

and moar

This is a chad and stacy board only faggot I'm going to have to ask you to leave

and moar…

You got banned last night, you're gonna get banned this afternoon

How long is it going to be until you get perma'd lol

As a germaphobe this was extremely hard to read.
I am going to have nightmares now.

Report submitted for spam my little cucklet

Wrong. This is a board for sad little betas in denial to pretend they are Chad.

mum has just found a draw full off piss that my 3 year old brother has been pissing in and he blamed the dog HAHA!!!

I'm gonna guess that a lot of us have twitter accounts that you would bring up as being part of the global stacy conspiracy

This is a Stacy according to this board. Leftism attracts degenerates and defectives like flies to shit, so I am not surprised at all.

We're easily the most comfy board in all of Holla Forums. A little campfire by the abyss.


Sometimes I wonder why leftypol defends Chad when they actually hate him for being successful in business. Feminism is a helluva drug people.

Nobody here uses the term stacy. You have to go back.

Chad is exploiting your labor by fucking your whore of a girlfriend. Put Stacy and Chad in their places comrades. Beta uprising NOW.

You have to go back. >>>/r9k/

Ah yes, the famous chad nerds who get hazed in frats in the college they're taking an econ major for and end up washed up with a business they can't actually work with.

Those great business owning….limp dicked chads? Wait what the fuck?


Wymyn are worthy of respect, guis. Trust me, I know this stuff.

Nobody should respect you for only being a virgin. Respect is earned, so far it seems nobody has ever loved you, and that happened for a reason.

Women don't want feminist men, cucks. Tjhey only want Chad. This strategy was doomed from the start.

You haven't been fucked and you're explaining what women want to me? That's interesting.

Well women definitely don't want you.

Reminder that hypothetical loaded questions like these are psy ops that exploit the fact that when we imagine something we respond to it emotionally much the same way as if it were actually happening. With lots of repetition the narrative can become a perception of reality.

Denial of the biological nature of women fits so well with the denial of race.

Women don't want you either, feminist cuck. Open your eyes and accept the reality.

why does this board hate virgins so much? i honestly don't get it

this ban evading user

I've had sex so I can't say they don't actually

Man. All these pictures really remind me of my /r9k/ days. Even though I left because it was literally driving me crazy I still feel nostalgic seeing a classic womyn hate collection.

Look, I know that this whole cuckold fantasy shit feels pretty hot for you, but you must stop this faggotry for your own sake.

yeah but what does that have to do with virgins in general? every time there's a thread on sex and gender issues they're filled with antivirgin sentiment


Because reactionaries tend to be virgins with early onset erectile dysfunction who fucked up their lives so badly nobody loves them. It's not hard to have sex, sex is a non issue identity problem, they deserved to be mocked. We can talk about alienation all day but at the end of the day we aren't here to convince every autistic loser to take up arms against Capital.

Especially when they prove to us they aren't capable of having a discussion.

Because this board is filled with females and their white knights obviously. Females are disgusted by virgins; they see us as subhuman beta providers who do not deserve real companionship. Also, leftypol gets its kicks from shitting on pol despite never doing anything of consequence itself.

You know what’s pathetic, mocking a fictitious conception of leftist ideologies formed through spending years in an echo chamber of teenage soyboy losers.

This thread has proven that's true beyond a shadow of a doubt. Nobody should ever be with you. You should die alone.

What's "doing something of consequence, " lol? Staying in your god damn room all day at your parents?

well i am a 28 y.o. virgin and a communist so it's just not a very pleasant environment to be in when it gets like this

Cope. If I were Chad I could say this shit daily to women and still be drowning in pussy. The truth will set you free, not defending subhuman obese landwhales online.

Don't base your identity of self around being a virgin. You don't have to see yourself as a virgin, or w/e. People are shitting on reactionaries who pull the shit they're doing who are entirely motivated on emotional built over years of feeling wronged by people of the working class, and instead of helping the working class they seek to divide it by sucking in other alienated people.

They deserve to be mocked, but I understand why you would be uncomfortable about it.

Shut the fuck up normie. Virgin identity is imposed on us, not the other way around. Its all cope except rope.

We're insulting you because you're more obnoxious than most women we know. We ban you because you're more obnoxious than most women we know.

Sort out your shit

Why have a girlfriend anons? She could be cheating on you right now and you would never know.

We’re not mocking you because you hate women, incelcuck. We’re mocking you because you are so obsessive your virginity and women. Only the mentally ill would constatly ban evade just to spam a single board of people he doesn’t agree with.

i don't base my identity on it but i don't see the point in condemning all virgins because you don't like the way this one guy posts

It really isn't. You force it on yourself and you refuse to help yourself. Your personal short comings are not our communal problem and they never will be. If you want to REEE about it some more, that's fine. But that's exactly the reason why nobody will ever love you.

You sound like an autistic person. Probably because you are.

You're our boards lolcow incel poster, I just want you to know that

Actually, what I am doing is better praxis than 99% of leftypol, so you really are in no position to complain. Get back to me when your anarchist trot shitter group goes a week without splitting kek.

What does this even mean lol


So far everyone on this board hates you and you still haven't fucked. So…? What are you achieving

Why do leftists insist on boostraps for virgins yet support government redistribution, violent revolution and the enslavement of the productive to niggers? Why do niggers deserve our hard earned money yet we do not deserve womens pussy? Obviously because leftism is nothing more than a shameless power grab on behalf of the socially privileged. Reminder that the bootstraps defense is the first defense of the privileged against the poor; its use by leftists is hypocritical at best.

Your posts are awful and you should be a black man's sex slave. Maybe then you'll stop bitching about sex

Because nobody actually has the energy to build a government that's totally reliant on a spoiled brat who never grew up

Nobody cares about you Peter Pan, it'll always be that way

It's almost like women are actual human beings, and not things.