Today is Hillary's birthday! It's also the one year anniversary of this tweet. Say something nice about her

Today is Hillary's birthday! It's also the one year anniversary of this tweet. Say something nice about her.

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I find her pretty sexy until the 90's.
Young hilary>melania

That cunt will drop dead soon and the world will be a very, very, very slightly better place.

we had a feeling you killed vince foster…

hope the shot was a noscope

Declaring yourself future president is vain enough, but wishing yourself happy birthday is just sad.

Is Hillary the queen of cucks? The whole world knows her husband fucked tons of women and she keeps with him…she's so fucking pathetic.

She might have the good sense not to run again. Thats all I got.

Canadians wishing a happy birthday to the future president:

Whenever they had sex it made the news.

For her birthday I got her a box full of rape for when she goes to jail. Go fuck yourselves, Holla Forums.(hoyl fuck im literally shaking)

She has a cuckquean fetish

She was a good politician but a very bad human being

She actually would have made a better president than Trump.

Unfortunately the opportunity to get some actual left movement going by the American left was not taken with the election of Trump.

Back to the autism containment board >>>Holla Forums

she's actually a terrible politician tho

She effectively saved Bill Clinton's personal legacy by some Machiavellian trickery i'll never know (ie she's crafty)


sounds like a good politician to me



She's somewhat decent at pretending to be a human being.

she looks like laci green in that picture

happy birthday madam president :^)

The left can't meme


A little disrespectful to the great women of the 20th century to act like they didn't exist, but it sure carries across the narrative.

To be fair trump was probably meant to be a plant who wasn't trying to win.

Mother is the only woman who matters.

They put in some great role models like Merkel and Thatcher


There are quite a few war criminals there.

Who eats this shit up

She was a warhawk you fucking libcuck


Why do libs like this imagery so much? It's imperialist as fuck.

Well I dont have a problem with a white person holding a black baby but they way that man is dressed makes him look like a generic English man hunting elephants in Africa for fun and profit.


yeah black men had it so easy in the '50s

No one is more oppressed than wealthy white girls.

It's called adoption, user.

I love the racist hubris of white democrats.

Can't do it. She's a beast held together by dark magic and seething rage. I guess I can relate in a way, except I'm not a war criminal.

She still would have been better than Trump, but for all intents and purposes the election might as well have been over after primaries. Hillary would have compromised her way to screwing us over, while Trump just does the cuts without opposition.

I would have a consensual transaction with her now if you know what I mean.

It's hard to tell by her childhood pictures she'd grow up to be such a cunt.


she triggers trumpanzees


There is no way that text isn't an edit, its to stupid to be real. Are the Dems really that fucking retarded.


why do liberals constantly disappoint ?

meant for


mods failed

I dont think so, real fascists disowned him ages ago

This. A few hours a go there was a thread on 4/pol/ titled "The Richard Spencer problem. Is he cointelpro?" or something along those lines

her corpse is hidden behind the wall of women so that bernie can continue to defile it

Yeah, the use of a black baby as a prop is pretty grotesque.


Neoliberals have alwase hated Rosa

Why would Luxumber be with the Female division of the Freikorps.

I think it's supposed to be Angelina Jolie and her kid, right?

It's Jane Goodall

don't insult laci green like that, laci has fanfuckingtastic titties

Could you imagine a YPJ fighter visiting the US and looking at all this shit? I'd love to invite them to campuses around the country, the butthurt would be fucking fantastic

Does she still wants to run for president? Can't she be like the KKK and sell an insurance to dems to not run for president in 2020?

She's going to try to live vicariously through her stupid fucking kid she's pushing on us


She didn't win!

Honestly, I'm pretty sure they cucked eachother. There's no way she doesn't have a favorite pool boy or something.

The thinking woman's fetish.


She's a stupid bitch and I hope, like the rest of the bourgie fucks, she drops dead.



Daily reminder that Hillary and Bill's first date involved crossing the picket line at the Yale Art Gallery.

to idpol
say perpetuate imperialism. Reminder South Europe is a victim of Imperialism to.

South Europe? Featuring some of the most prominent colonization?


There are plenty of people who arent brown that get exploited under capitalism. Pretty much every prole actually. If we're concerned with only the Imperialiszed nations then again there are plenty of people in the world who are exploited and murdered in the name of capital. Saying "brown people" just leads into IdPol.

The number is significantly larger, resulting in an underclass predominantly made of brown people which in turn fosters racist and reactionary thought.

So how does calling them brown people turn that reactionary thought to revolutionary thought. As I see it putting that "bomb brown people" quip just reinforces devisions amongst the proles. Direct you anger with Hillary from a class perspective.

Where was Hillary when Porky almost became the Democrat nominee?

At least she isn't Anthony Burch..

At least you aren't Trump

She's almost Burch-tier though.


They aren't sending their best

No shit. It's an improvement though. It looks like they have dropped below 250 words per image.

That webm is titled stirner5 what are stirner 1-4? I need more stirner memes.

Yes but that ended in the 1800s. Also Hillary and Bill bombed the shit out of Serbia.

this globalist porky needs to get sent to the killing fields

The only reason anyone would like Hillary is idpol. This assblasts her in the very terms that she'd use to praise herself.

So he's the real deal, because Holla Forums has yet to be accurate about anything

She's pretty close to being Anthony Burch.

she was cute as a kid
I'd still do her nobody can knock me off my seat at the peak of degeneracy

She was verbally abused by her father, who also beat her mother.

for fucks sake Bill you're 71 year old


that just makes it better, I'm a sucker for tragic heroines

Bill has an insatiable lust for women. He would probably go full Lenin if you offered a 15 women orgy to him.