The crisis in the Republican Party and the fracturing of the American two-party system

26 October 2017

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Joseph Kishore

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Zionism is just a cover for american globalism. The foreign military base in my country sure isn't from Isarel, it's from the USA.

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Stupid article, the American system is structured in such a way that there'll always be 2 parties even though the "form" of said parties might change


(Look at the HoR),_1914


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The Dems have been taking a wholloping ever since they purged the Berniecrats. The Democratic Party might be the weakest it's been since the Civil War.

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Good. Hopefully they collapse and a real opposition forms.

No, I believe that the way that American elections and political structure enforce the two party system. Single-seat districts in America mean that every election for representatives and senators is heavily influenced by "strategic voting."

If you wanted to vote third party then you'd have to make sure your candidate beats both second and first place. This only makes rational sense if you have zero preference over first and second place. If you prefer one over the other then that preference has to be weaker than your propensity towards your own candidate.

Decentralized parties aren't inherently bad either. What we're seeing is an internal takeover of ideology. There are many examples of a leader from within a political party using that party's popularity to compromise with a two party system. Xi Jianping, for example.

I seriously hope the DSA gets its shit together and owns their ass.

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It's not impossible. A good third of the Dem's under-thirty voting demographic were strong Bernie supporters. By expelling the Berniecrats, they're severely hobbling themselves in elections to come. If the DSA managed to start winning elections at the local level like Bernie did way back when, we might start seeing some real shit (or as real as things get in American politics).

So, what, is it not fascism because it has two wings of government that hold the same views, work for the same plutocrats, and support the same policies? The almost total merger of the government and business sectors isn't fascism if they play pretend that one party is actually two?

That part about inter party contradictions seems to be bullshit (both American parties have never thought twice about forsaking their alleged values for political gains. To use the example i don't think libertarians and tea partiers will care at all if the evangelicals ect. pass anti-abortion laws because they rely on the greater republican body to get their issues in through the door) however the rest seems to be a good approximation of the future of burger politics. Despite the crocodile tears shed at Trumps various antics the neocons really don't give a shit what trump does as long as he brings in votes. Imperator Zucc will be the counter point to that, "At Least He's Not the Other Guys" condensed into a single candidate and that will be the end.

Republicans are spazzing out because Trump's imbecility is undermining American hegemony. Truly he is /ourpumpkin/

When the Democrat Party is fractured, the media calls it "progress"
When the Republican Party is fractured, the media calls it fascism
Can't have it both ways