Fellas is it idpol to acknowledge capitalism asymmetrically oppresses the proletariat along lines of race...

fellas is it idpol to acknowledge capitalism asymmetrically oppresses the proletariat along lines of race, gender expression and sexuality?

No. The act/process of treating people different based on identity is idpol. Opposing that is anti-idpol.

Idpol includes

Idpol does not include

Opposing idpol includes

Nope but it is idpol to judge and restrict individuals based on the way "their group" is treated. We dont need to our races and genders to be liberated, we need to be liberated from race and gender.

When has 'acknowledge' actually meant 'acknowledge' when used this way?

how do we fight idpol without using idpol? how do we fight black oppression without black liberation?


Class you fucking mong. How the fuck are you a Socialist? Racism is only a mechanism used to divide the proles. All this "intersectionality" us nothing but struggle session bullshit about who's more oppressed and whites can do to atone for their original sin.

By liberating them, and the rest of proletarians, of the systems which allowed them to fall into such abhorrent positions to begin with.

For instance there's the white privilege thing. It's useful to point out disparities, but if you just focus on how some people have it better you turn people against each other. Instead look at where the disparity comes form instead of just blaming the people who "benefit" from it (most "white privilege" is not privilege but the absence of mistreatment).

I imagine OPs point tho is that the effective liberation the proletariat means acknowledging the different circumstances brought on by the divisions of race and gender. That doesnt mean at all that you need to create a heirarchy of suffering like SJWs do, but recognizing the way blacks are quartered off and imprisoned at a much higher rate than others is important not in liberating their blackness but in liberating the poor people being imprisoned and targeted because of the blackness imposed on them.


We don't shit ourselves and clap in agreement, we just debunk their bullshit. You'd know if you didn't smell of new so much.

Been here since the first wave from /lit/ retard

Im not saying leftypol does particularly poorly (or well) at this but were also not any kind of revolutionary front and are at best a free forum for productive discussion. Im not saying "brocialists btfo xd" im just defending one side of an argument about identity politics that has been one of the main features of this board since the beginning

Is it not also true that porky also gives disproportionate coverage to push and
promote specific 'victim classes' while giving them funding?
Many like to deny this

Go on most 'leftist' facebook pages or reddits, even proclaimed far left ones, and you'll see the idpol & disdain for rural proletariat pretty obviously

"We need to realize that blacks are disproportionately affected by poverty and the cause of this is obviously whites not giving enough yo help the black community"
"haha those stupid trailer trash cousin fuckers, I hope they all drown in the hurricane"


Absolutely true. Liberals and socdems want black and brown people to believe trailer trash, not sophisticated champagne people, are the ones hurting them.

Mate, it is in leftypol that as a nonburger I learned a lot of stuff about the American prison system. Like how police target inner cities while they are much more spread out in rural communities, how they particularly penalize crack cocaine and how ever since the 90s police have been trying to justify their increasing militarization because they get a shitload of money in their budget; and all of which started with Nixon specifically trying to incarcerate black people.

So yeah, I just don't see what's the problem. leftypol has no problem pointing out systemic discrimination, its just that it completely disagrees with tumblr tier attempts at addressing this problem. Also it is just generally wary of getting coopted. As we should.

I think so, and it's shit materialist analysis as well, because there's nothing inherent in capitalism that will selectively include or exclude people based on physical attributes, there's only the cultural, political and historical circumstances that prevailed when capitalism started in a given location - such as centuries-old gender and racial biases - that made certain segments of the proletariat become concentrated at the bottom. To focus less on the abstract economic principles behind it and more on its reflections in the tangible is to miss the point, and puts you in the same category of people who talk about how amazing it is that capitalism has raised the standards of living so much etc.

Capitalism itself doesn't do those things, the political and cultural superstructure that it gradually transforms does it, and if you conflate those you are by definition just a technician of the current system instead of anti-capitalist and socialist.

And if you think not, just ask yourself why people seem more concerned with how Capitalism affects black people then, say, how it affects those in nationalities outside the capitalist core, and the terrible conditions of labor there. One seems easy to fix within the boundaries of the current system, and the other requires a long transformation of our economic reality, enough to seem like a distant thing that shouldn't worry us because there's nothing we can do. So this approach itself, instead of being inclusive and broadening of minorities and marginalized groups as some people perceive it, is itself inherently limited to what liberal democracy can achieve and what we feel like we have agency over, and will exclude a lot more than it will include.

It's not even just that, It's much more common to see upper-middle class whites shit on their working class counterparts without provocation

They attack the worker almost as much as they attack le drumf

Its almost as if Socialists should spread class consciouness instead of crying about Tranny bathrooms and "Carnism" while inevitably getting coopted by Liberals.

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Yes, because there is no evidence for it. Bigotry of the kind you mention has existed before the start of capitalism and will exist after it.

Yeah but only if you do it via solidarity. Solidarity also implies mutual aid by the way, so it's not just about giving other oppressed peoples free shit and expecting nothing in return.

Also, I honestly can't tell whether you're a polyp or a radlib with that post.

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