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To be honest, you only need to look at porn to know that women aren't liberated.


That historically the female gender was subject to an additional hierarchical relationship compared to the male gender, so the freedom given to women in a society is a good measurement of how that society views and interact with hierarchies. In other words a society is progressive (in the literal sense of the word, not the dems way) if it can recognize exploitative hierarchies and effectively fight them. Women are only one example, but it's a fairly visible and recognizable one, so it can act as a good indicator of social preogress.

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Porn needs more regulations, like condoms and laws that make producers accountable for the mental well-being of actors/actresses. We need well-funded avenues for women/men to leave sex work & pornography behind.


porn needs to be banned

This. Commodification of sex is unhealthy. People should be forced to have relationships so they view the opposite sex as human beings not objects.

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That sexual relations reflect property relations. Read Origin of the Family. The social position of women deteriorated with the development of property, as it was men who came to hold property, and the social role of women became ensuring reproduction and succession of property. It is only with the introduction into the property relations (capital and the labour force) and/or the elimination of property that the emancipation of women is possible

Its not exploitation if its 2D

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He meant "I'm talking out of my ass either because I'm being legitimately stupid or because I want certain people to like me."

Or…maybe he lived at a time period where women indeed had no rights whatsoever. Including wealthy women.


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It would have been more accurate to use children than women.



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Should have put 1869

What social progress is entailed by having your ankles on your ears and being covered in cum?

Except it's one of the few industries where women get paid more than men.

Only because they produce more profits for their Bourg producers. They are still being exploited.

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In Spanish we call Marx 'Carlos' and Engels 'Federico'

How would the adult entertainment industry work when run by proles?

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Communal anarcho-syndicalist orgies taped with publicly owned film cameras.

how is porn different from every other kind of wage labor is something nobody ever explains. i don't get why sasha grey would be more free if she made cars in a factory for a living instead of blowjobs.

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You can't ban porn because it's an extension of video technology. You would have to make society get rid of the invention of the camera and all movies for porn to stop existing. It's basically impossible.

i've never been so horny that i thought the girl in the video was a thing and i also never spent a dime on porn. you anglos should stop being afraid of sex.

She wouldn't be as well read as she would otherwise be.

There really is no point of "banning" porn because porn consumption (and subsequently porn creation) in communism will more likely then not decrease to a near niche or artistic level. I feel habitual porn consumption is like any other unhealthy habit, you don't indulge in it necessarily because you suddenly became "addicted" to it but because on some level you feel unfulfilled in your life and you have problem you are trying to avoid/mitigate. The hope is that in communism people will go out and indulge in the healthy activities they always wanted to and which they were naturally inclined to anyway. Very few people actually want to do porn and most people don't necessarily want to be watching it, what they really want is meaningful relationships and someone they can share themselves authentically and genuinely with. Porn in its current form serves more as a way coping with with either not having a relationship or not being in a functional one or some other underlying problem.

The more oppressed women are, the closer to communism the society is.



The higher women are placed, the more progress. Ergo, the most progressive society possible i.e. a communist one, can only bbe matriarchal.

that's not what he meant. I doubt Marx knew the women's suffrage movement would gain traction so soon after his death, he probably thought they wouldn't be able to vote for the next century or so.

Yeah I know he meant equality, but his wording implies that female supremacy would be the best.

This meme needs to stop. Also, Grey is a failed porky. She started a production company for porn and failed. She is not one of us.


Marx and Engels were alive at a time when the idea that women needed to be forcibly confined to the home and isolated from non-familial contact at all times. That is what they were arguing against.

Which is funny since since the "liberation" of women from the home they have worked tirelessly to destroy society and support giant neoliberal welfare states so that they can have an easier time killing their unborn children. Women are the antithesis to communism.

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