How is Holla Forums even different from Holla Forums?

Someone coming to here from Holla Forums would pretty much find themselves at home. If I was a fascist, I would go out of my way to declare an alliance between my fascist group and "lefties" like the ones Holla Forums has to go and hunt "libshits" together.

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It's not a boogeyman, it's more of a petulant child with little substance, but an infinite supply of arrogance.
Just like you, buddy! What are the chances!
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The burden of proof is on you not on me. You have brought literally nothing to the table but wild accusations so stale and generic I'm not even going to attempt to have a discussion with you.
Come back when you have actually something to debate about.

socialism is inherently democratic. People who call themselves socilaist, yet oppopse democracy are just fascists who like the hammer and sicle aesthetic.

Go back to school. Your reading comprehension seems to be impaired.

The difference is that Holla Forums wants a white ethno-state and they're just as spooked about race and gender as the typical SJW, Holla Forums on the other hand is a board for Socialists. The goal of Socialism is the creation of a completely classless, stateless, moneyless society with the absence of exploitative social relations. Holla Forums on the other hand more or less likes the way things are right now, the same way SJWs don't really want to change things in any meaningful way, they just feel massive amounts of resentment towards people outside of their designated in-groups and don't know how to express this in actual politics, because identity politics only operates on the logic of cultural representations, not actual material conditions.

Fuck, bumped this retarded thread by accident. Also, forgot to post this relevant pic.

They dislike those people for different reasons and most do not actually unironically hate people for the way they were born.

Most people here want everyone to have equal rights and has no issue taking part in "degeneracy". They just hate liberals and feminists for claiming to be for equality and then never delivering on their empty promises, or having hypocritical, contradictory beliefs.

/cuckpol/ wants their tranny asses filled with sandy muslim cock. Holla Forums doesn't.

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well you gotta admit hes a hella lot more funny than Hilldawg

why are niggers so sensitive?
you remind me of people who want to prohibit swearing

I pretty much see no point in feminism
19 century is over, modern labor is pretty homogenized
I see no point in dividing proletariat based on gender or race

nah, I just don't like when someone is trying to bullshit me
like for example when someone tries to tell me that everyone in NK is forced to wear a Kim haircut

anime and frog do not belong to pol

how come? Holla Forums has anime and pepe all over the damn place, especially 8/pol/

It's not, one wants a fascist dictatorship the other a proletariat dictatorship.

We really don't. Same shit, different pig.

You think the difference might be 'lefty'

I hate niggers and women, but I don't like capitalism. Also I hate degenerates, faggots and pozzed out SJWs. So I'm leftypol.

really flared up my neurons there

gratz, you are now literally a strasserist

this board suffered badly from the influx of Holla Forumsacks. they just exchanged hitler with stalin and nazism with stalinism - same shit, different assholes. the board is in the process of becoming authoritarian central and calling out tankies for the fascists in red disguise can get you banned nowadays. oh well. it was fun while it lasted.

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pepe is an appropriation of a child's cartoon, and it started as a meme on /r9k/, also anime has existed before Holla Forums and just because two people like something doesn't make them alike. You might as well be saying every human on earth is like Hitler because Hitler drank water.

I'm an egoist so i'd rather have a personal dictatorship tbh

Kill yourself tbh, you'll never fit in anywhere.