Hey leftypol, what is your favorite Cold-War socialist state?

Hey leftypol, what is your favorite Cold-War socialist state?

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DDR and the USSR.


Albania for the Bunker memes, Burkina Faso because Thomas Sankara was a nice man who did a lot of good for the country. Even if they didn't get socialism out of it ending FGM, increasing literacy massively and immunizing millions of children, and improving infrastructure is still pretty fantastic.


is this really a question?

He said state, not anarcho-primitivist shithole.



Ethiopia for maximum sectarianism.


in order to have a favorite cold war socialist state there would first have to be socialist cold war states

Probably a tie between Yugoslavia and Vietnam.

You must be new here OP

DDR! But tbh that has more to do with my family than any actual ideological leanings


What is your opinion of that german film "The lifes of others"?
Is that just propaganda? Did the DDR really had an whole state apparatus to read all the letters and spy on people's phones?

Yes, but so do most modern "liberal" democratic states.


Though, probably USSR prerevision (their history is fascinating) and after that a mix between Cuba and the DDR

Why did you have to remind me of those feels?

I watched that when I was a kid, pretty sure its an anti communist movie or did I miss something?


Fixed you, but I agree that it was shithole.

Are you happy now?

Anticommunist? No I don't think so. I don't think it took any stance
DDR best democratic republic

Pro communist but critical of certain aspects of DDR society. West and unified Germany end up looking just as bad, if not worse in the film. There are scenes where they show how former school teachers ended up as unemployed alcoholics and how people lost everything after the collapse of East Germany, so it certainly doesn't subscribe to NATO propaganda.

Zizek loves the film IIRC

I guess Ill have to re-watch it.
Thanks for the reply


I watched it, and I thought it was good as a film. But it seems that the movie is pretty split among the left; most East Germans and former Stasi officers hate it because it's slanderous bourgeoise propaganda, while even Zizek criticized it for not going into enough detail about the DDR's repressive nature. Everybody who was involved with the movie lived in West Germany, except for the guy who played Wiesler. The director said that he knew that a person like Wiesler could never exist in East Germany, but he decided to change some things to make it seem like it would be able to happen. It is an anti-communist movie, but I don't think that it exaggerates the DDR's negative qualities too much.

It wasn't a state, since Brother Number One successfully established communism unlike all these other posers.

I would say that the chief flaw of Goodbye Lenin is that the woman reveals she was always a dissident at the end and wanted to flee to the West. This massively undermines the emotional appeal of the movie, as it means all the entire sensation of everything you know being gone and everything you've struggled for being in vain is robbed of its tragic value. It also seems ideological in the sense that the movie is suddenly like, "Of course she didn't really believe in socialism and try to build a better future despite all the flaws; all rational people just wanted to escape."

America. FDR was unironically more socialist than fucking Stalin Krustchev and Brezhnev put together cold war socialist states were all shit and still are ducking Barack Obama did more to advance socialism than the USSR ever did

Yeah but It was more about how her husband left and less that she hated the GDR

this really made me thinkā€¦


Poland was the worst socialist state undoubtely


Proudhon OUT

They expelled jews in '68 tho
If that isnt socialism then i dont know what is


Fuck Poland was Nazbol as hell.


DDR cus muh assthetics XDDDDD

butthurt liberal detected

It's shallow to have a favourite country just on its aesthetic.

People's Republic of China. Losers aren't winners.


So not only did it place her as a dissident against the DDR but she was a dissident because of her love for her husband and not because of her actual political beliefs? Peak ideology tbqh imho familam.

The one that didn't try to persecute people for their religious belifes.
So, none.

Very few did that. Most of the time, they repressed political religious activism aimed to overthrow them and their values.


It was official an anti-Zionist campaign that delved into widespread anti-Semitism




Not a MarkSucc, I just like multicultural pan-nationalist countries.

Redpill me on South Yemen
Why is it so overlooked?

Isn't that Zizek's literal point when he talks about that "Fall of Berlin" scene that has Stalin in it to facilitate the love story?


Yugoslavia, but I still wonder why almost nobody ever fucking says Cuba in these. I mean, come the fuck on. Not only did they improve their living situation and survive the Cold War, but they stayed closer to socialism than pretty much any other surviving Cold War state, didn't they? And influenced a wave of South American socialism? I mean, Venezuela went to shit, but that's still something.

USSR & the DDR.



Yugoslavia by far, followed by Cuba and Vietnam

Don't get why the fuck anyone wouldn't pick Cuba

tho to be fair I don't know much about Yugo etc.

I think people aren't picking Cuba because while Cuba is a great one it doesn't necessarily have the peculiarities that would make a country the average Holla Forums users favourite. I imagine it is a lot of people's second or third favourites though.

Tbf Cuba isn't exactly a cold-war state considering it still exists.

Cuba is probably number 3 for me. I tend to like socialist countries that were


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Cuba drastically improved the average standard of living though


Cold War Era is shit tier