Trump: US “totally prepared” for war with North Korea


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If and when the US declares war, I want you all to be prepared to never relent on the front of defending North Korea against the horror that could possibly be inflicted on it.

Do not let Holla Forums fucking celebrate millions of dead men, women, and children. Do not let empty men cheer on a blood bath. Make it look worse than Iraq, and never give one inch on letting these fucking Military Industry worshiping pigs make it an acceptable war.

Shower Holla Forums in blood the day this happens. Shower it in the blood they cheer for.

I'm all for opposing US imperialism, but wtf is with NK's diplomacy dept? Are they all retarded or something? If they wanted to have nukes, they could of gone the Israel route and not tested any and officially denied having any nukes (or be deliberately ambiguous about it).

Threatening nations with nuclear apocalypse isn't going to end well.

Because deterrence is the only way to retain independence. Look what happened to Ghadaffi. He said, hell I'll give you all my weapons, just leave us alone!

Next moment, bam, regime change.

The US' strategy of not leaving well enough alone actually makes regimes reliant on more destructive weapons to protect themselves from catastrophic military intervention. It isn't North Korea that's pushing it to create bigger and better weapons, it's the Pentagon.

They've offered many time to disarm for a peace treaty with the US. It's the US that refuses to talk.


If you weren't such an ignorant genetic experiment gone wrong, you'd realize a slight majority of Holla Forums will defend NK. It's not our fault faggot, it's the System. Sooner you realize that, sooner we can at least sit down and talk. NK is the last place free of Jewish usury.

A percentage of Holla Forumsacks would side with the DPRK against US imperialism to be fair, not all of them are patriotards

You don't care about North Korea for its people, you care about it for your own stupid agenda, and the moment they might deviate from it the moment you will all pray to hell its people die.

That is the difference between you and us. You are always the first to laugh at war. Never are you the last.


American nationalism has no off switch, the mods might ban criticism of a war, seeing as how they're all raging erect at the idea of perpetually sucking Trump's cock far past the point of even pitiful appearance.

Until war is declared, in which case it's fuck da norks up daddy trump.

Yeah, actually, I do. If you'd take an actual look at what I wrote you'd see that. Needless war is just that, needless. Go fucking read Imperium by Yockey without bias and then come back. The System is cancer, it kills and hurts us both.

Many Holla Forumsacks aren't American nationalists though. I hate Holla Forums probably more than most people here but misrepresenting them doesn't sit well with me, we don't like the leftists subreddits and Holla Forumstards misrepresenting us after all

Bullshit, Holla Forumsacks are vile pieces of shit and the second a war starts they'll start posting gore pics of dead North Koreans and laughing that it's ok because they're "sub-humans".

Maybe the /r/theDonald types, there is a contingent of Holla Forumsacks that are more anti imperialist than most of non tankie Holla Forums tjough



this is now a posadist thread. Post your shit

Holla Forumsacks like to flip between "the jews dont control north korea!" to full on neocon "nuke the shit out of them commies! USA USA USA"
there's some anti-imperialist sentiment but it's not consistent

I just can't get over how this asshole talks.

Or maybe, just maybe, Holla Forums isn't one person


judging by the size of their cicrlejerk echoechamber I think it's perfectly fine to assume they're a hivemind

Trust me, im the most prepared person you know. No one.. in the HISTORY of this country… has been more prepared than me.


Maybe they should lift the USA made trade embargo so they could have food.

No of course I don't give a fuck about North Koreans and their shitty cannibal apocalypse tier government, I would prefer to not attack them since its highly likely that Seoul will burn in return and South Korea and Japan are actually innocent and decent people. I prefer to just maintain a blockade and starve North Korea to death into abandoning nukes and have them overthrow Kim

this is how you turn North Korea SocDem, solidarity bombs

Pretty good, but you forgot to go on a 3 minute tangent that has nothing to do with anything, and you actually finished sentences

Trump supporters are Holla Forums and people very similar to Holla Forums weak cowardly and useless pieces of shit they want to feel great and feel respected and daddy has to deliver that by going after shit like North Korea and the NFL at home. Daddy has to show that he's an alpha on the world stage that America under his leadership is feared and respected and not a fucking laughing stock and embarrassment that it is likewise Holla Forums and the retarded base wants to feel respected and important feel like reel men vicariously through daddy so he has to deliver for them

These days all threads are posadist threads :-(

Yes! Invade the DPRK oh based emperor. Strike it now!

unlikely, maybe some saber rattling when his tax reform bill implodes next week
War with Iran is probably a greater likelihood than taking on the Norks

Come on reddit

Flabampf is too much of a bitch to actually be a fascist and take on Congress the media and the monied elite not that he wouldn't want to be a little dictator he just doesn't have the balls and the brains to be one wheras someone like Mussolini really did act towards making Italy Great Again by cucking all the interest groups Trump can't even get Obama care repealed and gets treated like trash by his own party all he's left to do is reeeeeeee on Twitter about the media that bullies him and talk shot about North Korea and Iran without actually doing anything like a typical pussy silver spooned faggot that he is he will just do culture war shit and keep reeeeing at the media and the Clintons while not getting anything of value done

One last hurray before the petrodollar collapses and the US economy pops like a festering cyst.
It's like they really want to go out with a bang.

Fuck off, get banned, don't post again.

You can't starve them to death you cutlureless american . They're self-reliant.
This is why they trigger you barbarian cunts so much. Because they don't have american globa…err i mean cultural marxism in their country.

Back to >>>Holla Forums

Because the US offering a peace treaty would mean being complicit in allowing dictatorships to exist as long as they can reach nuclear level.

And no, I'm not going to fall into this false dichotomy bullshit where I either have to pretend that NK isn't a authoritarian shithole or defend US imperialism. NK people shouldn't have to suffer under gook-trump just because some lefties are triggered by everything the west does.

Again fuck off, get banned, don't post here again.

Back to >>>Holla Forums

If the people in the DPRK suffered so much, they would have made a coup d'etat a long time a go don't you think?
I wish my country would follow a similar model of the DPRK. Isolationism, self-reliance, tourists are only allowed to come in in small gorups.

You're a fucking liberal dipshit who just wants to fucking soon as possible, support a fucking "regime change". Just admit that's what you want. You honestly think the United States' war shit is better than what they have now, I'd like for you to just admit that, and stop pretending to give a shit about any of this.

4/pol/ has defended the DPRK before, and harder than most of Holla Forums for that matter

You are really deluding yourself if you don't think that people can suffer massively while being to fucked to do anything about it. How about this: if the holocaust happened, why didn't the jews who outnumbered the nazis in concentration camps rise up against them? If people suffer so much under capitalism, why don't just just rise up against it? Does your comment mean that Marx's alienation theory is bullshit, after all no one would ever get to that point without a coup.

Yeah I'd like that too except without the authoritarian dictator part.

No I want a unified Korea where they can decide what system of government they want for themselves. I probably give as much a shit as anyone else on this board who doesn't actually live in Korea. It's crazy how triggered Holla Forums gets over countries that by their own admission don't give a shit about leftism. I don't know why anyone would glorify a country where people are forced to wear pins of their god-leaders and listen to shitty music of loudspeakers 24 hours. Or maybe that's all a lie and invented for the thrill of the tourists? :^)

Do you have anything to back this shit up? Did you visit the DPRK? Did you talk to North Koreans? It's amazing how triggered you get over a country that doesn't bow down to imperialism and actually goes their own way. Ever since the food situation stabilized since the 90s, they have been nothing but getting better at what they are doing. They have free housing, no unemployment, no taxes, free education, free healthcare, limited workdays, workplace democracy, local elections, etc.
They are a socialist country by their own admission. Part of their economy is like a gift economy. Outside of the Special Economic Zones (which are closing down anyway) they are pretty much socialist, or at least developing socialism, depending on what your definition of socialism is. You are nothing but a backstabbing retard.
South Korea was established as a military dictatorship that killed a million of its own people. Kim Il-Sung was elected president by the Korean people before that election was declared illegitimate by the US. The Korean people have already chosen and got bombed to smithereens by doing so.

State officials and party members were pins, the same way western politicians wear pins of their country. Let me guess, you also believe that everybody has to wear the a haircut and that Kim's uncle was fed to dogs?

In 1789, France people were so hungry that they made a revolution.
That's why people don't revolt to capitalism. They(me included) might talk against it, but there will be no revolts if things don't really hit rock bottom. Hence why accelaritonism has so many fans.
As for the jews in concentration camps. There were revolts in concentration camps, it is well known. Also in ghettos.

Fuck off

It isn't about their ideology you fucking idiot

It's not about leftism. It's their right to live how they want to live. If they don't wish to have McDonald's on every corner, nor the latest Beyonce single playing in the radio is their right.
I know this is hard to grasp for an american…but please try to understand.

Or to be subject to god damn regime change

Wait are you saying non tankie Holla Forums users are pro-imperialism or am I reading this wrong.

He's saying something that stupid probably.

That really revised my Marxism


And yet you make a post without any sources.

How about make a counter argument and not put words in my mouth about what I do or don't believe.

Which they currently can't. DPRK reports 100% voter turn out that always votes 100% for the Kims. Come the fuck on, you can't accept those numbers as legitimate. Like I said in my OP, I'm not falling for this "you either 100% support the US or NK", and yet posters here keep trying to force me into that position. I never said I wanted the US to invade NK, but rather their current government is shit. Not supporting the Kims does not mean supporting imperialism. If you don't think that I don't know what tell tell you other than that's a pretty spooky headspace to be in.

You are making the claims. I can't prove a negative.
Wrong, WPK isn't at 100%, and the only time Kim himself actually get voted upon was when he runs as a candidate for the Supreme People's Assembly for the Paektusan Constituency. There is no report about "100%" or anything, you are full of shit. Read this pdf about how elections work in the DPRK.

Forgot link

they do yearly simulations of attacks since years, ofc they are

Keep a very close eye on the next couple weeks. How Trump acts in his Asia tour should indicate whether or not we're going to war. Mattis will be doing a speech with the South Korean defense minister about North Korea, that should be telling as to any potential progress. Who fucking knows at this point, but any war won't happen until December.