Is brother Hao a communist or does he just like to sing?

Is brother Hao a communist or does he just like to sing?

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probably a communist since he randomly decided to make videos of him singing communist songs in Maoist regalia.

Mao was a revisionist.

I doubt he would be singing communist propaganda songs dressed as a guerrilla fighter if he didn't at least have strong communist sympathies.

Doesn't he live in China?

Brother Hao is an eternal comrade

He's a Maoist, not a communist. He's got that same special kind of autism that apparently can be found in Africa too.

He's pretty smart apparently
Was an astrophysicist or some shit. Was disowned by his father for wanting to sing like a pretty little princess

China is extremely rascist (like all Asian countries) I think the reason he acts so patriotic to the CCP and Mao is because of that. Chinese people will think twice before bullying someone who knows more about the party then they do. He's a cool guy nonetheless.

Deng was a mistake

That is a Korean commercial, fucking retards.

So? We're all Jews.


Also this.

America may be de facto racist but China is de jure, 19th century racist.

I bet you defend Japanese war crimes too.

Where you made that connection, noone may ever know.


Japs are also racist, it just comes naturally with homogeneous ethnicity/identity.

Go back you Holla Forums, everyone can see trough your idpol.


Wait until flags come back before you try to guess what anons are posting what.

Flags just bring sectarianism to the board. We don`t need them.


Clearly some anons need them to have basic functions on imageboards.

How is that claim in any way idpol?

china is far more racist than america

You make assumptions about ethinities without any other basis than your racism.

Look at American prison population and compare it to general population.

Go live in Japan as a Citizen in the country side. You'll see.


China is over 90% of the same ethnicity. Anyone who is not Han Chinese is not considered a part of China.

Watch any documentary on Chinese projects in Africa, almost every African says that the racist anglo imperialists treated them better.

They say that about any non-African group.

That any non-African group treats them better than the Chinese? Probably.

Ethnic nepotism
There is tons of social studies that back me up just look them up.

People have biological imperative towards in-group preference how is this racist?

Are you trying to shift the goal posts, I didn't say that.

No, I`m just pointing out that there is no such thing as ethnic nepotism as it is normal psychological response to out-group.

Maybe I wasn't clear. This has a relationship between racism with those in the outgroup.

Minorities and multi-ethnic societies tend to be more racists, yes.

Explain this then.
Racism comes from bad experiences, not homogeneousity.

I think we should step back a bit.
What is racism?
Usually misinformation about the out group tends to spread around in the ingroup and the in group makes generalizations from those bad experiences. This tend to be of larger magnitude if the size of the ingroup is of larger size.
My dad has a couple of biases from bad experiences to blacks due to what happened to his childhood county and what had happened to is when the demographics of that county became completely black. It didn't really rub off on me from interactions between the same ethnicity in my youth. Without these interations I may have believed what my father tells me about the blacks.



To get rid of racism just tell people. “This happened in the past it was bad” People believed facts about outers which were incorrect. We can never remove in-groupe/out-groupe prefacers because even if we racially mixed everyone eventually races will reaper through genetic mutations. It’ll be different from the last time, but it’ll reaper and there will still be in-group/out-group preferences.

They'll have no power when theyre dead.

Clearly we are being objective here.

Yes, IRL most are stereotypical or casual racists, and lots of people are authoritarian-leaning or left-wing nationalistic, probably most are fill-on racist under the classification of U.S progressives. But it is not "extremely racists", in the sense of European/American nazbols, stormfags or Japanese rightwingers.

"Alt-right"-like ideologies are not supposed to be popular in China, due to incompatible cultural, economical and social background, nothing is common so people do not buy them. This is basically a good thing. But the status quo can't last long. Now the widespread hate towards Islam and Muslims are now being utilized, more and more people are affected by alt-right and becoming European hardcore alt-right and far-right supporters, few Chinese stormfags has already appeared online, those stormfags are the "extremely racists".

Who the fuck actually wants to invite Muslims into their country tho. Commies justify inviting hordes into Europe because of "MUH IRAQ", but why should any other country suffer random terror attacks because college students want to feel good about themselves? Its pure nonsense.

Muslims are already in China.

That wouldnt wanna come into your precious country if it wasnt for good old late stage capitalism. Islamic proles are proles. Its how I see it.

Actually, they would be content to stay in the Middle East if Americans didn't destroy their country. Take responsibility for your own problems for a change.

The Muslims weren't invited into China, they were forced in.

I was saying that… We are in agreement.

Are you saying that China should empower ISIS racists by allowing them to spread their hateful ideology because not doing so would be racist? Impressive logic.

I see now how could I have been so naive

All it takes is a few ISIS supporters to wreak havoc on a nation you idiot. Of course, China should be fully accept rampart terror bombings because not letting your own people get killed by entirely preventable events is racist. Silly me.

Preventing a terror group from causing terror dont not equate to banning and outgrouping a social group you dont like.

Wreak havoc = Get a prime time spot on the news with little effect elsewhere


Empirically false. Also, why do Americans always force their problems on everyone else? Americans broke it, so Americans ought to pay the full price for it. Is this the late stage capitalism thing I have been hearing about, the one in which first world capitalist imperialist exploitation is sustained by forcing other countries to pay for your nonsense?

Bring me the empircal evidence that stopping terror groups from causing terror means outing a social group you dont like. Id love to see it.

What is there to discuss? If you keep MENA muslims out of your country, you have reduced Muslim extremist terrorism. Compare the number of terror incidents in England verses the number in China for instance.

This is because (stay with me now),

I didn't really propose any solutions to it but that solution just seems half assed.
I know forcing ethnicity and culture together isn't a solution either. There has to be a better option but I can't really put my finger on it.

You seem to be blaming the problems on Muslims and not on the Material Conditions that drive the Muslim to come to a country. I dont know if you belong here.

Yes, unlike you, I hold people accountable for their actions. What a dreadful idea.


wrong video, but not that bad nonetheless

The alt-right isn't in a position to be imperialist exploiters.