"I am anti-racism and anti-sexism"

And so the synthesis of Holla Forums into Holla Forums: Hammer & Sickle edition, is complete.


Hello reddit

you wish, defeatist cuck.

lurk more, dickcheese.

Yes we are for racism and sexism. Which is why we have to constantly debunk Holla Forums autism level threads.

Real leftism is against the childish notions of egalitarianism, hence our opposition to anti-racism and anti-sexism

Speak for yourself and while you're at it go back to Holla Forums

Also this >>2189978

When was Holla Forums not Holla Forums: Hammer & Sickle Edition? Is this some weird timeline in which our board didn't originate as a daily thread on Holla Forums?
Fuck off back to leddit, you faggot nigger.


You must be confused. Reddit is that way. We're not slaves to idpol over here.

yeah what the left is missing is Kingship, Priestcraft, and Marketeers. It's not about the liberation of the working class at all!

Be more subtle next time.

"Liberation" is a meme. The goal is to increase production by centralizing industries. Also, there is such a thing as finding freedom in your work. Try it sometime. You might actually get off your ass for once.

Pathetic. Just think for a fucking moment, cretin. What does it mean to be "anti-sexism?" Are you a sexist? No? Good, neither am I. Now go meet everyday ordinary workers. 40-60% will trigger your "anti-sexist" sentiments. Do you have a solution to this problem? Are you going to get triggered on site? Are you going to sperg out at them for ther problematic behavior? How are these solutions?

I'm also an anti-shakiraist. I not only dislike Shakira. I punch people who like Shakira in the face. This will result in cultural change, mark my words.


You are unironically correct, it truly is Holla Forums: hammer and sickle edition. It took me half a fucking year to realize this entire place is not even genuine leftist place, just another way for Holla Forums to hate on muh libruls.

We final dialectical synthesis now

daddy Hegel would be proud

Newfag take tbh. Surprised your lot didn't get bored and leave forever when school started again.



OP is correct
You're so obsessed with keeping liberals out, you've let the fucking fascists in
It's easier for Holla Forums to go under the radar here than any SJWs.

Shut the fuck up. Go back.

where r d proofs billy

t. Rafiq

Because I've been a leftist longer than you fucking children and I see right through your dog whistling bullshit.
How about you stop talking about the working class when it's clear you never leave the house, let alone work.
Nazbol meme went too fucking far.

Most of us are not racist or sexist. However, we are ableists, since we think people with retarded stances on these issues and incapable of nuance should shut the fuck up and GTFO.


That's not proof tho, that's just you sperging out because someone disagreed with you on the internet, Mr Reddit.

They are just Holla Forumsyps shitting our board.

This but unironically

Except this board has had zero problems with purging Right-wing elements of cooption. Because we hate all idpol as petty, class collaborationist bullshit.

Now fuck off and go shove a broom up your cunt somewhere else. Neogaf niggers need to get fucking purged.


This board is literally just tankies and people pretending not to be tankies, so its more honest without flags

Industries centralizes themselves just fine under capitalism. The goal is to socialize the centralized industries, and democratically plan their disposition towards the future.