Why do people here defend China?

porky on suicide watch

They are counter-imperialist to America, the EU and Israel.

They enable the west to exist through giving it cheep labor.

What would mao think of modern china?


Literally CIDF

there was a crazy good workers movement in the 30's, if only fucking Chiang Kai-Shrek didn't sell out we might have had a utopia in ching chong land.

their literal hatred for Falun Gong



For real, chinese communism turns over in its sleep once and the bourgeois defeatists start screeching immediately.

They fear what might happen, the red liberal fears having his bluff called by real socialism.


Seriously think this, things are getting ridiculous

It's funny that Mao talked about contradictions, because modern China is literally the most contradictory country in the world.

They deserved it.

t. CIA


Its mixed economy capitalism and they use it ro reach the second stage of socialism.

Holy shit you anti-imperialist types are fucking retarded.

When did this board go full capitalist shilling? China is as capitalist as you can get, are you guys for real?


Wow, didn't think I'd see that outside of a shitty middle school economics class, but here it is.

Its necessary step to achieve socialism.

Yeah, mixed economy is a dumb propaganda term made for shitty freshman economics classes, it doesn't actually mean anything

China was sufficiently developed under Mao, the capitalist development phase has propelled them already to being one of the most powerful nations in the world. I don't see any shift towards socialism beyond rhetoric. Even if it is improving socially, China's labour conditions are absolutely shocking regardless.


MLs and "anti-imperialists" love grasping at any straws that allow them to still believe that 20th century style state socialism is still possible.

It's laughable to think that somehow the PRC is gonna flip the "communism" switch and magically turn back into a workers' state that spurns the capitalist west. Their entire economy and government is based on exporting commodities and securing economic growth and development for its people. If that's ever disrupted, the government is gonna get coup'd in seconds and a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie will be installed with ease.

Or maybe not because 600 trillion people died from your socialist experiments. This time the Communist Party will turn China to socialism more slowly.

No it isn’t. What is Cuba?

Cuba is dirt poor and chinese have lifted 700 million people out of extreme poverty.

And into slightly less extreme property, and controlled by porky. Two for one deal.

Are you really a leftist, or are you rusing me.

Was Lenin leftist when he enacted NEP?

1. el bloqueo
2. not really no



Yes because the NEP only lasted three years.

Reminder that capitalism is perfectly fine with state control and regulation as long as it preserves its own existence.
The Chinese are, despite calling themselves "socialists", better managers of capital then the free market shills in the west. The reason for keeping the red aesthetic and communist jargon is to prevent the workers from noticing their own exploitation. Why would you want to revolt if you already live in a so called "workers state"? The Chinese workers and proletariat is the only group we should show support and solidarity with. Fuck the Chinese government, capitalists, and the CCP. Xi Jinping is nothing but a despotic porky who is looking for more power for himself and he deserves nothing but a bullet through the head. Anyone who genuinely supports Chine, even just as a opposition to the US, is a retard.

It's currently mostly just Vietnamese and Indian ultra nationalists trying to counter that "ready for true socialism" meeting message that has been drawing attention everywhere.

They are not just sore about China getting attention. They also can't deal with the fact China is working still on it and seems to be progressing while India failed and crawled back to the West and Vietnam sold out to the U.S..

If only Cuba had industry.

They won't 'flip a switch's, they'll bring the global economic system to its knees. This is why they've integrated themselves so well to the global economy, so when their economic problems create a financial crisis it will have worldwide ramifications and collapse the capitalist world order. From the ashes China will rise and bring in a new socialist order.

It's a meme you dip, no one literally believes China is gonna magically become communist.

Oh hon, I have some really bad news for you.