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Her book was depressing.
She was right though.
Polite sage because I can't actually post the PDF.

How can anyone like Park, I hated him from the moment the introduction mentioned that when he got out of prison he became an officer in the North Korean army. Nihilist my ass.

Fumiko's memoir:
archive.org/details/KanekoFumikoThePrisonMemoirsOfAJapaneseWoman (pdf)
a.doko.moe/bjvslw.epub (epub)

Treacherous Women of Imperial Japan, which has more on her political thoughts:

Fumiko's interrogation, from Reflections on the Way to the Gallows:

Living is not synonymous with merely having movement. It is moving in accordance with one’s will… one could say that with deeds, one begins to really live. Accordingly, when one moves by means of one’s own will and this leads to the destruction of one’s body, this is not a negation of life. It is an affirmation.

So, uh, when was the last mudslime acid attack in Tokyo because the Japs prioritised feminist feelings over racial realities?

you kiddings me? Japan is the ultimate proof that racial homogeneity is not a defence against societal dysfunction, including terrorism
then again Holla Forums thinks racially homogenous=good, regardless of any social reality.

What the fuck are you talking about?

"muslim terrorism is caused by feminists". yet another bold take from the elder statesmen of Holla Forums.

literally another hunk of evidence that Holla Forums only cares about the spectacle and dumb mainstream binary choice ideology

Aum Shinrikyo are feminists now?

It doesn't matter because muslims didn't do it. it's ok if there's terrorism as long ast it's the terrorirst's skin color is the same as the victims'.

Christian extremists, actually. Still a product of the Western world infiltrating Japanese society, since it has always rejected mainstream Christianity, not to mention these fringe sects.
Regardless – being Japan's most recent terror attack, causing a stunning 12 deaths – it happened in 1995.

You are either genuinely autistic or stupid as dogshit if you find it comparable to contemporary Islamic religious-imperialist terrorism; prove me wrong either way.

You're somewhat moving the goal posts though. But that aside, there are barely any Muslims in Japan compared to the rest of the population. They have had other mass killings though.


I also don't recall any Muslim terrorist attacks in:
-Libya (Before Civil War)
-Burkina Faso
And a bunch of other Muslim majority countries. It's almost as mere ideology and race aren't the only reason for terrorist attacks.

Projection, mate. I don't think you know what "terrorism" means; it isn't synonymous with "high body count". But of course, that's why you specified "mass killings". And you're right – about 30 dead in a span of 30 years is definitely proof that Japan is indistinguishable from the West when it comes to the tides of blood that have flown through the streets at the hands of violent barbarians.
A real tough nut to crack, that one.

You start talking about feminists, people point out indigenous terrorism in Japan.
You broaden your position to "Western infiltration", I point out they had a recent act of terrorism that wasn't motivated by western ideology. (The last attack was partially politically motivated), while also mentioning other mass killings. Perhaps not relevant, but it was there anyway. Sort of goes against the implication of Japan being a haven of absolute peace, rather than relative stability. If that wasn't what you initially implied, ignore it.

Acts of (mass) violence that are intended to illicit political change. Perhaps next time consider checking the source and read what the motivations were of the perpetrator of last year's attack.

Not what I implied. But even then, this "tide of blood" - while visceral - doesn't even amount to 1% of total deaths in the west. Bad. But not apocalyptic. And much smaller compared to (civil) war casualties.

There have been attacks in Saudi Arabia. What are you implying here? Also note other countries have had non-islamic terrorism.
Peru has terrorism, Mexico has terrorism, Colombia has terrorism. As do Ukraine, Nepal, Italy, Basque country, Norway, Belarus, and Ireland till recently.

And before you bring up disproportionate Islamic terrorism: this is a recent development. In the 80s it was Colombia that was a hub of narcoterrorism. In Italy neofascists blew up a train station. In the 30s and 40s Jewish terrorists attacked British and Arab targets. In the 19th and early 20th century it was anarchists.
This is not whataboutism. It's to show that people don't just commit terror because they're [insert] race or Muslims. It takes specific material and political conditions that drive people towards terrorism. Obviously, it's less common in certain cultures. But Islam is not a monolithic entity.

why do I even keep coming here

It's also not proof that diversity is good or that homogeneity of other races isn't good.

thankk you user

go watch youtube if you want to reinforce your views


she is cute

japanese anarchism/leftism at the turn of the century was super interesting and deserves more attention.

wsnt there a pic of a japanese anarch girl going out or in of prision laughing something like that
I want the pic


Are you thinking of the Vietnamese girl laughing about being sent to a prison?




Supremely badass, thanks