Holla Forums this popped into my head and now i'm not sure I enjoy it as much as I used to...

Holla Forums this popped into my head and now i'm not sure I enjoy it as much as I used to. Maybe i'm just being paranoid but I feel like I got fucking baited.

Have I been fucking tricked?

just play the game and chill

Wolfenstein is older than the current political landscape.

lol, limewire


Just pirate it like everything else.

Video games are bourgeois past time.

This. Enjoy the game and screw bethesda.

It has a great anti fash message


I love their social media and marketing guys tbh. Stirring up the hornets nest can be a pretty dull marketing strategy but the recent gambits by Wolfenstein and McDonalds have given me so many keks. Guess it depends who you target for your bants.

On the one hand, it's a multimillion dollar production in a multibillion dollar industry trying to make bank.
On the other hand they're at least doing better than saying "all violence is bad".
I agree with >>2189592 and

The in game stuff is good to. They made the voices for the KKK guys sound like retards.

Do you reckon this was directly inspired by Spencer getting clocked?

$60 for a dumb message.
Or $60 of bullets?
Rather just not feed porky.

This seems to be marketed to edgy liberals and not actual leftists.



Just pirate it or something
Playing it is fine but as a leftist it's good that you're aware that it's just a marketing strategy and not a ideological statement.

behold, McLeftism in full effect

Buy the good like a good consumer, we can't let those evil Nazis win right?

You have 2 options. Either buy it to trigger the Nazi autists that are offended by it, or just pirate it so you can enjoy the power fantasy without feeding into the capitalist machine. It ain't that hard.

Why would anyone buy physical copies in this day and age?

Just enjoy the fact there's a game made to trigger Holla Forums.

I'm happy to see that at least there's a popular culture where they'll never ever be accepted.

ThAt'll ShOw TheM

fellow Holla Forums asshole here. you shouldn't think of it as just a marketing ploy, political satire is one of the series' artistic merits as well. you can just pirate and enjoy the memes just the same


it's a good game. it's challenging enough at the end, gonna pirate it. Too bad it ends on a cliff hanger.

It's just very satisfiying to see "the master race" get threatened by an ad for a video game or something else equally as minor and irrelevant

Just pirate the game if you don't want to buy it

Just pirate it if you don't want to be his tool.


It might be a marketing ploy for a commodity, but that doesn't mean you can't look forward to enjoying the commodity for its use-value. Just watch yourself.

did the bullets grow on a tree

There's nothing wrong with supporting a company that supports movements such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa in their fight against the alt-right.

You're starting to get it, OP

Eh. I already bought it because I liked The New Order & Old Blood. I didn't really buy it to piss off the rightcucks or neo-nazis.

i mean, allying with liberals and capitalists against fash is basically a time honored communist tradition, whether you agree with it or not

capitalism is heading for a crisis and culturally marginalizing and victimizing far-right ideologues and ideas will probably help leftists get an edge over fascists in the struggle to replace failing capitalism with their own respective visions of society

Don't worry, they're not likely to suffer. They'll probably end up killing themselves out of shame once their friend and family excise them.

This. Holla Forums becomes more similar to r/socialism every day.

Honestly, its gotten a bit better than before. Still, we shouldn't the idfags overwhelm us.