Socialism IRL

Is there any point of advocating socialism irl? Literally no one I know is aware of what it actually is and all I can never seem to break past their ideology.

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I hate teachers that go on political tangents, especially in classes that have nothing to do with it. I remember my openly conservative Republican American history and political and science/economics in high school still managed to be objective even when talking about communism and the cold war.


Why are successful socialists so incompetent at putting theory into practice anyway, Holla Forums?

We're fuckin' doomed, the ideology is too strong. Just pray that the world ends soon because it's the best chance we've got.



I expect this shit from NEETSocs bitching about how "the jews and the enternal anglo" didn't just let /ourguy/ Hitler do his thing

this isn't true by the way. It's true for halfchan but I don't think anyone has ever been banned globally for being underage on this site, even on /hebe/ times. Plus Holla Forums is a SFW board so in theory the ones posting lewd are the ones who should be banned, not the chilluns. We're basically facebook.
It's true for >>>/r9k/ , there I think it's 21 actually.

gotta know when to choose your battles OP. You're way ahead of the curve with a resource like /lp/, read theory and then apply it.
“nebber fight en enneby unlezt his fugging already defetedd :︙DD” -sun zu the ard of war

collectivism works

No you stupid nigger. Its not about fairness. Just that a social revolution isn't exactly an easy peasy undertaking.

The American education system is really like this…

You have no idea how deep that warren of inequity goes.

It's controlled opposition – not a problem until they start asking the poor and elderly to give their last dollar.

As an American it's literally incomprehensible that it would be any other way.
My economics teacher in high school called Europe Socialist, Russia (modern day), North Korea, & China Communist, and thinks that more government = more Communist.
Maybe in another life I won't be born in a backwards country.

How bad is American education exactly? I'm an aussie and went to a private Catholic college, and in modern world history we did the early USSR and it was actually very positive and it was full of graphs of the massive industrial growth under Stalin (while also mentioning the famines). That's actually what made me into a commie in the first place.

No wonder they have to import all talent.

WTF i love liberation theology now

Of course because:
There is despite the fact that:
Indeed: no one said it was easy. Do your part comrade, just do your part. You're not alone.

How do you get people to talk about politics without the "le ironic maymay jokes ex dee le sieze the memes of production xd" facebook shit being spewed?

how many comics completely identical to this do you peeps need

OP here. Do you have any tips to get them over to my side?

First off, don't ever name socialism or communism at first. Americans have been brainwashed with decade upon decade upon decade of propaganda. You need to first explain the problems with capitalism. Many people will already agree with you; many people already think that economics are more important then social politics and it's a bad thing that they're being pushed into the background, that the rich should not be cannibalizing the poor, that monopolies are a very bad thing (use a personal example perhaps, like a game company that was swallowed up by a larger game company and had the quality dive through the floor, or a mom and pop store they liked that went out of business due to walmart). Once you get people to agree on these facts, you can then argue that capitalism is the root cause of these problems, still without ever mentioning socialism or communism. Call it crony capitalism if you must. Only once you have someone agreeing with you that these problems are bad and that capitalism (or 'crony capitalism') are the cause, do you break out the 'socialism/communism' trigger word and start arguing in favor of your ideology instead of against theirs. At any point before that, the average american will just shut down and refuse to listen to you, you have to get past his brainwashed defences first before you can even start to have a conversation.

This but skip the reveal your power level part, at least don't mention it in the same bloody conversation. Shit like that just pisses people off. Just act like a communist without prosletizing it.

Gee that's funny I am a substitute and I do basically the opposite.

Except depending on age and stuff, don't come at it from a didactic, lecturing angle.
I think our brains start out sane and get worse with school and propaganda. So I try to start from where people are at, what they want in life, etc.

Good advice, but what if I criticize capitalism and then it turns out that they're super classcucked?

Yes because if we don’t there will NEVER be a revolution.

A lot of the time the condition is curable, but if it turns out to be terminal that's their problem. Just don't turn it into a shitfest

Cucking is real socialist praxis because we are liberating women from the evil misogynist expectation of LOYALTY! Next step is to enact a male tax so that WOMEN are freed from the oppressive burden of having to make a living.