You hyped, Holla Forums?

You hyped, Holla Forums?

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They're not going to release anything real. It will be scrubbed to death, and all the interesting stuff has probably been burned.

CIA asked him to censor a bunch of them for another half a century and it's not like the conspiratards in his base have any way to make him accountable on these matters so nothing meaningful will happen. It will make Cold War historians' lives more interesting for a couple of decades and be a plot for neat movie maybe.

Don;t forget that Roy Cohn, Donald Trump's mentor, absolutely despised the Kennedy's and had ties to the mob. Trump ain't gonna release shit.

Wtf i love american nationalism now that /x/ retards get confirmation that there was no conspiracy.

Then why did the CIA reveal that we were the first nation on Earth to communicate with martians? It's not the CIA's fault the public and news media aren't interested in the truth?


This isn't 'kooky psychics' this is coming from the goddamn CIA

Top kek is this a "David Blane asked to help the CIA" episode?

Those Russian spoons didn't think it was so funny. You should be thanking Geller and all the unknown gifted-heroes of the CIA you're not living under Soviet rule today kiddo.

Fuck, I knew James Randi was just a Soviet spy trying to discredit our heroes.

Fuck that anti-semitic commie traitor.

C'mon son.

Let me guess. You come from a non space-faring nation?

I'm American, what's that got to do with it? You can't call yourself a conspritard in good faith if you believe the fucking CIA, who's job is to make the public believe the most sophisticated disinformation in the history of mankind.

Also most alien buffs are promoting the inter-dimensional hypothesis now a days.

And they used inter-dimensional techniques to contact the people on Mars A BILLION YEARS IN THE PAST! Read the fucking link:

Trying to diminish the accomplishments of our great democracy with your fucking slander. Die commie scum. The CIA put a man on MARS! What have you done with your life?

I bet he's gonna say antifa did it or something
It sounds like he's just doing this for a casus belli

the CIA's job is to lie faggot they've never produced anything aimed at the public which is in accordance to material fact

tis the season

Not fall for CIA bait

At first I doubted this post, and even posted objections ITT. However, after going downstairs for a bowl of cereal I found that some mysterious force had bent every spoon in my cutlery drawer. I am sorry, CIA, please stop cold reading my mind.

I'm very [REDACTED].

CIA tells lies again and again and the rare occasions they actualy reveal documents with interesting subjects, like UFO sight investigations conducted by authorities, 80% of the document is censored, sometimes even there's only one setence in a entire page.

black b a r s and more BL a c k b ARS
It's gonna be a lot of documents but it'll probably just show shit in the end.
Maybe more info on Oswald collaborators

Not particularly. The most that could happen is that some decaying old man at the dusk of his life is arrested and dies before he even sees a jail cell.