Ok There Might Be More To This Vegas Story

Paddocks brother just arrested for child porn. Paddock has been running a business with his wife since 2004 called Paradise Ranch LLC?

nvsos.gov/sosentitysearch/corpActions.aspx?lx8nvq=xXrsumJXjK5n%2f5J3J7zasA%3d%3d&CorpName=PARADISE RANCH 21, LLC

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>>>Holla Forums

yes I've heard of it. It's in the url of this forum.

Let me guess, more pizzagate? I'm so sick of this busted ass boring conspiracy.

This is REAL news. It's everywhere. Do some research.


Who cares?

they just probably had abusive parents which made them both mentally ill, not understanding the big "news" here.

Funny how many babywoke redlibs are posting here since neogaf went down.

If you're so 'woke' than drop a redpill on me.

leftypol for some reason seems woefully unequipped to handle paedophile scandals/The Scandal. No matter how many times walls of text are posted here which aren't laden with Holla Forums schizophrenia it will drop out of everyones' brain by the next week and another thread is made when something else develops.
Worst are the faggots who seem to think of themselves as the transcendence brain and just respond with "Of course the elites abuse children, it's because muh power corrupts" like they expect to blow the minds of everyone in the thread with their deep and original take despite it being posted every single time.

We’re concerned with broader things than powerful pedos, bud. You’ve yet to explain how a guy who grew up the son of a notorious criminal and diagnosed psychopath being mentally defective implies a conspiracy.

Marx and Proudhon and Bookchin didn't right about it so I guess it means it doesn't exist. The elites don't break the law! There aren't ranking pedophiles and satanists in the government. They're all just normal politicians and business people just like you and me. /S

See here we go:

If you have all the answers, how have you had no effect on anything in the West ever in the whole history of your movement?

Their are literally millions of pedophiles in the world, we can't just become some anti-pedo vigilant gang and stop them all
Except this is literally true, this is just one of the many reasons we are against elites. No one here is condoning this shit, it is just so fucking obvious that the powerful bourgeoisie of the world do nefarious things with their power that nasty shit like this is just spitting in the ocean to us.

Welcome to having political, fucking, indignation
Are you new to the concept or something?

No you aren't you narcissistic retard. You're shitposting on an imageboard that is on the fringe of leftism as butthurt liberals co-opt once more all leftist anger in the public sphere.
>even though there are threads which completely document the top level of various states and the bourgeoisie being wrapped up in a global paedophile conspiracy scandal that gets the exact same treatment


Top kek, now this is parody done well.

This is juvenile. Who are you even trying to strawman with this post?
Except none of us believe this shit

explain how this thread is relevant to literally anything or fuck off


So how many porkies do you realistically see yourself hanging in your lifetime?


What the fuck are you going on about you short sighted autist. You’re jumping between conpletely unrelated points.

You think Holla Forums isn’t aware of elite pedophile rings. It’s exactly the kind of info to prove what we’ve always said about the ruling class you faggot. You haven’t addressed a single point in my post.

A better question is how many children do you think this thread is helping?

Yeah exactly because you're either a bootlicker or worse a COINTELPRO agent working to discredit whistleblowers and citizen investigations as 'conspiracies.'

You have officially gone full schizo. How was your total lack of reading comprehension overlooked during your school days?

There must be some new rule on Holla Forums where you're not allowed to talk about current events anymore.

You got all the answers don't you. Well don't let my thread distract you from completing the glorious revolution comrade.

This proves nothing mate.
I'm not the one shouting at people on a Cambodian farming board, thinking he's saving the children

Soro's weeny is the best

Where did I say that once? Quote me bro. Quoting your own posts in this thread doesn't count.

we should also ban false flagging and same fagging
starting with you ;^)

Just take a rest user, It's getting late

And yet you wonder why we’re shitting on you. It’s your fault the thread went this way.

None for me thanks.

I don't need to quote you m8.
I wasn't insinuating you said something, but you desire something.

But it's just so TASTY!

What is projection Alex?

I'm not the same user you were responding to earlier. But this is blatantly dumb:

Not everything posted here has to be related to elite crimes. When has that ever been a thing?

Obviously something that doesn't apply to me

for $400 please

So how did you first get into fellating geriatric billionaires?

Because you have all the answers.

Except OP was implying there was more to the vegas shooting just because one of the shooter’s siblings got caught with CP.

Filter "Imagine a red flag here" to imagine an improvement in board quality.

Real shit? I found out a few years back that my boss at my job was gay, out of a relationship for a few years, and lookin'. I've got a bit of a grandpa thing myself so we fucked a few times and I got a promotion to manager. Good times, he had a nice dick too.

all this flattery!
now you are just trying to get in my pants! ;^)

ill second this

Yeah you're right. The OP is stupid and I apologize for enabling him.

I'm trying to LEARRRRNNN. Teach me your ways wise one!

Here is the proof the shills of leftypol don't want you to see

my dude
It's fucking 1 o,clock in the morning here.
I'm trying to use the least amount of brain cells possible for this discussion.


Hol up
Why would we want to stop this from getting out?

I don't know, you tell me.

I found it on the google. I do my research kid.

Jews n shit lmao

This sums it up

How many of your precious scant braincells did that post take?

The Paddocks are multimillionaires.

That's why I hate conspiracy types. If it comes out that this pedophile was using this ranch to have sex with kids or whatever - it wouldn't be some shocking surprise. I fail to see the conspiracy.

the least possible my nigga.
That's the point

I’m going to ask you this once, how do you think this is connected to the shooting in Vegas? Explain what you’re trying to imply.

And here we have it, once again leftypol has done the loop.

It’s not a literal ranch, it’s just a name, a novelty one at that.

But how many are we even working with a max load?


enough to be beyond the petty insult you are insinuating with this infantile post.
(So not to many)

So because we don’t waste time over-focusing on scandals like you do we’re somehow shills?

Also, answer my god damn question,


The business was owned by the deceased Vegas shooter. The shooter's brother was just arrested for possession of child pornography.

Ugh. So there's even less to this than I gave OP credit for. And I already thought it was horseshit.

Yes, I get that. But you’re implying this sonehow suggests a conspiracy, without elaborating on what you suspect the conspiracy is or is about.

And they keep coming. I wonder if they'd be shocked at how unoriginal they are if they ever read before reacting.

Meanwhile on the first page with zero butthurt








There was no butthurt until you started acting like an ass. We don’t best dead horses and don’t pursue inquiry without good reason. Sone guy related to two serious criminals being a pedo criminal does not in itself mean anything.

How does this prove anything?
We are just as engaged as when we started?

Some of those thread actually have global implications like China, or at least an evaluation of the fragility of the alt-right in its dying days like the shooter chud. But overall i fail to see your point, board quality has stagnated slightly because we have purged some of our summer fags with the start of school, and some of the OG's have started to explore other outlets.
At least try to be sincere if we are to engage with you.

Why should we care about this shit if we've been predicting it for hundreds of years?

I'm going to play advocate for the devil for this tard and pretend that it does mean something for a moment.
We have a situation where powerful individuals are doing insidious shit to less powerful and exploited individuals.
I feel the best way to answer this threat is to restructure society so this is not possible, and all people are free from exploitation!

Oh wait?

I’d hardly consider Paddock, let alone his brothers, to be powerful. Being a lower millionaire does not make you influential.

so no pedo conspiracy then?

Nice one brainboy.

what did he meme by this?

Not anymore than ordinary child prostitution and deepweb CP trading and acquisition is a conspiracy. Certainly not on the level of the British and Belgian scandals.

Literally what?
This is one simple, inconsequential symptom of capital, we're interested in talking about broader implications of capital as well as neat current events here. Shooty man and his pedo brother are neither.

We are against them all then

Nigga you are missing out, their dad was like an old school outlaw and shit. Even pretending to be a priest once while hiding from the feds for a bank job.
How far the progeny has fallen. Irish mob dad's life was like 4 or 5 Hollywood classics.
The junior paddocks barely qualify for a 2 part TV movie.

Just proves you haven't ever read Marx at all then, you poseur. Look up Jean/Johann Baptista von Schweitzer
He's even got that 'little twinkle in his eye' that Maddox used to bring up.

What does that even meaaaaaannnnn?
So current events are fair game as long as it's about twitter and youtube ecelebs and not a story that makes the actual news? I don't follow.

Can you read? Current events are fair game, yes, but no one found this interesting enough to post about but you. Further, not only did you post about it, you've berated the board for NOT posting about it, literally accused us of being fucking COINTELPRO and just generally demonstrated yourself to be a stupid ass. Leave, please.



Thread has 83 posts, everyone in it bumped it, including you.


Again, can you read? We're replying, you're the one who posted the thread.

Bitch where?

Mate, I don't care if porky is a pedo or not. The problem with the system is not sexual deviants, it's people being dependent upon markets and commodity production, which leads to exploitation and scores of other problems.
Even killing your (pedo) boss does nothing if you're still forced to sell your labor power.

Within the confines of his spook-ridden mind.

Every single thread we've had on this no matter how much evidence since the dawn of time, newfriend.

Can you just give us your theory? I think pizzagate is dumb as hell like most conspiracies but conspiracy threads are fun. Let's hear it, please. Do you think the government staged the shooting to give them an excuse to tie up a loose end?

Take some advice from anarchists: The problem is not that the person in power is a pervert, it's that they have power of you in the first place.

*over you

First post directing OP to Holla Forums, second is OP, third sounding weary of conspiracy theories, fourth is OP, fifth is someone saying who cares. Then the shitflinging started. Engagement!

Ahhh semantics. Explain the board rules to me/ What I'm getting:
Step 1: Have idea for thread
Step 2: Check catalogue for threads on the same subject.
Are there threads on the same topic already?
Yes? Go ahead and start a new duplicate thread.
No? Don't post nobody else already started a thread.
So how does someone post a non-redundant thread with out breaking these rules? Isn't everyone who posts on a topic not already in the catalogue breaking the rules so how are threads even created to become redundant in the first place?


Derailed what? You've yet to provide evidence the shooting and the child porn are related.

Pretty hard to have a discussion when 90% of the posts are, as you say

Even on a semantic level this makes no sense. Why would you need to say OP original POSTER. If the OP is the only post in thread that counts as a post while everything is a reply. Why not just say P or poster?

It's even harder to have a discussion if you aren't going to provide the evidence linking the two. Make a shit thread without content, you'll get shit replies without content.

M8 scroll up I'm trying to engage you about the conspiracy. Let's ignore the other guys and just hear what you've to say

I don't even know much about it and doubt it's a thing (in the Vegas case) I'm just sick of leftypol spergs picking apart stupid shit for hours and hours at a time and then completely washing their hands of the amount of shitposting nonsense they post when it comes to the global elite paedo ring and taking on a snooty and pretentious knowitall approach, suddenly becoming very interested in theory when they've spent the last four hours discussing some fuggo brainlet's virginity. Not to mention on average they know fuck all about it and are hoping you won't interrogate them on it (if you do they'll reply with something like since you're the expert why don't you tell me). I think it's just the same anons dropping actual evidence (which the OP didn't bother to do in this case) but it gets the same response as this thread so I don't even bother at this point. Being an imageboard I wouldn't in the slightest be surprised if it's just paedos being the insidious shits they always are online.
The weirdest thing about the Vegas case I know of is that somebody broke into the shooter's house when it was a crime scene. That's pretty fucking suspicious but at the same time it could just be some guy going rogue and taking a look himself.

Las Vegas shooting: Computer found in Stephen Paddock's hotel room 'missing hard drive'
rly meks fotes tbh