But WHO'S going to make VIDEO GAMES in Communism???

I'm not saying that games can't or won't be made under Communism, but this concern always strikes me as really trite. Since Space War, video games have been produced year-after-year for almost half a century at this point. How many hours is that? How long would it take to play them all? Would that even be possible? There are games of innumerable varieties and variations, so many so that I seriously doubt that one could play all of them, even if they kept themselves to a single genre. There are more video games than a person could possibly play in their lifetime. Hell, even if they only played the "classic" games in chronological order, I wonder if they would ever finish.

What's better is after "intellectual property" is consigned to the dust bin of history, all of these games would not only be free, but accessible to anyone, anywhere, forever (assuming the existence of some kind of computer network, but even without it everything existing more or less becomes available).

The same is true for movies and music and basically any other type of entertainment. Again, these things would definitely continue to be made under Communism, but with a changed mode of production. But even if we stopped all production right now it's not like all of that shit would suddenly disappear. Decades worth of games, and the time to actually play and enjoy them, and without a ridiculous job wasting your time making money for someone else, probably time enough to learn how to make them, too.

Also under Communism, there will be no DLC. Expansion packs only!

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Video games are a tool of the bourgeoisie

Hot take friend. Even if that were true once the bourgeoisie are eliminated video games would still exist.

It isnt like I have any finished products I could link to. Just a bunch of shitty projects on my hard drive that I've used to learn programming with.
Games will continue to be made just because it is a fun pursuit. if I didn't have to worry about food, water, shelter, I'd totally work on programming more and actually finish a project. And if all my needs are taken care of why not just make it free?
I have no idea how this state of things would affect the quality and scope of games though.


I'd think we'd get more works like Dwarf Fortress that are eternally tinkered with by autistic weirdos trying to perfectly model a bark and cat bone based economy.

so what do you do user

why don't you make your own fucking video games you autist?

I just want to see arcades come back in the west and the culture around them to be like in Japan.

Its just a "eternal nodev" meme from AGDG.
Hes kinda right. I could be programming RIGHT NOW but instead I'm shit postin here. It takes quite some willpower to work on something like that after working all day.

That's kind of what I was driving at. Spending all day working is mentally exhausting and shitting on someone for coming home and not wanting to do more work chafes my taint.

These forms of entertainment are electrically-powered.

Just like fine art and cooking, eh?

sometimes I do as many pushups as I get HK's on my shitty private CLASSLESS wow realm

Nothing gets past you huh

You know, I think the quest for the gamer girl is part of what fuels the resentment for Stacy, and why some people resent Anita Sarkeesian so much. Growing up, the posters on 4chan lusted for a female companion that shared their nerdy interests.

Anita Sarkeesian isn't just an attack from outside, it's the betrayal of their feminine ideal. Not Sarkeesian herself, but the image of the intellectual female deeply interested in Anonymous's chosen preoccupation. The gamer girl transformed into another Stacy, ever conspiring to castrate these men done wrong by an unjust world.

I see no reason why the vidya industry wouldn't flourish after capitalism. Amateur devs as of now frequently compete with big established companies in terms of quality, they just lack significant capital for advertising and the fact that they're not established means it's harder for them to attract talent and their brand name doesn't have the same clout as the established ones.

I like how /r9k/ speaks on the interactions between men and women in generic names from a Disney Channel Original Picture they must have caught at 5 in like, 1998 or some shit.

If you have some free time consider checking out SoloLearn. I downloaded it on my phone to learn C++, and it makes it really easy by breaking it up into bite sized pieces. It's not mentally taxing, and personally, I find it enjoyable. I swear I'm not a paid shill.
It's free and I haven't seen any ads, so I'm not sure how they make PorkBUX™, but maybe they are being funded by tech companies for cheaper labor.

I've always thought a good idea for a video game would be a managerial city builder game where you control a socialist country's planned economy.

No dude, you don't get it. Without profits and investors, nobody will actually make any video games. Taking government money to make Vidya can only result in state-approved SJW propaganda.


This reminds me of that guy who played a Civ II game for more than 10 years and the game world was a radioactive wasteland with three remaining surviving factions at war for the last 1700 years.

This reminds me of that guy who designed the perfect SimCity and the game world was a homogeneous wasteland that had perfect happiness and was self sustaining.

Video games are an addicition, many gamers display signs of an addcit, denial, "i'll stop playing and go to classes tomorrow", "i'll stop playing and will study for my exam tomorrow".
There's cases of even people who died while playing video games because they didn't ate or drank or slept for days.

Yet this isn't seen as an issue…the video games lobby is a very powerful lobby who makes billions upon billions on the humans weaknesses and alienated people who wish to escape reality and pretend that they're doing something that matters.
Video games will be abolished and replaced with traditional and board games.

you posted this in that other vidya thread too



I just want an open source version of runescape with content made in regards to what would be most fun as opposed to what would bring in the most mtx purchases


This sounds amazing

Anybody here like roguelikes, Cataclysm:DDA showed what happened to a late stage cappy new england through a zombie survivor game with a shit ton of crafting, construction, mutation, and bionics options.

So like the game 'Crisis Theory' but a grand strat game?

Anita isn't interested in games beyond what allows her to push her brand of idpol. Girls that game exist, but Anita and people like her are insufferable bitches.

video games get the bullet too

They had arcades in the USSR, and China.

Reminds me of Victoria 2.

Yeah for party officials kids that is. Do you really think that ordinary prole had a access to that?

Enjoy your games until the contradiction of capitalism becomes great enough for you to be unable to pay for games/internet/electricity. Establish communism after years of live-action war and survival games. Play real-life farming sim. Followed by real-life resource and workplace management. Establish fully automated communism and games will be made by whatever NEET made them before communism.

Yes? It was bad but it wasn't some kind of new feudalism with aristocracy and shit

It wasnt?
Then explain why there were internal passports in the USSR and that citizens couldnt move around the country freely.
Seems awfully similar to the feudal society where workers were bound to their liege land

And proof on that?

Artical says they were pubic and commen in the 70/80s

Yeah, my parents personal experience
They never seen something like that despite living in +1million city


Hell yea OP. Also with our free time I like to think we could make in-game scenarios happen more in real life. For instance, more war games instead of FPS, and we could build awesome ambiances like in The Witness.

Make up a better lie Holla Forums

I asked them and they told me that they never seen arcades
Why would they lie?

and my parents said stalin > gorbachev so ha.


i don't remember the blue radscorpions being in fallout 3

We have proof Soviet arcades existed. My parents also are from the Combloc. Stop using that as an excuse because you have no arguments lol

Then ask them if they seen arcades

Not an argument.
Show me proof only party officials had videogames.

Gimme back my memes!

It's strange without the flag…

Look at roguelikes if you want an example. For most of their history the vast majority of them have been free software developed by hobbyists. Because they are free the code is available to anyone that wants to make their own additions, variations, or a whole new project(with a few things taken). I think that is the likely direction for game dev to take. Of course game dev can be treated as a full profession in a socialist society and I imagine it would be similar to roguelikes, but scaled up with everyone borrowing this or that from each other.

Who let the plebbitor in?

Elona might be my favourite example, after that Big Flood in the late 2000s the original creator no longer had time for it and now it's being built up more by the IRC and the chink that runs it.
Did I hear free exchange of commodity?

Don't really understand why arcades would have been segregated in Russia. They are great entertainment for the workers to engage in, the arcade scene is a real community.

Elona is great though a bit grindier than I like my roguelikes. Works though because it doesn't have permadeath(unless you want it).

Man fighting game culture would be so much better without capitalism, same with sports/competitive culture in general.

/leftyv/ general?

I just learned the Kinect has been discontinued. Holy fuck, is this it? Is the wagglan era finally over?

You know what yeah
This thread is now claimed by the /leftyv/ gang

Under communism we will return to the glory of text only RPGs you fucking revisionist