Tfw Hillary will live well into her 90s


it doesn't matter, cuckerburg is going to be taking her place as the person who loses to Trump 2020

There's no way that clown will win again

I'll vote for him again if he's against zuckboy

to Zuckerberg?
if zucc runs and wins the primary, this will be the first election I'll ever vote in, and it will be for Trump.

Promoting voting for Trump should be a bannable offense

Better believe it.
Hilldawg will see to that.

Promoting voting for the cuckzuck should be a capital offense.

Vote for Rockerfeller's grandson? God No



Neck yourself newfag.

Reddit as fuck my dude


Back to neogaf.

absolutely not gonna happen, she's already had several clear indicators of ill health in public.



top lel ebin kekkeroonies btfo my dude I'm With Her

Fear of hell keeps their adrenaline pumping.

Why do they fear hell if they are the devil himself?

BuT MuH AcCeLeRaTiOnIzUm


Nigga she's like a walking corpse already. I give her 5 more years tops.


I'm more worried about the liberals who didn't vote for Hillary to keep him out of power fam. The lack of pragmatism could literally fuck the US back to the 1950's for no other reason other than the fact that they are pissed that piggy bought out the government when in fact they have been sucking her tit all along.

Liberals get the bullet too.


Unless you are saying that le shills for stein and trump supporters are as bad as eachother, which I would agree mostly.

This meme needs to die.

This meme needs to die.

Also what did trump do against civil rights?






Stop right there buddy. Trump is far too incompetent to be enabled to do much more than haul his gut up a set of stairs.

Hillary would pass TPP which would pretty much kill internet piracy for good and have you tried in literal private courts, how's that for civil rights?
Hillary would make the US economy slighly less shit, that's it.

Actually, Trump is far too incompetent to stop the flow of alt right/traditional reactionaries from flooding his administration. I mean, we have fucking Jeff "Davis" Sessions as our head of Justice and a fucking anti abortionist in the supreme court. Even the god damn Bush's and war room Regan were this fucking shit.

You're not really convincing me that you aren't pretty happy with America as long as it panders to you feeling safe. You sound like the sort of person who was perfectly content under Obama but I already know your response is going to be outright denial so you can continue shilling for the dems.

Keeeeep smoking your pipe m8. And no, I wasn't content under Obama at all, despite how much you want to cry than anyone who has a modicum of pragmatism is automatically in bed with Bill.

QQ, Noam.

not if I have anything to say about it

M8, we aren't Holla Forums here who hate on her because she has different pee pee parts.

Please do explain what you meant by that post?

Hillary Kranginton

Chomsky suggests voting Dems constantly. Surely you can't say with a straight face that you are a pragmatist and therefore would have voted for Clinton? The petrodollar has begun to collapse you maniac.

Honestly I don't care about Chomsky, and think he is too pacifistic for his own good…. and isn't the end of American hegemony a good thing?


Yes, but when the elections rolled around we all discussed it to death and the consensus was eventually that Hillary would continue the status quo and the left wouldn't be able to mobilize but Trump would likely oversee the decline of the American empire, stop the right from gaining more ground, and would mobilize the left. This isn't even getting into Hillary being out and out calling for war with Russia, saying she was going to grab rights and guns and stealing the primaries.
The only valid reasons anyone had for voting for her at the time was because they were being held hostage due to being reliant on the ACA, but now Trump can't even get rid of that so Hillary was a complete busted flush.

i fucking hate that this board has become nfested with reddit newfag red liberals larping as socialists.

It has got pretty bad over the last week, but at this point I just accept it as another factor in the boards constantly swinging quality. I think this spike became apparent to me when someone called pepe a racist frog, got called a redditor, then told the other person to go back to Holla Forums. Seems to be a very specific thing that happens at least once every spike. It's looking like the only actual benefit to having the flag system on the board was the Nazbol flag, which would make liberals leave when enough people put it on.

Poor Hilldawg literally doesn't stands a chance.

No its just Holla Forumsyps shitposting our board.