The Drunken Peasants are hosting a debate between Kyle Cucklinski and Raz0rfish (aka Steven Crowders bitchboy).

Let's make sure we get an actual leftist opinion in the chat so that call out Kulinski on what socialism actually is.

General shitposting is OK as well

also credit to Red Hood for the picture

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OP here

forgot the link

Kys irrelevant fedora-tipper

also, not your personal army


But in all seriousness thanks for the link, I enjoy Kyle. And he a principled liberal (or at least as principled as liberals can get) and should be able to wipe the floor with this dude.

Pierre we know its you

I actually like Kyle to; its the peasants I have a problem with. They've been making some pretty shit content as of late. I don't hate them (i'm actually on of their first subscribers) I just want to see what they do when a bunch of communist troll them.

Believe or not, i'm actually not Pierre.

Here i'll prove it.

Stirner was a retard and De Leon was a fag. Also Isreal is awesome

Literally who general?

The Amazing Atheist and friends are hosting a liberal to the right of berniecrat vs Steven Crowders bitchboy.

It has started.

i like secular talk but hes succdem time to shitpost though

Also why is force/power bad? Has this dude read Weber?

Everybody call Kyle out on government being inherently socialist.

my god he brought up Malameme


You are implying he reads anything at all besides muh Hoppe et al

I will avenge Rosa

Do any of these people actually read Burke or Hume? Do they actually know what their own ideology is?

"LOL, guys why try GOMMUNISM iz lyke 200 years old. y don't we try som ting newer, ya know lyke maybe. CAPITALISM"

t. a capitalist

"We need to purge the democrats"


Kyle is a succdem through and through. He is just a liberal that actually believes the things he says. He definitely isn't ourguy, but a useful voice in getting people to question conservatives.

fuck kyle just rekt him

God Razorfag is fucking shit.

I know; it's a joke.

I mean he is such a blatant shill it is ridiculous.

When did this happen? When did he even decide to get political?

Tbh he made me more of a centrist (who wants to abolish capitalism in favor of a technocratic meritocracy), but still a liberal.

Kyle is taking a shit on him.
polite sage, because it's not really leftist related.


Honestly it was more out of revulsion of his Chomsky bs than his ideas themselves, even if I have sympathies for syndicalism.

A vanguard of the proletariat was a fucking shitty idea in the first place and Lenin's head was sunk in delusional grandeur and revenge fantasy.

I agree. I'm an anarchist.

wtf why is razorfist talking about las vegas mass shooting tactics

I'm dying of laughter…

Everybody post marx's quote on guns.

"Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary."

lol fucking ads in a stream, what is this bullshit, also they but up a poll at the beginning of the debate

Youtube demonetizes their shit because they're "not advertiser friendly" even though people contact them and ask to put ads in the videos like that one. So they get revenue where they can.


Top tier intellect here.

Yep, that made my blood boil.

half of the argument is about guns, wtf is this bullshit

Tbh these types of debates are necessary, not really to convince the other guy ,but call them out on their bullshit, and particularly to gain street cred as well-prepared intelligent people who READ, REFLECT AND THINK. As long as Kyle doesn't step in speculation too hard and sticks to the facts, he is solid. That's what we want.

Fundamentally the point is to solidify an image of being both young and formidable in debate, and thus deserving of respect. I like how he rattled off the facts on the fedora-without-the-fedora's skull, all the while looking like a normal person without deploying any serious production values at the time, using an off-the-cuff, authentic youtuber style. That's what will bring more people over to the left, demonstrating intelligent facts while immediately intercepting and neutralizing any disruptive bullshit like retarded memery, while not being pretentious.

Positive programs procure power to and for the people.




Jesus this Razor guy is just full of anecdotes, isn't he?



Regardless of what people think of Steinbeck, the Grapes of Wrath is a pretty good introduction to how immigration is really just a symptom of capitalism. I'm only saying this because it is prime centrist literature, and I would expect most people to read it during high school…. which kind of points to the fact that Razor hasn't done any political study other than le right wing talking points.

Lol Kyle lost all respect for this dude after he just started denying the factual process of the refugee application process.

What's wrong with Steinbeck?
I thought "In Dubious Battle" was great.


Nothing honestly. I just know that he rustles some people's jimmies because he ditched the socialist movement (even though he was never really part of it).

Stein beck was cool, but after McCarthy he became a class cuck.

Not to mention the fact that he supported the Vietnam war

This is LBJ, Steinbeck, and Steinbeck's son who fought for US imperialism in Vietnam.

Tbh the Vietnam war was a cluster fuck where half the generals wanted to fight "communism" but realized they weren't really the liberators they imagined themselves to be, and instead were just stomping down a nationalist movement.

I consider fighting a war against Bolsheviks to be morally neutral at the very least, and Stein considered it to be morally good.

"If his opponent is different, his policies would be different."

t. Razorfish

He just admitted that Trump is a spineless flip flopper.

What a shitfest.

I agree that fighting authoritarian leftism is necessary. But that should be done by the people like the anarchists in Catalonia or the Council Coms in Hungary.

Not to mention that the US canceled an election to unify Vietnam because they knew that Ho Chi Minh would win.

True, but then again Steinbeck might have just adopted the party line fed to him. Doesn't excuse him drinking the kool-aid though.

What were some of the highlights of the debate?