Why can't everyone be like Bane


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If only he wasn't so spooked about muh suffering and had killed Batman when he had the chance.

What about the part where he wanted to nuke a city?

literally the liberal director Christopher Nolan projecting. he added that trait just so the audience could be completely sure he was the bad guy, even though he did nothing wrong before that.

Uphold Posadist-Banesian thought

I mean a dictatorship of the criminals is not really socialism.


Prisoners are not necessarily criminals.

He showed us how to make Blanquism work

You take that back, son

The only enjoyable thing about this film are the trials scene

glorious…that's how i wish judgments of capitalist and radical centrists to happen after the revolution

Prisoners are not necessarly the opposite neither. Bane soldiers were literally cultist or criminals. The poors at the orphanage didn't even have light.
This bane meme needs to die

He fucked up when they gave him more budget than the dark knight. Seriously the whole joker stuff worked because it was in smaller scale than the bane stuff.


Dick is diamonds.

Bane was no more "evil" than Batman himself. However because he attacked the bourgeoisie that makes him the "bad guy" while Batman (a person who beats proles to a pulp every night in order to help prop up the insanely corrupt Gotham city government) is just a "vigilante."

Criminals may be prole, but they are still fucking criminals. And no batman is not the bad guy. In most of the movies and comics he goes after criminal master minds or big shots.

That's a horrible comparison

spooked as fuck my property

I am disappoint leftypol

I still can't get over the fact that they made a movie with a character who speaks like that.

like imagine how many people could've said "wait, why does he sound like a broken tiny tim cassette tape?", it must have been at the very least a dozen people, and it still hit the theaters that way.

it's too obvious, the joke is always there in our hearts

Illegalist didn't harm other proles

If a burgler is robing your house would you try to knock him out or would you tell him where you keep your savings?
stirnerfags are teh absolute worst

pick one and one only useless cunt.

Bane didn't really do that either, unless you consider cops to be proles.

People couldn't get out of their fucking house without being shot. Also wasn't even talking about bane, more about his goons

Nigga he tried to nuke a city because of his Holla Forums tier spooky esoteric anti-degeneracy cult

Even from a liberal standpoint, Bruce Wayne could do more good bringing decent jobs to Gotham but instead he elects to blow billions to play dress up and get into street fights. This creates an increasing armsrace that not only causes collateral damage in terms of death and destruction but forces workers to choose between poverty or crime. Batman is at best an ineffective obstacle for criminals in his city that throws the masterminds into a revolving door prison they inevitably escape because he's a richboy playing a revenge fantasy with moralfaggotry. Nolan's ultimate mistake wasn't in making Bane and OWS the evil crowd, it was treating Batman like anything more than campy entertainment in the first place.

Hello Holla Forums

Joke: Bruce Wayne pretends to be a reckless playboy in order to disguise his identity as a useful social activist
Woke: the opposite

Criminals are fucking scum and deserve way fucking more than what they get. The US justice system is so cucked it coddles criminals. But you faggots whine because they can't get a second ham sandwich at lunch.


Is he… NazBol-Posadist?

Nice one gulag nation.

people like you is why America needs another 9/11

I'd say hi, ask him to kindly return my belongings and then tell him to leave.
If he runs then he's dead but if he does as I say, why attack him?

What if he sees you and attack you? Never trust the lumpen

Then I take him out with my taser. No need for senseless violence.

M8 I don't even disagree with you but if someone broke into my place I'd be at least a bit scared. It's impossible to be this cool. Fuck. What if they are more than 1. What if there is your child and wife in the house? I'd take no chances tbh. Don't even care that much on about what they are stealing, I just care about the saftey of people in the house

I'll clutch my pearls and gasp at the dastardly beast!
just admit you're a liberal already

Child but no wife. Sleeps near me so they'd probs be fine. If it's more than one dude then I get fucking worried. Problem is I aint got anything worth stealing.
Being poor, the ultimate robbery countermeasure.

Yeah well that's cool then.
can I ask how old is your child? Mine is 4

I'd totally go Tony Martin on a load of burglars and bury them in the woods.

all bane quotes youtube.com/watch?v=ubbPxWQCmUg

my favorite quote at 3:13


Go back to >>>/liberalpol/

technically cops are proles but all sympathy is discarded because they are also class traitors.

I hope you go to prison to smoking pot and dare say that again

Wouldn't that just give him what he wants?

He wanted to nuke a fucking city.
9/11 was just a few dead americans screeching

it is, seizing means of production is theft

Batman is worse than Bane because he bleeds Gothnam dry by day, then beats up people by night.

Bane wanted to nuke the city. The city would be gone, that seems p. bad.

damn revisionists

he dindu nuffin

it would be a mercy, considering they suffer under Bruce Wayne

Bruce wayne didn't own all gotham.

he sure rolled as if he did


Yes illiterate fuck.


I hope you are using a VPN


Was he the real life Bane?

Supprised no one posted this yet.

rich = bourgoise

Rich people are useless bourgeoisie of labor aristocrats. Bothe deserve death.

They have a point there

That was a fun read, you have my thanks.

Are you fucking retarded?