22 Year Old Alt Right Man Gets in Argument with Women, Pepper Sprays a Woman, Slaps Her. Arrested


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So much for the "law-abiding" right.

What a bitch lol

What a faggot

Equal rights
Equal fights

Do you have a link for this OP?

Is it a fight, when you just randomly slap someone

Nice source faggot


His court date was set for this month and IIRC he was charged with assault.


Wew. Thanks for the source by the way.


Yeah, I would have taken her out with my machine gun.

I'm sure you would have.

not if I stopped you with my katana secret technique first

*teleports behind you*

Once again the reminder that pepetards need to be hospitalized whenever encountered.

That only applies when the female initiates the fight. This autist not only used pepper spray but slapped first.

Thanks, comrade, got to kill these idpolers.

Oh shit, a master of the blade!!!

This guy probably has at least one online account with a Greek or Roman bust/statue as his avatar and thinks he's an Olympian paragon of tradition, masculinity and virtue.

What kind of coward just slaps someone and runs


That or an anime avatar with a maga hat.

Damn I'm going to be in Asbury Park on the weekend, why couldn't they have waited to do their idpol vs idpol bitchfest then, I could do with a laugh.

Also probably thinks him posting on the Internet is somehow stopping the world's elites from enacting their plans.

Thinking about all the people I used to know who probably ended up as kekistani perma-virgins. I can picture them awkwardly shuffling down the hallways, avoiding eye contact, being mad at all of the girls.

yeah he's really squaring up with pepper spray you mongloid

Still fucking furious these faggots appropriated my memefrog. This is more cringeworthy than ebaumsworld.

nationalist = supremacist now? cool way to redefine words.

Does anyone honestly care

If you're not sucking BBC and kneeling to the kikes, you're considered a racist. On the other hand, this kid was a faggot.

Why would someone ever accuse you of being a racist

Update: apparently he was convicted and is spending one year in prison.

you know, maybe if people call you racist so much you should start asking yourself some questions

Because I'm a racist.

nationalist = supremacist now? cool way to redefine words.


Can someone please explain the self hating minority syndrome.

Fascism is not an exclusively white thing.

But WHITE nationalism is.

Yeah but the guy said he was a white nationalist


I have serious doubts that Western Europe is anymore impressive.

Guy said he was a white nationalist though.

I miss old Internet culture where memes were just used as inside jokes and not to try to further some political agenda.

cry more

it saddens me to think this person at one point in time JUST MAY have spoken to me on here, or back then from my halfchan days - improbable, but not impossible. he needs a better haircut and better, fitting clothes. and for fucks fucking sake shave that retarded mustache. I hope he gets smacked in prison for shilling out the bucks for that retarded fucking shirt. he takes a good 'getting-arrested' pic though.

where the fuck did the flags go? did one or more of a specific flag trigger a majority of the autistic mods and volunteers on here?

t. le 56% man


LE 56% MAN

White nationalists are fascists in America.

Except on Holla Forums

Oh. I don't care about the demographics of where I live.

You are clearly not ready to be a supreme gentleman

And there’s brown white nationaists. I don’t understand it.

Hispanic is counted as white in America

No it isn't? It's classified as Hispanic. Anyways what's your point. That Europe is more white? Why should I care.

wow never saw that coming

There are white, black, and even Asian Hispanics. Hispanic is not a race.

??? How am I ignorant, thoughtless, and self-centered, for not really giving a shit about the precise racial demographics of where I live?


It's an expression of economic and cultural beliefs. Honestly though he's just your run of the mill conservative who got radicalized on the internet.

americans on Holla Forums are shit cunts that are always saying stuff like

So people strated using those memes with the fact that the majority of people in USA are mixed and taht the number of whites in USA is much lower.
It's retardation from halfchan

Huh, never knew that because I really don't give a shit.


Pick one.

i want /int/ to leave

is this the new face of the alt right?

I used to joke that I'd marry a brown qt so my kids wouldn't be statuefags like Holla Forums but now I'm not so sure that'd work.

Brown people look like bald baboons layered in a coat of shit. Good look finding a "brown qt".

Nigga don't even look white. Holla Forums is a joke

Self hatred is a horrible thing, please be proud in your own skin

t. non white white nationalist

Just have a white kid so they don't get fucked up psychologically from being mixed.

It's easier than finding a snownegress who doesn't need photoshop to look presentable.

t. watched Mind Hunter and Silence of the Lambs once, read the page for psychology on Wikipedia once, and declared himself genius of the science of the brain

No thanks.

You after that Wife with A Purpose type, I got you.


Of course, the best Holla Forums can hope for is a 5-/10 white girl wanting to settle after her "wild days".

This thot

Deep psychology. Deep psychology going on with her.

lol "brown qts" to you are always Hispanics or Arabs with 90% European features

What are you trying to tell us?

White supremacy is always supreme

t. non white white nationalist


How many times have you been banned from here user

When will you get a job

The most neurotic people I've ever met were white.


I mean as in blonde haired white, yes. It's actually worse among blonde people I've known really. I don't know what it is.

One drop of non-white blood means they aren't white. Why do you struggle so much to abide by your own standards of whiteness?

kek, the memes are real.

One drop of non-brown blood means they aren't brown. Why do you struggle so much to abide by your own standards of browness?


It's a really good thing the woman in question isn't mixed or else you would literally argue about this for three straight hours. You have to make sure people know you're not a subhuman, or projecting. That's always important.

Literal square patch of neck. I don't know what he was thinking.

t. non white white nationalist

I'm not the one obsessed with racial purity fam. If a turk like Vinterflamma is actually white, then white is completely meaningless.

He dindu nuffin he was a good boy

Its true. Especially middle class protestants. The whole cultures based around repression, passive aggression and not being brown i imagine thatll fuck you up

First she's libanese. Second she's not even that good looking for a libanese

disagree, she's hot.

Yeah you are fam, that why you try to pass off the most Europeanized examples of brown people you can find off as attractive brown people, your very examples of "attractive brown people" betray your own internalized euro centric and white supremacist world view you simply don't have the courage to admit. Even in your attempts to virtue signal about being anti racist you are still racist. If you actually found brown people you'd post actual brown people.

It's okay, final victory is within our grasp! 1488!

For libanese standard she's not that hot. I've been there. They are all hot as fuck there

She's not even mixed what the fuck are you on about. It's like you don't even know what fucking make up is.

But they outbreed you pol

*slaps a girl than runs away*

Watch out this man fucks


dae latinas?

*posts high European content CASTIZAS*

lmao based attractive brown girls look how not racist I am

Can you speak English dude

so is this final proof the alt right is 100% fueled by sexual frustration?

No, she's Lebanese? Unless I didn't get what you were saying, because your post is literal gibberish.

lmao dae hot brown girls look how brown they are and not racist I am!

You're cool

She's a turk and she's better than anything you could get without paying pastacuck.

But you just say any attractive brown person is askutally European regardless of ancestry. If a Turk is really a yuropoor then European is a meaningless descriptor.

Was there ever any doubt?

Are you having a stroke?

you realise that anti racism isnt based on 'i wanna fuck black girls' right?

dae hot brown girls from India?

Look how hot these BASED brown girls from India are!

He doesn't understand how you could be think he's being an obnoxious cunt without wanting to betray the white race, for someone who looks white?

Or something.

Are you the boy in the OP upset he's facing one year in prison

it says 'brazil' on the bottom.

please seek help?

I'm not quite sure I understand what's going on. Does user think we want to bang hotties to prove that… we aren't racist? But he says he thinks they're hot, so he wants to bang them, but he totally wouldn't, because he is a racist? I am at a loss.

based brown Indian girls I love brown Indian girls looks how brown and not European they are I swear I'm not a racist!

He's probably just a bitter incel.


If we would just gas all of the tranny faggots this sort of thing wouldn't happen.

The only "black" girls you cretins want to fuck are "black" girls like rashida Jones

You're liars through and through

run up to random people, insult their race, pepper spray them and run away

it's their fault btw

The only white women they want to fuck are literal none Holla Forums so what's your point.

What the fuck would that matter even if I didn't ever want to fuck a black girl? I don't want to fuck old ladies either but I'm not gonna let you put them in a death camp to appease your own autism, fucking psycho incel. Do you realise that not every political position is based on sexual angst like nazism is?

Like you're just saying "no you want to fuck white women"

In a thread about someone randomly throwing a hissy fit and sprinting away, who probably;y agrees with you, no less.

If you're trying to make lefties look silly is it really the right thread to make it in, about the silly Holla Forums poster who's going to prison for a year

He's sperging out because facing his logic forced him to think turks are white and caused an aneurysm.

If Rashida Jones is askutally white that means racemixing doesn't destroy the white race. Pic related is her dad.

Rashida Jones isn't white she is a quadroon

If you prefer European features in every brown population on this earth why not just preserve the white race instead of diluting it

Why do alt right types end up want to fuck asians so much? Just settling down with asians?

Is it the european features?


Rashida Jones is a Jewish Nigger, according to your ideology that is two double shots of not white. So if a turk is white and a kike negress is white, then white is completely meaningless.

Never seen someone have an autism attack this badly before. Bravo man you made my night.

Obsession over "whiteness" should be considered a mental disorder. Possibly related to OCD.
Lobotomy should be a good treatment.



That or a bullet to the brain.

I never spend a dime on sex in my life. I'm against prostutution, remember
how the fuck can you remember all the shit I post?

posting multiple pics is broken for some reason

gg codemonkey

I wouldn't rule out this possibility, actually.

Across site?

At least you're posting real brown women

They need to get South Korean's superior IQ points into their inferior Eurotrash bloodline.

Eurasian is the real masterrace

Lol based quadroon

Dae "brown" girls with 90% Europeans features lmao

Look how not racist I am based brown girls lol

Imagine being so creepy you look up generic stock photo looking models and save all the non white ones.

sasuga /leftycuck/ just keep on proving me right

hoochie when are you gonna learn your femoid shaming tactics have no power here

this is a domain of facts and logic, not middle school feminine shame based consensus, go be an empty fuck hole IRL

Adding -oid to the end of every other word about the autist going to prison to prove I'm not autistic.

*In the thread about the autist going to prison

Don't want to sound as incoherent as half your posts have been in this thread.

East Africans confirmed for honorary Aryans.

You probably pay more for drinks and food then you would pay for pussy if you fucked a 10/10 every night.
I have an excellent memory and have a knack for recognizing patterns in syntax. It doesn't hurt that you're extremely obvious.

So Turks, Jewish Niggers, Asians, and now East Africans are actually white. How can white genocide be real if everyone is actually white?

Guess she didn't drink any male tears that day.

You're either too stupid to understand what I am saying, or just too proud to admit defeat so you're constructing a bad strawman.

It's okay either way. Stay defeated.

This entire thread has devolved into having to baby sit you, because half of your posts you started off with read like a man with severe epilepsy who can't stop writing, excuse the anons who don't give a shit what you're saying lol

You're color blind, idiot.

As far as I can tell your posts are about how triggered you are someone somewhere wants to fuck someone mixed, or someone you just code as being "European", in some way

It's utterly autistic. What an appropriate thread for you to break down in.

You've been saying that very woman who is attractive is actually white based on stock photos so I don't think you're in any position to comment negatively on the intelligence of others.
We're not the ones who got arrested after sperging out and pepper spraying a girl.

*every woman

keep playing dumb you ugly shovel faced gook whore, change your nose and eyes if you want white man to fuck you

Europeanize your features

The absolute STATE of Burgerstan lmao

Kek, btfo.

Hi, I'm leftypol

I don't think I need to, I'm 1) Not interested in men, so that's out the window 2) If I really wanted to fuck some gross dude worth nothing at all I could always put my trust in the white supremacists because each and every one of you nerds ends up with god damn yellow fever somehow

Half of you who actually have marriages are married to some Asian girl they met in college or some shit, but your types with actual white - white relationships end up looking dysfunctional as fuck so its not like I could really blame anyone for this phenomenon

Hello, r/the_donald.


I rather throw my testicals in a blender than sire more insane hapas like you

Hi I'm Holla Forums. I identify as white (trans-white American)

It's not like they get used anyway.

Good thing you'll never have kids. That's a sigh of relief for all of us really.

Why hapas in america are so disregarded and disfunctional? I'm a hapa, not that roger elliot looking hapa, and it's one of the biggest selling point with girls and people in general. Then I go on r/hapas and feel fucking imbarassed.

I did it all for the (you)s

They're not, it's a fringe group of people on the internet. Burgerland isn't what memes make it out to be, in many ways it is worse.


In fifty years all black/brown people will be white supremacists and all white people will be black supremacists. But seriously regardless of what race you’re kid is have them grow up in a community where they aren’t they only kid of that race in said community.

seems like a lot of work

why not just not miscegenate and keep the white race pure?

How is that easier than not being a racist piece of shit. It takes more effort to be racist than not

nah being anti racist is a never ending game of mental gymnastics and denial of basic observable realities and is all around extremely mentally exhausting

This is how you know the US courts are racially bias. Image in the roles were reversed, black man assaults white women. They would of thrown the fucking book at him, especially in NJ. Basically the definition of white privileged.

Fuck back to tumblr you fucking faggot

no he would have had his case dismissed because he dindu nuffin, if he ended up going to trial and being convicted black lived matter would have burned the city down

If not being racist is that hard for you, you're probably not that smart or you have complete ocd about the topic. That's my expert psychiatric opinion.

everyone is mentally ill then, because everyone is secretly racist no matter what lmao, implicit bias rofl

He just slapped someone dude.

Shiggle my diggle niggle.

I fail to see how it's such a herculean task to judge people by the content of their character. Hell if you don't want to race mix nobodys going to make you but just treat people as individuals. Is that so fucking hard? Good lord.

The content of the character of the overwhelming majority of non whites is shit


t. brainlet


Race Mixing is inevidble. So why should I care one way or another. As long as my genes are based down though my children what race I date doesn’t matter. Also can’t you admit that beauty is subjective and different people has different standards of beauty.

I'm going to trust the character judgement of a poster on 8/pol/

Plus like, nobody fucks on this website. Especially not 8/pol/. Isn't that the rest of society actually making a character judgement on them?

Dugin is always right.

You live in a 99% white featureless suburb somewhere, how the fuck would you know? You never even met a black person. Like honestly can't you see that you've just taken in this shit that old hateful Nazi liars have shovelled into you?

Everyone is an Honary Aryan. Someone make a meme about this please.

This, how many women have instigated or escalated arguments only to slap or pepper spray a dude because they feel threatened. Hope he fights the charges because he'd win.

if beauty is subjective why do "brown qts" white leftcucks like you like always have European features?

if you're going to race mix race for real

If you defend the guy in the OP you're probably a bitch

You are the most autistic poster I've ever seen on this board

No you do. No body who lives in the proximity of coons considers them fully human for very long. I interact with more coons in a day than you have in the your entire life.

Beauty is subjective

Nah just think if it's okay for women to hit a guy because they feel threatened guys should be able to do the same thing.

Fair enough.

This displease Stirner

I've dealt with more white people in my life than you have and they are the most selfish insatiable consumers I've ever seen, they're like a virus that needs to be stopped


The guy was Hispanic.



End the hate. Segregate.

Except white people who live in multiracial urban areas are much more likely to be left wing than spergs like you who get their entertainment from helping your racist grandpa shuck the corn and therefore still use the word coon in 2017.

Finally you're starting to make sense.


I also think women that lie about the paternity of their children to men and steal 18 years of labor from them should be caned and imprisoned

Every study I've seen says the exact opposite tbh

Do you still think white people hate black people because the TV tells them to or because BLACK people act like apes all the time?

Try again jamal. racial tensions are at all time high in multiracial urban areas and traditionally always have been.

That's because every Nazi statistic is made up or misinterpretation, you lie so much to others you even convince yourself

I've lived next to every ethnicity who's ever lived

And one friend

Just one friend

Lied about having cancer to me after I told him I'm not interested in men for him to sympathize with him or whatever, because he was crushing on me. I have no fucking idea what he was thinking,

He wasn't black at all, his hair was blonde. And I had to threaten to get the police involved after he would not stop telling me what a bitch I was for telling him to fuck off after he lied about having god damn cancer. Guess what he later became alt right.

In fact come to think of it, literally every one of my negative experiences with men can trace back to white kids ages 16 to my age now. One even older. It's always the same neurotic break down shit.

So I have to respectfully disagree.

I think you're a powerless cuck that wants to blame the fact they are a cuck on black people.

Giving an infinite amount of time, even the most unlikely things are bound to happen an infinite amount of time. Read Physics.

Most white people are pretty naive, so yeah. Yeah I think so. Anyways, it's not what the "TV tells them to do."

It's what the internet tells them to act like.

That's nice hoochie you hate white people hopefully one day you will never allowed to live near white people again (hopefully within our life time)

Not true, it's not even "nazi statistics", white people are implicitly racist this is taught in every university and true

White people work 60 hours a week to live in white suburbs to get away from you apes

Follow the money

Unfortunately for both of us I have to humor every one of you or risk one of you going ape shit, lying about having cancer, not long after being a cross Holla Forums /r9k/ poster and probably pedophile for all I know.

Yellow woman's burden.



Could you be anymore of a cuck?

Is that woman supposed to look European?



Yet you choose to live with them and not in a Black or Hispanic area.

This is gold kek

No she's not that why I posted her and said "race mix for real"

this board is sooooooooo dumb

Who in America actually "chooses" where they live besides the petit, lmao you're so full of shit

Well this applies to 90% of Burgers of all races.

Every woman is so traumatized we won't get to fuck you lol

tumblr please leave

It is pretty interesting how much their talking points overlap innit

Why are you posting pictures of attractive non-white women?

I honestly don't see what's wrong with what he did, it was dumb for those SJWs for surrounding someone without preparing for a reaction like this.

They didn't actually assault anyone, for 1. He was the one who initiated everything like a complete sperg

Why are you dumb American mongrels so into Nazism?
Did you know that the Nazis send more whites to their deaths than every European conflict up until WW2 combined?

Shut ur god damn mouth, you crippled bitch.

I feel bad for self-hating minorites, I really do.
-White Male

Not an Argument

I'm crippled now? Oh shit, maybe I could disability like every fucking Holla Forums poster lives off


Daily reminder: Nazism is literally white genocide.

You dumb as hell if you don't think getting surrounded by a group you're arguing with isn't a veiled threat. For nothing against beating Nazis but goddamn have some street smarts. Nobody gives a fuck if it was technically legal with arguably it wasn't

Who is this attractive European woman you've posted

Oh shit burn!

I have nothing

Like clockwork.

He probably shouldn't have started insulting someone's race and called himself a white nationalist. Like he was kind of asking for a beat down at that point. He knew what he was doing

Being called out for acting like a retard is not "being threatened".




top kek

Also the LGBTQGHBJNVBDW thing SJW was white

"Delete this nephew"

Never mind. The guy is Chinese. Your Vietmenese.


We are winning the culture war so much even Jewish hapas want to gas tranny sjw cucks

Soon you will all be black people complaining about black people. You truly saved the white race.

Aren't the Vietnamese just Chinese in denial?

Not really.


Only their patrician class

I thought that was just called being a chav.

So much for 'white' nationalism.

So much for blaming Whites for this incident.

Everyone in this thread was mocking the fact he wasn't white

Are you retarded?

Noice dubs!
Perfect for a true halfzi!


You'll get a charge outta this one then.
I remember seeing a longer one somewhere else, but couldn't refind it.

Hey, you know what two names never come up though? Michael Blevins and Alex Linder. I like to yank more normified leftists' chains when they start going on about 'nazis' in the US by feigning shock and going "What do you mean? There's only two of them!"

Because those are the only two with 'names' I ever heard of that adhered exactly to the doctrine, to the letter.
Everyone else falls more in line "edgy LARPing lolberg"
Especially Spencer, since he was brought into it BY one such lolberg ….who is also Jewish
These fuckers are such an amazing cosmic joke. ==Thank Buddha for plebbit, MGTOW and The Red Pill giving birth to such wondrously heinous creatures!==

And this is just without getting into how many have jewish wives! Oh, that's a whole other segment of the population there!

Most Hispanics are not just Spanish but mixed with Asian(native Indian) and Black.

He looks like a kike. Otherwise nice job.

Or Weev who posted flyers calling for the murder of non White children and was involved in organizing the circus in Charlottesville.

Weev turns out to be a Jew just like most "White Nationalist" leaders throughout history.

Nazis are either not white or pedophiles, often both. No wonder they get along with ancaps so much.

Weev helped plan the Charlotsville shit?

The only place where Hispanics are fully European is Argentina, and half of them are Italian.

tfw The true cause of “white_genocide” is so many alt-right whites race mixing with Asians.


Welcome to the 21st century. Its crap.

feels fucking bad, lads. Normalfags (and yes, Holla Forums, you're pure normalfags) ruin everything.


Then it makes no sense to complain about lack of "Hispanic" features, retard.

Replace the word white with human and now /pok/ has been arguing over semantics



Anti-coms are the REAL communists :)

what the fuck is that?


should've cleaned his room



just stap





i'd agree but if the tables were turned here you'd be crying about domestic terrorism or whatever. be honest

so, when a man uses pepper spray is

He looks like he's gonna have a fun time in prison.


*blocks your path*
what do you do?

pepper spray and say he tried to grope me

God I love how brown Holla Forums is. Make's it understandable why those swarthy mulatto's lust after white women in wheat fields.

Noice! Dubs of Truthiness never fail!

Yeah that's impossible. Who ever heard of a hapa hating himself?

Reminds me of the gamer goy meme about how "diverse" they are in comparison.
I wish I had saved the nazi version from Holla Forums because it just becomes more and more relevant.

fakeout lunge at him and watch his spaghetti drop