this guy livin in 3017


I didn't draw these you fool

Absolutely hideous art style

who said you did, newfriend?

They're from the past dumbass, they were drawn on paper in black and white. In the 1970s.

what r they say

i still didn't say you made them and it's still dumb as shit to label colors

Not even sure what this guy's even trying to say. Sounds like your run-of-the-mill conservative wasn't much smarter fifty years ago.

Who the fuck is a socialist then?


"My political opponents are fat hypocrite virgins, hur hur hur"

It's wrong because it won't happen overnight?

This was written by Belfast anarchists. It clearly portrays the anarchist as superior, and no liberal ((("conservative,"))) as you say would know enough to make fun of Fabians.

Why are you all so stupid?

le 70's GMIL face




I assumed it was some kind of ex-marxist neocon cartoon because I didn't think the left would stoop low enough to do the typical reactionary "I'm an ugly caricature so you know I'm wrong" shit

ben garrison confirmed as time traveler?




fucking lost


love this, delightfully late-70s/80s feeling. Shame about the Cheka guy getting cropped.

me with the pink flag.
would like to drink with the black flag and the Tory.

look just repost it in a few days, maybe people won't remember

howling like a wolf in mid november at the pink floyd schoolteacher

none of them are particularly ugly.
stylized, yes, but not ugly.

quite annoying that people have to read the past through the iconography of the present. You can make fun of people without active hostility.