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Holy shit this video is going to be a meme isn't it
I thought your description was a joke but it's actually the title of the video
Pure fucking spectacle

I watched it, and it didn't seem that bad. Can you guys redpill me on it?

It was just an ad about how awesome and altruistic Musk is. Banal but I expected worse.

Youtube pimped this one to me the other day. They always 'suggest' I watch videos about accepting 'Our Lord and Silicon Savior Elon Musk.

i remember a time when related videos were literally videos related to the one you were currently watched. who the fuck thought it was a smart idea to put random videos there based on your video history?

but then again i also remember a time when literally any website you visited explicitly told you not to use your real name on it. now people literally get buttmad if you post with a pseudonym.

We will never get communism but atleast kill a porky on your way out of here.

Sorry guys, I guess I'm bluepilled, can you redpill me?

pseudonyms aren't relevant, i just like to complain about the internet not being anonymous anymore

much thank famalam

It was concentrated cancer alright, but nothing I didn't know about Rocket Jesus and his acolytes.

It's incredible what a sweet gig he got going. The government quite literally pays him to make money, and he keeps applying investor money in what's now a clearly concerted and planned personal marketing campaign, raising his profile and bringing in more investors.

fuck this

Because what has Musk done for you nigga, that you would think publicly fellating him isn't disgusting? Even if these people were his fucking employees or his children it would still be absurd. Fucking cultists are weird as fuck, doubly so for secular cults.


He treats his workers like shit.

Also his “eco-friendly” cars aren’t nearly as eco-friendly as he’d have you believe.

let me guess, they last less than 5 years before something in the engine goes fubar and you have to toss the entire hunk of shit in some dumpster?

If Musk is so smart why can't his factories make more than 300 cars every quarter (this after promising 1300 cars)?

Isn't elon musk a welfare queen that lives of government welfare?


And he's an economic migrant from Africa.
This is why we need muh wall.

I really hate this guy

twenty seconds in and i'm already peeved on the basis of messaging alone.
"imagine the demand for a $70 iphone"
here's a radical idea: imagine a $700 iphone but everyone's paid ten times more.

the whole thing (i got bored and skipped to the bit about batteries, then closed) just seems to sound like the 1970s conglomerates though, except maybe with the presence of actual synergies. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conglomerate_(company)

It is basic economics though. It’s one of the most prominent aspects of capitalism.

Pretty much tbh. Only decent thing he has done is driving down electric car costs, and Space-X is quite literally 60's/70's rocket shit.

fuck no, inflation is going to murder us all
Why not have a $7 phone instead?

Why not have a state issued phone which can be fully customized and improved unlike the overpriced bricks piggy sells to us?

dude human beings can't live on any other planet, the slightest change in gravity/atmosphere will fuck up our bones you can't reasonably expect natural selection to do shit in a generation. spacex just wants to dump megatons of methane on earth and kill everyone, and also cause sterility in those that spend the 200k to 'go to mars'.

You can pick up an Obama phone at your local country office hombre.

Here I googled it for you: obamaphone.com/get-obama-phone

inflation is a non issue that only cranks worry about, provided real terms wages hold up. (a spiral is possible if they outpace inflation to an excessive degree, but that can be controlled.)

meanwhile if you have $70 phones heading for $7 phones, nobody buys any of the $70 phones because they know they'll be able to get $7 phones if they wait a year, and then aggregate demand collapses and nobody produces any phones for anyone. deflation sucks.

or this tbh.

I'll admit that my jimmies are still a bit rustled over him being complicit in the attempt to privatize the space program.

You can get government phone for FREEEEEE in the USA.

Same, and I'm on the US side of the space race for crying out loud.

"Obamaphones" are flip phones.

What's this nigga? No flip?
What do you need? A free phone with a half eaten apple on it, or one that comes with a VR headset? Fuck outta here.

a phone that kills people who make posts i disagree with

It's a private company you fucking cuck.

When did they teach chickens to type?

That's an ad for wireless service, not a free phone you moron.


Nigga how are you still alive if you are this dumb?

The government is who pays for the fucking phone you fucking fuckwad. Does the fucking government manufacture the paper the laws are written on? WTF motherfucker.

Agree completely.

Yes, literally everything he said is true.

it should do

Well dude said he wanted 'state issued' whatever that's supposed to mean. I have a 'state issued' DL but I doubt they manufactured the plastic.

it should do

Do you know who else was socialist?


100% this. I know a lot of TED talks are kind of shitty, but this one is pretty relevant to what you just said.