When did you realise China is socialist, Holla Forums?

When did you realise China is socialist, Holla Forums?


you, the year 3000, shitposting on leftypol while waiting for china to implement socialism.

China is great because it provides a perfect test for whether or not someone is actually a socialist or they just like shit with red flags.

naive western ""dem""socs BTFO

that bottom left is a cringiest advertisement I've ever seen

China will reach full communism in 2050.

what's even cringier is that Holla Forums probably masturbates to that shit on a daily basis.
"Muh huwhite heritage"

Jinping will surely deliver

Its a mixed economy with heavy emphasis on state owned industry.

I will post this everyday until you like it

can't wait for the bubble to burst and for the china meme to end

What the literal fugg?

I will never watch your liberal propaganda.

The best thing to happen for china is to free trade capitalism to fail fthem and then implement the alternative. America doesnt have the luxury of changing its economic system.

thats interesting, idk if i necessarily buy it though

It won't matter you fucking idiot. China owns its own money, who is anyone going to pay debt back to the state bank? They'll literally loan you money to pay them back it doesn't matter at all.

You're talking about the country that writes off $60 Billion dollars of debt with its trading partners. Debt is the biggest meme and only affects capitalist countries where banks and corporations rule.

If you don't see the problem here consider suicide

Your a fucking idiot. It's that simple. Keep your mouth shut.

When they jailed people for discussing capitalism

He's right.
The American nation is fucked.
A nation is like Santa Clause, if no one believes in it, it no longer exists.
The American nation has only ever existed to contradict something else.
Without some great enemy to unify the American people, it regresses to degenerate myopic self interest.
For 30 years there has not been the pretense of a worthy enemy that can stand against the unassailable might of the Republic of the United States of America.
American media needs to make up enemies.
They can't make movies of a war with Russia or China because it would be unbelievable.
People can't stretch their imaginations to think America would have actual trouble in a straight fight.
What they can suspend their disbelief for is aliens.
Aliens challenging America is comparatively plausible.

The greatest ACTUAL threat to the United States now as it has always been is internal.
More American troops have given their lives fighting traitors than Nazis and Japs combined.
The South wields more destructive force than just truck bombs.

Forgot to add I don't know about China
I think the politburo is probably as corrupt as congress but unlike in America people like to pretend otherwise

He shifts uncomfortably when he talks about the uncorruptability of the politburo.
I don't think he believes it himself.