What does Holla Forums Georgy Lukacs?

What does Holla Forums Georgy Lukacs?
never heard him mentioned here

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I've read his chapter on reification but nothing else. It's very cool would recommend.

Should have stopped at episode VI tbqhwyfam

History and Class Consciousness is great

He's one of those capitalists who knows capitalism is shit and would prefer a world without capitalism, but he doesn't think it's bad enough to stop being a capitalist. I'd guess he's a succdem, but he's one of the few succdems who might vote for capitalism's abolition if ever presented with an opportunity.

The original Star Wars trilogy was really good, especially Empire. The original Indiana Jones trilogy was really good. I liked THX 1138, and stock footage from it was used in a Queen video which is neat. Everything else he made ranges from mediocre to pure shit.

"Lenin pulled out his little laser sword and went to town."

I heard Lukacs had this idea of appropriating or recycling rightist thinkers for leftist purposes, what's the deal with that?

The Prequels were absolute kino.

RLM's Mr Plinkett videos are a great takedown on Lucas.

His shit is hilarious ('white slavers' is a pure gold quote)




Lynch yourself, you fucking mongoloid.

walk away dismissively with no further interaction

Holla Forums idiots are the fucking worst.
Forced contrarianism, 0 understanding of cinema and stupid as fuck.
No, the prequels were shit. Pure shit.

I don't even like Star Wars and this video kills me about how bad the ruined the mythology


György Lukács did nothing wrong.
It's still good to know that there baiter still convert others to hate gorge lukács

The prequels were great because the liberal republic was completely destroyed and so were the child rapist jedi. Fuck the republic, fuck jedi, and fuck the force. Lucas did a good thing.

Empire was good precisely because he didn't direct and someone else wrote that god tier dialogues.
When Lucas directs and writes dialogues he made the absolute shit show that are the prequels

I bet you enjoyed The Force Awakens where everyone sounds like an American high school student. The dialogue in the Prequels was great because it was other worldly.


how can you honestly call this a good script? the acting sucks but they couldnt possibly make it good with the script

Are you fucking retarded? It doesn't ruin anything. Obi Wan is a liar, that's the whole point. Lucas specifically made the Jedi a bunch of shitheads so people would understand why Anakin turned to the Dark Side.

No it was just bad.

The acting is fine and the script is good. Explain what's wrong with it without using subjective terms like "cringy" and "bad" specify what is wrong with the scene instead of just sucking off your own opinions.

lmao, what a great critique

you disliking something doesn't make it bad

It was poorly written and incompetent.
Otherworldly is not an excuse. There is no reason why it should be like that. Phantom and Attack are useless.
The shiny cgi shit takes away the "realistic" look of the og trilogy. They aged like fucking milk for the cgi shit. Mind me, the force awakens was at the same level of bullshit imho.

Yes I get he's constructing a 'good' Anakin for the sake of Luke but his insane actions (leaving his protege to burn to death in agony, not disciplining someone guilty of war crimes and mass murder) undermine anything they were trying to do, they could still tell the same story with more care and subtlety

he's just carried his mother's body back home
do i have to explain why this is shit

Had more sets and minitures than the OT. There's also nothing wrong with cgi, without CGI the movies could not have been made.
How, faggot? How?

Padme is a dumb bitch, what's the problem?
And that's a problem how? That's an actual thing that people do to justify genocide.

They've known each other for years.

Also, why the fuck would she leave him? Because he killed some fucking sand people?

You're right, my bad, they met as kids but then didn't see each other for ten years iirc.

Because he's OBVIOUSLY fucking insane? And committed genocide? Wow really gets the ladies going especially someone like Padme who's supposed to be some noble crusader for righteousness

You: "I don't like this. I wouldn't act like that. Clearly this is bad writing"

It's almost like it's an operatic tragedy or something. Maybe Lucas was hinting at something when he had Anakin and Palpatine visit an Opera House in Revenge of the Sith

that's what's wrong with the CGI

if you're just going to explain away everything with 'oh it's a space opera' then there's obviously nothing I can do to convince you, sorry if I prefer movies where people act like human beings and react to things in an intelligible way. there's a difference between 'i wouldn't personally do that' and 'nobody except someone reading off a horrible stilted script would ever do that'

Bullshit. CGI is bad when it's abused. Like in starwars.
Don't be an idiots. It's the same points over and over again. Contrarians idiot on the chans are the only one who consider the prequels good

This is a total meme. They did the first 3.

Go back and watch the first three, then watch the Prequels. They scale and scope of the Prequels makes the OT look like an episode of Doctor Who.

That means you want them to act like you, or people around you. Which guess what, ruins Star Wars. Enjoy Disney Wars where everyone acts like someone from the real world larping as a Star Wars character instead of acting like people who actually live in the Star Wars universe.

That scale and scope wasn't needed at all in the first place. Like that fucking race scene in phantom or the 10 min long sword fights.

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I really wanted someone to talk about him T_T


Btw I don't want to spam tumblr tabloid shit, but young obiwan just left his wife for my waifu MEW.
It's the first time in my life that I am jelous of a "celebrity"

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