Why are there no prominent separatist movements in the USA?

Why are there no prominent separatist movements in the USA?

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How about black racists like Ta-Nehisi Coates who calls black people a nation?

I once read someone saying on halfchan that most texans don't feel americans but only texans.

What's good, bitch.

2018 baby. Stay tuned. youtube.com/watch?v=u-F8rtwtFtI

Because the vast majority of separatist movements have an ethno-nationalist basis, which the New World countries are mostly free of due to the way colonization was carried out.

There are. It's just that they're all right wing.

They're all right wing except for this meme.

A meme just got elected to be POTUS. I like our odds.

Well it's quite a long shot, and would probably benefit Silicon Valley the most tbh. There are a ton of reasons to be against it.

They called Trump a longshot as well.

Peru and Bolivia could revive the Inca empire. The native south americans still outnumber the other races in those two countries

There are some like in Texas, Alaska, Cascadia etc. But they all lack the ethnic/linguistic basis of major separatists elsewhere, and also little history of independence from the US. Aside from Texas.

Uncle Billy would support secession from the union in its current form. His general staff was full of exiled german '48ers in Georgia

Too much miscigenation with a lot of different peoples, also a lot of these natives might identify as some other tribe that was fucked by the Incans, plus the Inca culture itself is dead as disco, very little information from them survived. It's what happens when a civilization utterly collapses in a very short time before inventing the alphabet.

Free State Project in New Hampshire is an active separatist movement. They're primarily ancrappers but there is a noticeable mutualist/Proudhonian presence within their midst.

If any leftist separatist movement in the U.S. were to happen, it would be on the west coast. They have the most potential for any far left views, like they got a Lenin statue in Seattle.

Separatism in America isn’t popular because of how hegemonic US civil nationalism is. The biggest I think is Hawaiian nationalism but that’s never going to take off imo

The Lenin statue in Seattle is privately owned and not meant to be a serious statement of allegiance to communist ideology.

There's Vermont, New Hampshire, Texas, California.
None of them have a majority, but Texas and California always compare their economies to the rest of the world, because of how large they are. The Governor of Texas likes to do this because it's easy applause, though nobody important has put forward the idea formally. There's a secessionist party, but they're just skinheads who want to bring back slavery. I think their membership is a couple thousand in a state of more than 25 million.


the texas republican party is almost a secessionist movement
they frequently come close to passing resolutions in favor of secession, but they have been falling just short lately

For most its both but for many Texan is a priority. Texas nationalism is very real.

that's uh… exactly why there's no NEED for separatism? The solution there isn't splitting it's taking over the government so they're accurately represented.

By any definition of a nation that isn't actually talking about a state, african americans legitimately constitute a distinct nation. They have a distinct history, a distinct culture, and african american vernacular english as at least as different from standard american as norwegian is from swedish and danish