Why won't it let me post PDFs or more than one file at the time?

Why won't it let me post PDFs or more than one file at the time?

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Because of patriarchy


For the same reason we don't have flags anymore.

Because this website is well programmed and run by a very competent admin who definitely knows what he's doing.

Other boards don't have this problem.

Value quality over quantity, user. Pick and choose the most important PDFs, and upload them one at a time.

You can't post PDFs at all.

Ah, well that is a problem then. As a workaround, use a file host like doko.moe/ .



It works.

When are we going to get rid off the fucking incompetent board owner for good


Anti-Leftypol bias?

An incompetent board owner is Relly Existing Socialism

Seriously? Admin is just a fuck then.

Or this is more sabotage to try to get people to move over to bunkerchan.

Well at the time it happened everything went at once, 150 posts disappeared from cyclicals, and there was no notification of a change in board settings in the log. The sitewide ban log is also down.
The admins are just blundering fucks.

I just tried and I can post multiple images on /fur/ tho.

torposting when

Yeah but the global log is gone, there's nothing there.

What does that have to do with the price of fish?

Maybe she's assblasted that tankies constantly get BTFOd

Remember April Fools?

"""She""" is not only incompetent but a redditor too.

Why are MLs so pathetic?