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make total destroy
make total destroy

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"its an oxymoron cause anarchism means chaos and communism is total government control"
all power to the soviets


Im new to leftism, and read a few books like you guys said but my library only has Spanish authors so I had to read them they where good and explained to me plenty. Plus I read communist manifesto and some of capital.

So what is my ideology? I opt for a socialist state like the one in the USSR but with less bureaucracy and with more computer automation of the economy since its totally plausible to automate it given our current state with technology. I dont totally agree with the decisions made in the USSR but that is because after all it was an experiment. And do beleive in a strong worker state in order to reach FULL COMMUNISM.
What dis makes me ? Also recommend me books

Lacanian (Communism)
"thats all well and good, but you need to think about whats real™ sometimes"
The re-establishment of a universality outside the contours of the self-negating-subject which is becoming of capitalism. The economics are there as well, but my main point is the critique of ideology

egoist anarchism
this will be rape theft and murder, prepare your anus
shouting spooks at everything


Pic related, I'd go more in depth but these are great stepping stones. Fuck only being to post one pic at a time

Do you know any good spanish authors? My library only has spanish ones and im not too fond of reading from screen

It also would mean a material support to the idea that OP pic is bullshit, and that (just like the conclusions of Stirner) the ideology guilty of subduing the individual was actually the forces of the reproduction of capital

I'm sure you can find some Althusser there, but I am not particularly well acquainted with Spanish leftist writers, though I know many of the different European schools have had most of their work translated into Spanish (Nietzsche, Hegel, Heidegger, Lacan, Kant, Badiou, Jacques-Alain Miller, Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, Habermas, Fromm) and all of their work is pretty interesting and vital to the understanding of a modern leftism

"Hurr durr stalin ruined everything, trotsky would have saved everything, nothing would have gone bad if stalin hadn't existed"
A material world actually exists and we can't change it just by wishing hard enough that it was different.

This is the definition of Trotskyism?

Not the official definition, but it's how you can distinguish Trotskyism from virtually every other strain of leftism in existence right now.

yeah really sucks that my library has almost none of them(putos recortes), i might be able to find hegel tho, thanks for the name of one


Libertarian Market Socialism
"What are you fucking retarded?"
Establishing a political coalition of worker coops is the best way for socialists to gain political power in the 21st century. Once seized, the means of production should be controlled by somewhat decentralized communities, with minimal involvement/oversight from a federal government

National Trotskyist
Elimination of anlgos

Literally 1984
see pic

So 1984?

NUKE FUCKING EVERYTHING but then afterwards aliens come and rebuild and also water births and talking dolphins


so egoism

GULAGs for everyone
Worker's paradise

I too hate the anlgos

Are you me?

Stalin did nothing wrong.

Lukacsian Leninism
A more leftcom version of Leninism while upholding any ML movements out there. (Check Lukacs out guys he's pretty sweet.)

Ironically nuking the world with the goal of aliens becoming my property as well as the wasteland I leave behind.
Unironically nuking the world with the goal of aliens becoming my property as well as the wasteland I leave behind.

anti-humanist Marxism
anuddah soah
no spooks, only structures nao

Can I also be your property. Preferably in an un-nuked state.

edgy rebranded anarcho-communism
the real movement of everday life which tends to the abolition of wage labour.

can u link me some stuff on market socialism

not that poster, but I'm also mark-succ and this book is a good primer, very easy read as well

Wolff never explicitly refers to his ideas as market socialism, but they're the most coherent and lay down a solid framework.



no one knows
develop our unique abilities and transcend the premises of all history and being history for the first time

all power to the state kill the kulaks
all power to the working people

all power to the working people
that but also gulags

Nice quads,

The USSR became unsalvageable when Lenin refused to give control of the government to the soviets. Honestly though I think any kind of vanguard elite is going to be heading in that direction because there will almost necessarily be people within it who want to consolidate power for themselves and who will betray fellow revolutionaries to do it.

Dude stalin did nothing wrong
blah blah blah commodity production blah blah blah real movement blah blah free association of producers blah blah opportunism blah blah

Which would you sacrafice? Democracy or socialism? The soviets were controllled by the right SR. A peasant party. They would not have established socialism.

The revolutionary subject is the working class, not a particular ideology. Ideology will shape to fit the material circumstances. In different political circumstances, different ideologies will be adopted and gain "control."

implying the USSR established socialism

Smashie smashie
Smashie smashie+communes and direct democracy

The SR was not a party of the working class though. Hypothetical question if you were in Lenins positions would you have sacraficed socialism or democracy?

I already said that's a false portrayal of the choice. I would have given the Soviets control, and it would be up to them to build socialism. You can't have socialism without "democracy" and you can't have free self-determined people without socialism. Reinstating a central authority after toppling feudalism/capitalism doesn't get you either, as history has borne out repeatedly in "socialist" states.

why bother fixing society when you can end it once for all

Who fucking doesn't hate anglos?

Do I need to read that book 'Communisation' from LibCom or whatever to know what the fuck you're talking about or could you sum up what it actually means.



"We must turn life under capitalism more harsh so workers will awaken and revolt"

Capital and technology (they're the same thing in the last instance) feed into each other on a positive feedback system that disrupts all social order and where everything solid melts into air, rather than merely critique this from either a conservative or leftist paradigm (both sides of the political spectrum are the two sides of the Spectacle, and only serve to stabilize the system, to slow it down), the pace of this act of nihilist creative destruction must be accelerated.

It sucks your aliens are out of town, maybe tonight I can be your "property"

Wolff also uploads a lot of talks on youtube which are surprisingly accessible and easy to understand. Definitely played a large role in forming my ideology

Read Towards a New Socialism