YouTube Trumpkin and Former Milo Intern Kills His Own Dad for Calling Him a Nazi

YouTube Trumpkin and Former Milo Intern Kills His Own Dad for Calling Him a Nazi

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I think this proves that Holla Forums crosses over with reddit almost as much as it does with /r9k/.

Praise kek

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The absolute state of the right.

>>>Holla Forums

So much for the tolerant right

So much for the "pro-family" Right.

Jesus christ, what the fuck happened to Sam?

When the right falls it time for


got fat
got really fuckin spooked

Is this the true of power of the alt right?

This is too much cringe. And I've seen a lot of cringe over the years.
What the actual fuck.

Why the fuck would a full-blown Nazi even hint at being okay with extreme pedophilia though? From a libertarian I can understand, but a Nazi?

*shit posting on Holla Forums intensifies*

I think he actually killed his dad because he thought his dad was endorsing pedophilia. Still fucking stupid, but it puts him in a VERY slightly better light than the other way around.

I don't know how much you've lurked 8/pol/. But that stuff used to be a popular view back in the early days.
People arguing that age of consent laws were a Jewish feminist invention. That all women over 20 were sluts, and you should have children as early as possible. It only stopped after the mods banned discussion on it after people started posting actual pizza.
There's also the degeneracy threads where people would post pictures of (sometimes deep web) pedophile forums. For "research" purposes I suppose. (Why would you even look for that stuff?)
I don't know if there are any former Holla Forumsyps here that remember, but there also used to be a popular online chat room that was often advertized in the first year or so (may have been 1 1/2 years).

It was your typical altright garbage (Muslims taking over America, Africans all being subhuman feral apes, etc.). But the guy that ran that was later exposed as a pedophile who had sex with a young girl. (Even teasing her on webcam)
This stuff is absolutely rampant in Nutsac circles.

It's truly ironic how many modern nutsacs would have ended up in concentration camps if they'd actually lived in Germany at the time.

what the actual fuck
there were lowkey pedophile neo-nazi publications available in '90s France
but this really takes the cake

Former Holla Forumsack here, I can confirm all of that but the chat room part. Another thing to note is that Holla Forums used to have a loli thread once or twice every week. Many of these threads were started by pedophiles and devolved into discussions of pedophilia, usually just saying shit like "I want my pure white Aryan cunny" or whatever. A lot of those people left when the mods started cracking down on those threads and since then I haven't seen a single loli thread on Holla Forums.

MGTOW also say the same shit, except for the having children as soon as possible, which shouldn't be a surprise considering the overlap between the two communities.

another example of the Violent Right?

The obsession with "degeneracy" often hides personal inadequacy though.
A place like Holla Forums would have threads denouncing Jews as pedophiles, but then also have threads about abolishing the age of consent.
They accuse Jews of being scheming liars engaged in false flags and kompromat, But then go on to create fake social media accounts, fake infographics, fake quotes, and engage in other cointelpro.
They obsess over racial purity, but a lot of them are mongrels. Some even part Jewish. Or even 'based' non-white 'allies'. Same goes with sexuality. (Self-hating gays, etc.)

It's the same deep-seated shame, impotence and negative self-image that drives the incel and MGTOW communities. It's no surprise that there's a huge cross-over between them and Holla Forums.

just look at the fucking state of him. Also burgers outside of burger town nobody would dare look like that, Sort it out


The logical conclusion of But What if the Child Consents Tho

The original pedophiles of Holla Forums became Holla Forumsacks, and started pizzagate as a massive form of projection 🤔

U wot m8? Youzza flip.

short eyes await

Isn't this the second time this week?


Right fucking out of an ancap joke

Holy shit. Why is every Right nigger so fucking Oedipal.

Famous last words

This is the part when you should just run away and lock yourself in somewhere safe. Call the police.

It's the same dude

How are lolberts so completely inseparable from their parodies?

It seems Sam is slowly transforming himself into Amber Lee Frost

God damn it.

His current shtick is pretending to be poor as fuck and on drugs on instagram then laughing at the people freaking out on his twitter

Look at what he retweeted back in July. So much projection. So much foreshadowing irony.

He retweeted it because he was getting ideas


He posted on Holla Forums as well. Admitted as much. He went on /ggrevolt/

The guy was a NEET, Redditer and Holla Forums user.
It's all in his reddit history, posted in one of the other threads.

Yeah that whole common core conspiracy shit was when I jumped the gg ship.

what did he mean by this?


Kek, so it's another paedo nazi episode.

Louis Theroux documentary on them when?