Do most people not understand Marx communism?

Just saw this Finnish guy comment on Marx book and he tough that it was badly written.
I think he also didn't understand the meaning of "private property" because he commented that communism is about abolishing personal property and not private property.

Just end me already.
I now see why people here hate right-wingers.

He also tough that abolishing class is the same as being a SJW, i have fucking no idea, i want to die.

Don't worry most Marxists don't understand it either.

How so?

I think he didn't understand it at all.
I think he thought that SJW want to bring every one to the same level, but i don't think that how it works.
So he compared how SJW want to bring everyone to the same level with abolishing classes.

SJWs want to make sure everyone who reaches a certain nominal level is on the same pratical level, regardless of unchangeable identity characteristics. This means they are still in favour of hierarchy, exploitaiton, and capitalism, but they want a 50% female management.

I have never met a pro capitalism sjw.

they're unaware of their own ideology

Aren't every SJW who voted Hillary pro capitalist?

Do you live under a fucking rock?

They didn't vote Hillary because they approved of capitalism, brainlet.

Get off the internet and go outside and talk to these people. The pink hair dyke stereotype will talk shit about capitalism if you bothered to ask. Most of them are just too dumb to think about replacing capitalism with communism to address racial/sexual discrimination and prefer to deal with these issues in the context of capitalism.

It's basically what says. Most of them claim to be anti-capitalism, but they are, at most, social-democrats. This isn't unique to them, of course. The majority of people who call themselves socialists support social-democratic candidates, and would be content with living in a social-democratic system.

Depends on what you mean by 'most people', your anecdotes aren't really indicative of whoever 'most people' actually are.
I know many people simply view Communism as a slew of ad hoc rescues or unfalsifiable claims that have to be taken at face value, like predictions that cannot actually be tested in the real world.

Being against Capitalism is perfectly fine with Capitalism.

Yeah well, sorry I didn't cite one of the many existing and readily available statistical studies about the political character of the identitarian left.

But we aren't talking about identitarianism, I was pushing back on what you meant by 'most people', you don't have to be 'left' to discuss ideas relating to Communism.

Um, no.

Accidentally responded to myself. Meant for .

I was talking about most sjws, dude.

You just said one Finnish guy, I can't understand your implications.

Finnish Bolshevik?

Um, yes, cunt.

Just like how much people doesn't understand any christianity or art history.
people is always dumber than whatever you can think and most subjects are more complex that whatever you can assume.

With all the different sects we have, one wonders if Marxists even understand Marxism.

Care to point out to where Marx does this distinction?

It's arbitrary, he thinks that the 'use' of something he does not own, and his judgement of said absence of use (that he agrees with) justifies claims to theft (read: "breaking free from da chainz").

fascists say they're anticapitalist too

how is this not capitalism

On this board and in Marx's eyes, capitalism is every time profit exists, but simultaneously the categorization of liberals and leftists within the same viewpoint is wrong because of the nuance that is thrown out the window.
If you put particular emphasis on the 'private ownership' part of the definition of capitalism, then some random bystander getting butthurt because some business doesn't have 'x' percentage of minorities is irrelevant: they don't own the business so they can fuck off (hence, private ownership).