Why aren't you supporting the last hope of socialism?

Xi Jinping lays out blueprint to make China a global superpower by 2050

President Xi Jinping warned of severe challenges while laying out a road map to turn China into a leading global power by 2050, as he kicked off a twice-a-decade party gathering expected to cement his influence into the next decade.

Although his wide-ranging address made clear there were no plans for political reform, Xi said China’s development had entered a “new era”, using the phrase 36 times in a speech that ran nearly 3-1/2 hours.

“With decades of hard work, socialism with Chinese characteristics has crossed the threshold into a new era,” Xi said.


Xi also laid out an ambitious plan to make China a “great modern socialist country” in the following 30 years — part of what he has called the “Chinese dream.” By 2050, he said, the party would be near the goal of achieving a “beautiful China” with the rule of law, innovative companies, a clean environment, an expanding middle class, adequate public transportation and reduced disparities between urban and rural areas.



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Where's the Socialism, billy?


>the rule of law, innovative companies, a clean environment, an expanding middle class, adequate public transportation and reduced disparities between urban and rural areas.
So he's just a liberal who's lukewarm for socdem reforms.
Jeez. I can't wait for all these socialist commodities, socialist classes, socialist jobs and socialist laws.


with Chinese characteristics


This picture is fucking stupid. "Commodity" is a very specific word, whereas "Ware" isn't, it's almost synonymous with "good" or "product" in German, Marx made it into a technical term. Now this old veteran guy is translated by a Russian TV station from Korean to Russian to English and probably knows fuck all about marxist theory so to use that as "evidence" that the DPRK produces for exchange is really dishonest.


when did all the materialists leave. china is a deformed workers' state, please read.


China obviously managed to bring it into being, with their socialist class society, socialist commodity production and socialist capital accumulation.

China is at the moment the only serious challenger to American monopolar world. Them growing in power and inluence can only be beneficial.

How will China's development work out remains to be seen. One thing is certain, China learned well from Soviet mistakes.

It's a process buddy

Already have a thread on this garbage.

Socdems get the bullet too.

LOL, what a boring fuckwad.

that's a funny way to spell capitalism

truly the hero socialism needs

china already is an imperialist superpower anyways, no idea what xi's sperging about.


Don't forget socialist surplus value extraction and socialist market(s)

You believe the red bourgeoisie are just going to give in their wealth?

Sure, I'll just sit and wait for capital to bring on socialism. No point in supporting Chinese worker's autonomous struggles or trying to formulate them into a revolutionary movement.

just 3000 more years of dumping cheap plastic in western countries and communism will finally come

i don't understand how having two imperialist powers is better than having one

Did slavery bring on feudalism? Did feudalism bring on capitalism? I think the answer is yes

Is there any other capitalist country we must support to bring Marx's prophecy into being? I mean the US is the largest economy and the heart of capital, surely socialism will develop from there any time

The US doesn't promote communism though

Neither does china.

Excuse you, but it's actually Chinese Socialism.

Are you accusing Xi of being a liar?

>China will accomplish Capitalism State Capitalism Socialism within 20 years!

they left because leftcom's give everyone a bad name.

It's time to stop.

Reality is accusing Xi of being a liar.


I've always loved Chinese camo, pretty aesthetic.

How is that even supposed to camouflage you?

How exactly does that shit make you more difficult to see than, say, simple solid-color fatigues.

Dengist China is Leftcom praxis. Just accelerate capitalism, try to scientifically micromanage it to make it as advantageous for the people as possible, until the material conditions create socialism immediately.

Leftcoms will complain all day how Mao and Stalin tried to force socialism onto people, and that it has to rise organically out of material conditions. Official CPC party line says the exact same shit. Of course Leftcoms will denounce this whole-heartedly but they are suffering from cognitive dissonance anyway.

How are they going to get around the looming debt crisis? Are they going to hope that the petro-yuan will just magically solve it?

Yeah, he's full of shit.

We must pledge our support to comrade Xi Jinping and PRC in its revolutionary struggle for world socialism

Porky with a red flag isnt socialism

No user, don't you realize that Xi is purposely constructing horrible working conditions and accelerating capitalism to its most extreme that class consciousness is achieved, ensuring that his own government is overthrown in glorious revolution? Such is the nature of Marxism-Oreintalism with Kenseyian Characteristics.

leftcoms don't argue this you embarrassing idiot

where's the proofs billy

But dont use the word "monopolar" its incorrect from a grammatical point of view, use unipolar instead

They don't? I see Leftcoms making statements like this
You must be talking about different Leftcoms then.

They have only one military base on foreign soil for now, they can hardly project their influence in their region let alone the whole world

Additionally to that, Chinese investments in the Third World are based on mutual exchange and not as extractive as western ones. I mean, they still extract stuff but they are building up infrastructure and self-sufficiency. Western ones don't.

China is the biggest ally of the global south. New Silk Road project is probably the greatest chance for the Muslim world to develop.

They dont argue that Stalin and Mao tried to force socialism onto people, but that they weren't even socialists and all they did was in their interest as the guys on top within their countries and had nothing to do with any kind of socialism.
they are right

That's retarded. Tinfoil tier. Even liberal historians like Kotkin are convinced that Stalin was a communist, he truly believed in it.

You are basically arguing that the Bolsheviks and the Chinese revolutionaries weren't socialists, which leads you down the path of "socialism has never been tried".

No, the only reason Chinese are investing in infrastructure in Africa is so they can more easily transport the resources they've sucked up from the ground for next to nothing after bribing local governments.

Jesus christ. If you're going to be a fucking trot about it at least be right about your own trot fucking theory. Degenerated workers' state is for countries that had their own revolution that turned sour, deformed is for countries that had a similar government installed by outside influence like in the eastern block after the war. China is clearly the former. Don't tell others to read if you spread dumb theory that you yourself don't understand.

Degenerated workers' states are states where the proletariat once wielded direct political and economic control.

China does not fulfill that criteria. The bureaucracy was in charge from the start. It is a deformed workers' state.

just say capitalism

Chinese entrepreneurs are getting fucked:



That's just wrong. Totally wrong. Sources:

Meant for

if China fucking does it and brings back full-communism, I will eat my fucking hat

I won't even complain, I'll be singing the praises of chairman deng

>BEIJING — Guo Junwen was a successful property developer in southwestern China when the authorities threw him behind bars three years ago on charges involving land use and seized his business.
>Now free, Mr. Guo — who still disputes the charges — says the police are refusing to return money they still owe him under Chinese law.
>“They said, ‘We have no choice, Old Guo,’” Mr. Guo said in a telephone interview from the Indonesian island of Batam, where he lives part time. “‘We have no fight against you, but this is what the higher-ups want.”
More of this please.

Dude, the richest people in China are literally on a "kill pigs list":

The general consensus among Kenyans is what I described, the fact that a super porky think tank like Brookings Institute report the creation of 2 000 new jobs is almost irrelevant on the matter


Wow, the state enforces business laws, full communism is next

Do you have a source for it? Because I provided both a porky as well as a communist source.


It's a step in the right direction. In capitalist countries, billionaires are calling then shots. In China they don't.

Two third of the board is shilling for Sanders and Corbyn. But when yellow people do it (who literally have Marxism as their offical ideology) it doesn't count?

How is business laws being enforced a step in the right direction? They are literally there only to ensure that the capitalist market and trade can function properly.
But you know what, I don't even care, you seem completely convinced that China is heading towards communism. Enjoy.

Imagine being this delusional.


You see, a country like Germany is closer to socialism than Greece, because there is less corruption! Because socialism is when you are kind, share your stuff with other ppl and fly a red flag!!!

Read this article
Could you imagine Zuckerberg or the Koch brothers being sent to a labor camp in the US? Democratic centralism is alive and well in China and makes porky entryism really hard. Xi recently thwarted a coup:
The anti-Xi crowd has yet to provide evidence. I bet you'd think that Lenin was a capitalist too when he did the NEP


Imprisoning or murdering a handful of the bourgeoisie doesn't mean they're going to kill or imprison ALL the bourgeoisie and expropriate the means of production.

Remember when MLs atleast defined socialism as state capitalist monopoly instead of insisting markets can be part of a transitionary phase?

One last time:

Socialist system =/= socialist government

It's really not that hard to understand. Everybody knows that China (or Venezuela) clearly has a capitalist system. The point is that they have a socialist government that aims to establish socialism. Mixing up Socialist/Communist ideology or government with the rea-exisiting socio-economic system is a mistake usually committed by right-wingers.

Greece has higher unemployment rate therefore less of the proletariat is exploited therefore Greece is closer to socialism than germany
Made by Tito gang

nobody should defend failed projects

The US imprisoned Madoff. That doesn't make it communist.

China isn’t socialist. It’s capitalist.

Can’t wait for American imperialism to be replaced by Chinese imperialism. At least, unlike Chinese food Burgers taste good.

More proof that China isn’t socialist, and hasn’t been sense Mao.

what is with all the chinese shilling as of late?
capitalist state bitchslaps some porkies who step out of line, xi plays with socdem populism and idiots already creaming their pants
we need more chinese CEOs military bases
chinese military bases are underrepresented and discriminated against!
check your privilege!

left never learns

Even if china is capitalist its not world needs more Chinese military bases to balance out the world power of American imperialism and keep it in check

world needs less capitalism
and also less retards who claim to be marxists but think in categories of middle class

I will laugh when china will burn for they deserved it more than anyone for butchering marxist theory

I don't think China is really trying to further socialism. I think China is just trying to further the oligarchical gentry.

I dont think that you are right

Western media has been howling nonstop about Xi the last few weeks. If that's not a sign China is doing something right, idk what is.

You're harder to see when China is running on low graphical settings

imagine the guy who had to explain to The People that they needed suicide nets to bring communism.

Like, I can picture that party meeting in my head so clearly.

capitalism with a human face and chinese characteristics

too bad hegelian idealism isn't correct then


Because Bernie and Corbyn are pulling there countries to the left. The Dengist CPC took what was a socialist country under Mao and made it Capitalist.

The British and French build railroads in their colonies.
I guess they weren't imperialist?
Read Lenin's Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.
Can't post the pdf. Codemonkey fix the site pls.

then you need to read more theory buddy

how don't you?

You dumass
Oh so you gonna go from feudalism to communism over night huh?

easy weasy my ddue xxdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


New developments in historical materialism:

'Capitalism is not necessary to develop socialism'
'Dialectics? whats that'
'Linear historical development'
'I can make communism JUST COZ I FUCKING SAY IT'



At the worst China is not worse than the US so regardless maybe them having global dominance would allow another revolution in China which if successful couldnt be undermined from the outside? And what is the gov gonna say, "real communism is when theres banks and markets"?

Thats assuming comrade xi doesnt flip the switch of course

That's real smug of him. The Chinese bubble is bursting and now he sees a late-stage capitalism in his backyard.

& Knuckles

Cuba did it


dare i say socialism with national characteristics?

I wasn't both of those posters.

oh wow

a pro-post

Did you delete that post or did a mod do it?

I just want to know where the meme that "China will return to Maoism once they finish industralizing in 2040-2050" came from.

What China needs is a Maoist coup

Chinese communist party conference where Xi said that was the goal. Shame he also said that the free market was going to be integral to this.
People who believe this are literally pic related tier baka

it came from CCP and the western maoists who gobbled it up

As an American I much prefer oriental to burger


Why are there billionaires in the first place though?
Cuba and the DPRK don't have billionaires. The USSR didn't have billionaires.

I'm not a China is socialist guy, but to be fair, the current advanced capitalist countries underwent similar conditions in their day. Certainly if mental health had been understood as it is today, there would have been suicide-prevention measures for workers in the US around the turn of the century.

sure, but i'm not aware of any late capitalist country that became socialist

Does Xi address ecology anywhere? His ecnomy is literally destroying civilization by 2050 when the rainforests burn and Siberia becomes temperate`

by 2050 it will be Environment with Asian Values.

The Ozonoe layer with chinese characteristics


for a new era

all anti-chinese-government movements are OBJECTIVELY wrong. vanguard party, which consists of people who studied marxist theory for 50 years, has exclusive to accesss to objective, unchangable laws governing historical progress and motion, THEREFORE any so called 'workers' rebellions against it are OBJECTIVELY counter-revolutionary, because workers DO NOT possess any access to marxist theory, their heads are filled with bourgeois ideology and counter-revolutionary imperialist propaganda

Th-their marx-fu is stronger!!!

Sounds good tbh

my god, the CCP is like the catholic church, you're like, trying to defend illiteracy so you can keep control over their spirit.

how so?

Brainlets all of you. Absolutely disgusting

w/e though its not as if the discussions on this remote board will affect anything ever.

You can be anti CCP that's cool. Just remember that Marx thought that socialism would only be possible in the countries with most advanced capitalist foundations. Communism is not poverty.

Another thing, bourgeois media correctly recognises CCP as an enormous threat, why?

Because they know who is actually a communist and who isn't. The enemy is much better at recognizing threats. Communism in China 2050, cry about it


Everyone hates trots on board though


How many level of irony?

Ok Ill be neutral to China and give them the benefit of the doubt

Even if we did take them at their word on this they are still a terrible Capitalist nation. There is no reason they couldn't atleast have a Social Democracy on par with Corbyn while they are preparing their conversion to Socialism. I want Xi to tell us in detail what he considers Socialism to actually be.

Well but where's a source? Some chink news article would be enough, but no matter how much I google, I can't find anything even remotely like it.

We know that breh. The problem is that China's porkies won't give up their ill-gotten gains without a fight, like every porky everywhere else. China's current path is bringing them closer to the material conditions Marx predicted as necessary, but it would take another revolution to wrest them back to the workers.