Daily News Thread 10/25

Pence casts tiebreaker vote to make it more difficult for consumers to sue banks and credit card companies

The Senate has voted to nullify a consumer-oriented rule that would let millions of Americans band together to sue their banks or credit card companies.

Kurdistan Regional Government Offers to Suspend Independence

In response to recent clashes between Peshmerga and Iraqi forces and mounting political pressure, the KRG has offered to suspend independence.

China's launch of 'petro-yuan' in two months sounds death knell for dollar's dominance

One of the world’s top energy importers, China, is set to roll out a yuan-denominated oil contract as early as this year. Analysts call the plan, announced by Beijing in September, a huge move against the dollar's global dominance.

Clinton team and Democrats 'bankrolled' Trump dirty dossier

US President Donald Trump has seized on reports that Hillary Clinton's team bankrolled a sleazy dossier of allegations linking him to Russia.

Cuba Deems Allegations of Sonic Attack on US Diplomats 'Science Fiction'

A U.S. expert said the cause was “mass hysteria,” a term used for outbreaks among groups of people that are either wholly or partly psychosomatic.

‘Harshest sanctions ever’: US House passes ‘Otto Warmbier’ sanctions against N. Korea

House lawmakers have overwhelmingly passed the “harshest sanctions ever” targeting Pyongyang’s access to global financial markets. The bill was named after US student Otto Warmbier, who died in June following his release from custody in North Korea.

Senate diverges over renewal of internet spying law

A Senate panel on Tuesday approved legislation to renew the National Security Agency’s internet surveillance program, while other lawmakers pushed a competing measure seeking to end the ability to search for data on Americans without a warrant.

U.S. widens surveillance to include 'homegrown violent extremists' - documents

The U.S. government has broadened an interpretation of which citizens can be subject to physical or digital surveillance to include “homegrown violent extremists,” according to official documents seen by Reuters.

Green light for Kenya's repeat election after court collapses

Kenya will hold a controversial repeat presidential election on Thursday as planned, the head of the election commission has announced.

‘Miscarriage of justice’: Brothers jailed for murder despite CCTV proving they weren’t even there

Two brothers jailed for murder despite CCTV footage showing they weren’t actually at the scene at the time of the killing are victims of a grave miscarriage of justice, their mother says.

Private Missouri College Creates Mandatory Patriotism Class

An evangelical Christian college in Missouri is now requiring freshman to take a class aimed at encouraging patriotism.

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RIP Holla Forums and Holla Forums


When will we hang Pence and all his bourgeois friends?
Nice, cant wait for the cold war between China and the US
Looks like the US is just becoming more and more totalitarian, or at least their totalitarianism is becoming more obvious and harder to ignore ( hope).


The Body Trade: Part 2

After a few emails, a body broker sold reporter Brian Grow two heads and a cervical spine. The spine came from a young man whose parents were too poor to bury him – and they say they never knew his body would be sold.

The Bright Side of Japan’s Bleak Election


War As Business in Colombia Threatens Venezuela’s Security

A military under the orders of a U.S. government that has declared Venezuela to be a potential military objective is a serious threat to its national security.

Can someone please explain how the petro-dollar works? What would it even mean for China to buy oil in yuan and how would it affect the dollar?

I assume they are just going to increase efforts to infiltrate leftist groups. Neo Nazis will be left alone.

Ah yes, they'll definitely keep a close eye on those supporting the current system.

I hope they like what they see

Basically if a nation wants to buy oil, they have to convert their currency into dollars to do it. With the yuan, it means nations that can get dollars (Iran, NK, Venezuela, basically anyone with sanctions) can trade oil since they can do it through the yuan.

Fucking BASED. Only commies would oppose our p-a-t-r-i-o-t-i-c banks. Time to rev up the helicopters! MAGA!
t. nu/pol/

It's funny because Holla Forums actually would defend this shit. Even the increased surveillance.

Supporting the establishment is the new anti-establishment.


I still don't get how that works or how it benefits the dollar. Or even WHY they need to convert their currency at all. I guess I should do some reading.

Who could have seen this coming?

Every time they fucking heel turn is like the intro to an always sunny episode

In fact someone should edit this together lol

getting cucked by the jewish bankers to own the libs

The biggest hypocrisy to me is how eager they are to support crackdowns on sanctuary cities. Could you imagine the collective hysteria if Obama forced local police to do the federal government's bidding? Now they're even pushing for a national ID when that was unthinkable just a couple years ago.

Because it means people are buying dollars to trade oil; which inflates its value.

Having to convert your currency to a country with the influence and hegemony of the United States gives that country enormous leverage. Oh you want oil? Buy my currency first or fuck off. China is planning to subvert this process which would means countries that the U.S. has punished with sanctions can get some of that sweet black gold for themselves which means the U.S. is going to be infinitely assblasted.

rightists have always been in favor of police brutality when it happens to black people.

Will the petro-yuan hasten the incoming financial crisis?

So I guess in a way, they're buying oil through a proxy (the US). The US earns interest on every transaction by acting as a middle man.

Aren't these all just numbers in a spreadsheet anyway though? Countries aren't walking into a bank with bags of cash to convert. The whole thing is just so enigmatic to me, it's all fake anyway.

They are asking the Fed for US dollars though, yes.

Welcome to finance 101.

this is one of the most heartbreaking things I've read.

Good news everyone. American dominance in globals trade is finally over.

Maybe hasten the Korea crisis. Sorry we had to take out that Mad 'Rocket' Man on your border China. We're really trying to solve this as quickly as possible. Oh no! Look at that! The fighting spilled over your border! That's crazy. We definitely better get this region under control. Oh shit! it just keeps getting crazier and crazier! Why can't we stabilize this region ;)

The petrodollar is the biggest bubble in the entire history of human economy.

There's a very real chance that countries who traded for dollars are going to pull back once they realize that the value of the dollar is going to drop hard once other countries start selling dollars back to the US. There are tens of billions of dollars that the US forced foreign governments to accept. If all that comes back to the US, we're looking at extreme hyperinflation as more and more countries scramble to get what they can back from the US.

If this pops instead of gently deflating, the US is going to be looking at total catastrophe or even war.


what specifically would make the bubble pop and what could make the bubble deflate? I'm pretty curious…

It largely depends on how fast it happens and if enough countries get in on it at one time. If only a few make the switch to the yuan, then it'll just gradually get smaller and smaller (but still be disastrous in the long run). If a bunch of countries decide to switch and want a lot of it back, then they're going to cause the dollar to tank, forcing every other country to choose between holding onto hundreds of millions of soon-to-be worthless dollars or to try to force the US to take them back. The US will not want them back.

Post tit bitch

So if this shit pops we're all practically literally dead.

God I hate living here

Could we build socialism from this? Because that is literally the only thing that would comfort me

Maybe after World War 3.
This is something that is tied to just about every country that has bought oil since the 1970s. Which is to say, nearly all of them.

So…WORLD WIDE socialism?

m-morals is a s-spook.


Otto Warmbier knew what he was getting into.

can we just use cars that fucking run on water already? the technology for hydrogen-electric has been around since before the 20th century! duckduckgo it.
petro-dollars my ass I want everything for free *hammer and sickle*


Most WN/Neo-Nazi organisations are rotten with Feds, user. It's not the '30s anymore user, fascism isn't *schniff* the lasht defensh of capitalishm *schniff*

jesus christ save those feels lad I've never read anything more depressing

I'm simultaneously excited and terrified

Is cirno /our girl/?

Gosh that hurts may his soul rest


dude vote with your wallet lmao

Feels good tbh


They'll come here and immediately conclude the revolutionary left has no potential.

liberals invented body snatching

fuck I wasn't ready for this

Body Trade is Ayn Rand style shit not Stirner shit. Dont blame Milkman for this.

I wanna believe there is an afterlife boys. This shit is just too fucked up.

Why is life just suffering, lads ;_;

Why is Barzani such a cuck?

wew lad
I was really surprised by that declaration of independence, it was obvious it would put all 4 regions of Kurdistan in bad places. They'll only be able to declare independence when all 4 are autonomous.

Now that the pathetic Russophobia hysteria is dying down, the media is thinking on whom to pin the blame, Hillary or the RNC.

This sonic attack is the most ridiculous false flag in history.

Not to be That Guy, but this really isn't even scratching the surface of the hell mankind built for itself.

I know what my ex is getting in the mail. HUMAN HEADS.

Good Night Americqan Might.

So us