Leftist dating advice?

If I am not mistaken, most of us are single white 20-something males here. Unless you have a serious disability or morbid obesity, every one of us could have a chance at getting a gf at one point. She doesn't have to be a leftist, but at very least a librul who would be willing to hear you out and be convinced of your talking points, given you are persistent and compassionate enough.

If any one of you guys (or gals) here is reading some kind of leftist-leaning theory here that provides good perspective on the dating game or females, this should be the thread to contrib00t your 2 cents. I am entirely convinced that for some of you guys, getting a gf could give you a great boost of confidence to become more active, socialized and involved in RL political organizing. Don't they say "behind every successful man there is a great woman" or something along the lines of that (don't quote me on this)?

If possible don't bumplock this, mods. Only when it becomes aut-right shitfest you should bumplock this. I am coming from a honest place here making this thread.

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Pick one and only one.


This is just a broad generalization, I didn't mean to exclude non-whites from discussion m8

It's cool fam.

where's your sex drive, bucko


This is not the time for romance. If you happen to meet someone and fall in love, that's one thing, but now is the time to lay low, and focus on one's mental and physical health and fitness.

Romance is literally related to mental health, and probably even physical health, when compared to being single. If you become a normie after getting a gf, you were meant to become a normie all along. Žižek have had like 3 wives himself, and did it slow him down, or maybe made him more vigorous at spreading the message?

All it took for me was lowering my standards and actually asking people out. First lose weight and try to look as good as possible, and then try above. Almost all working class girls will hear you out with socialism and the like as long as you don't mention it by name or be an autist about it.

There really isn't a social dating advice. It would of course be to create a society in which relationships are valued and of course that would be ideal.

But if you're asking for dating advice now, it would just be regular dating advice not socialist. It'll always be a derivative of what I said in this post.

I'm the age demographic but I'm not white

There is no dating game, there isn't any guide lines.
Things just happen, if it's meant to be there's no need to force anything, there's no need to do a fucking raindance. Nothing! Just live your life, focous on you, your needs, get hobbies, learn new stuff, go to travel, make friends. When you meet the woman of your dreams…you'll just know. I know this is a cliche, i used to think it was just a cliche taken from hollywood movies, but it isn't. You will know when you meet her.

I don't think you'' become a normie by pursing a relationship, but they often absolutely wreck people. The emotional rollercoaster of a relationship is not going to help you become a better leftist. And, especially in this economic environment, who can even afford to go out with someone? She would have to be very enlightened and not expect the things 99% of women do.

Wow, so you're saying the only reason to get a girlfriend is to fuck her?
you're right

nah, we obviously all seek emotional support and physical touch that isnt all sex.

Thats when you know youare dating the wrong person

My point is that 99% of women are the "wrong person" and that, because of we're in this critical point in history, this is not the time to go looking for that one in a hundred.



Sex drive is one of the implicit reasons for wanting a gf, another one is companionship. Thanks for not sageing tho.

thanks for sharing fam

I can relate to what you are saying, but it can also not be an emotional rollercoaster. I have personally seen girls with pleasant introvert personalities who are perhaps boring for me but for some of you guys it might be just what you need. Not speaking about uggos, those ones I am talking about (I can remember 3 from past encounters) are at least average looking, if not 6-7 from 10 range.

Just don't go for "le quirky xD" girls and you can have a relatively drama-free and possibly even financially affordable relationship. You should know that some girls are even OK with splitting the bill if not entirely paying for some of the dating expenses if you make it worth it.

where are those screenshots from?

La Chinoise

feels fucking bad, mang. Such ultra qts in that film.

Just be yourself

I've never went out with a girl that expected me to pay for everything and made me buy shit for her.

Have you ever actually dated at all? This isn't the case unless you're dating some kind of upper-middle class skinny blonde chick

I live in Oakland where all the girls are either SJW special snowflakes or else needy basic bitches.

Everyone I've dated ended up cucking me or leaving me for no reason
what do


then go for non-white girls, maybe? or if that's not your cup of tea, you can always check out someone from other parts of LA

I dont know man, it really depends on where you meeting woman. For girls that dont care about your econimc status I recommend looking at Punk/metal concerts and festivals (or reallyy most hard music) Its true the girls are very small minority there but they do exist

Even if you split all your bills, being in a relationship means you will spend more money than if you're a NEET who goes for walks in the park for fun. A splurge for me is buying a beer at the convenience store or a bit of weed. It would have to be a very special lady who would be compatible with my lifestyle.

These can be so expensive!

What does that have to do with a girlfriend, then?

Sounds like a more complicated issue, since I really can't tell what were their reasons to leave you and how re-occurring it was. I suggest several psychologist encounters, you don't have to commit to a therapy but you could gain some insight about if it's you who was in the wrong here or them.

Dude thats like most of girls.

Are you kidding?! They're even MORE likely to be materialistic and expect the man to buy them stuff and provide, and even MORE likely to be anti-intellectual and superficial.

What are you even doing asking for dating advice. Should have mentioned it before. You're hopeless

becouse seeking GF's for only sex is basically what first graders think relationships are about?

fuck off jobcuck

I'm not asking for dating advice, I'm saying that now is not the time for radical leftists to be "dating" at all. "Dating" is frankly a bourgeoisie concept.


The whole movie is on vimeo. There's a decent rip on pirate bay if you prefer.:

The scenes I'm talking about start at 47:45 and 25:10.

But everyone should watch the whole thing. It's a pretty cool movie.

user, you can get emotional support and physical touch from people who aren't your girlfriend. You're indulging in fixed ideas.

I wouldn't date a lazy bitch unless she was unemployed for a good reason. My girl works 60 hours a week. Nothing wrong with being a neet but don't expect a gf is all I'm saying


Bullshit, we share things we never talked with anyone with our partners and its not like your friends are okay with you cuddling with them all the time fucking moron>>2187468

It sounds to me like you just have shitty friends and try to replace the void of friendship with a girlfriend who can attend to all your social needs. Perhaps you should focus on enriching your existing relationships rather than find the perfect woman who will complete you and make your depression go away while listening to your political theory with rapt interest.

you have animosity against us straights or what

Being in relationship could offer you positive emotions you would find very difficult to recreate when compared to spending time alone. You could take your mind off your problems by listening to her story and then rant about your own. This sort of connection is sometimes worth more than the money you spend. You don't have to fucking choose the most expensive venues, you could just have a picnic at the park or affordable dinner at your place to watch videos from your place together. Especially when you are younger than middle-age, this is almost a norm that you don't have to spend too much money on going outings.

smaller venues can be quite affordable, festivals and concerts are always expensive no matter who's performing

What's the basis of such generalizations, user?

based JLG. I'm glad there's still people watching old films :)

I'm a lesbian

Thats obviusly not the point not unless you have gay friends that let you touch them all the time

Dating requires a massive amount of attention, effort, and emotional energy. Considering it's pretty clear we're in a very important and volatile point in history, that the fate of humanity depends on what happens NOW, it seems to me that we should be focusing on the leftist project, as if we were at war, which frankly, we are.

So having a girlfriend is about physical intimacy and sex?

Holy shit are you really this autistic that you can't figure out the fact that we are talking about relationships here, not strictly girlfriends? If you are a single lesbian, you could also empathize with anons here. Don't be so cold-hearted. Since you are lesbian, you know a thing or two about girlfriends anyway.

just stop

Thats obviusly part of a healthy relationship and so is emotional support

Living in Oakland, CA my whole life. In general non-whites and women seem to expect white men to do all the hard work, and bear all the responsibility, even if you're not friends with them or dating them. But as soon as you are they tend to consider you be their slave, which they justify for historical reasons.

Woman aren't an hivemind you idiot. You're doing it wrong. The moment you realize every woman is an individual like you is the moment you start being close to find a gf.

not only that, but like a very good friend
I have seen articles where people have admitted that after losing their gf in an accident or breakup, they have contemplated suicide themselves since their gf was quite literally the only person they could fully trust enough to have personal, friendly and real-life conversations with

Are you from Europe?

We always been at war that still doesnt mean we shouldnt seek relationships, it expands us as persons and also makes us escape reality which honestly is the only thing that is keeping me from killing myself

I fail to see what a girlfriend offers that regular friendships don't, besides continued access to pussy. My friends can talk to me, give me emotional support, be there for me, and sate those needs. A girlfriend does all of those things too, except you can fuck her.

Do soldiers date while in the field? No. They are focused on the mission. We should be too.

I don't understand what are you looking to gain from this thread, then? If you don't want to give any 2 cents whatsoever about anything related to my OP, maybe you are in the wrong place here gal

Honestly it's best to wait for them to make the first move. If you approach them you are likely to come across as creepy.
Women get enough attention from guys as it is.

So they had no friends except their girlfriend?
I'd want to fucking kill myself too, jesus christ. What do you say to retards like that?

yup, eastern europe actually


You make a good point, but what is wrong with access to pussy?

You are disillusioned if you actually compare this to an armed conflict, you are spending time here and probably playing vidya and jacking off you are not concentrated on any mission

Small tip
It doesn't sound particularly good when dudes say "females" when "woman" or something like it would fit better.
sounds really weird, like you are talking about a dog or something
much better, sounds like a normal person instead of some wierdo


Then you have no idea, user. I'm sorry, but you just do not understand the mindset of the modern American young woman, especially in the cities. They talk about men like we're cattle.

lol, where do you live where woman make first moves ??

They do…and i'm ugly af

Nothing is wrong with access to pussy, I just hate it when people on the internet fool themselves into thinking having a girlfriend will somehow automatically improve their lives and make things better.
I especially hate it when people want a girlfriend because they lack the emotional support network that regular, real life friends can offer.

If they're not making the first move it's probably because they're not attracted to you.
Would you make the first move on some overweight woman if 50 equally unattractive women had already asked you out that day?

This is one of the few (only?) places to discuss radical leftism on the internet. I am learning a ton from being here. And jacking off takes a few minutes, and yeah sure, sometimes I play a little vidya to relax, but being in a relationship requires WAY more time and energy than that, and isn't really relaxing at all, unless you get exceedingly lucky and meet a one in a million girl. Otherwise she's going to expect you to serve her, and she's going to judge you, and it's going to be stressful as fuck, and a massive distraction from the leftist project.

Then sign on interpals and meet a superior german woman. They usually have lots of general knowledge and are politicized

this, holy shit.

Either way girls treat emotianal problems way better.

I'm saying you form a bond, in a way the girlfriend becomes your only trustworthy friend, in addition to the physical stuff. These people I describe are pretty normie, autists never become too involved in human relationships anyway.

sorry if I offended you, I was being ironic. I didn't mean to insult anybody

you are right I don't, but how do the men who are successful with these types of women approach the dating situations then? Surely you could learn and copy

yeah it's pretty rare, it literally only ever happens if you manage to pull something very impressive in public like winning a competiton or speak french or whatever

Actually I agree now, I guess one night stands are superior after all

If you want to get laid, get on some app and hook up with girls. If you dress decent and keep good hygeine it's not hard. The main thing for this or getting a girl to want to be your gf is to bee urself. What this means is don't be a fake ass nigga, not unleash a stream of autism within 3 minutes of meeting them. You're probably going to get rejected but everyone does, roll with it and move on.

How do you not see that as a bad fucking thing?

I'm okay with this

I'm really not

They are bourgeoise Chads or "sexy" Jamals. I have no interest in copying them; I want COMMUNIST REVOLUTION. Grow up, kid, this is not the time to be fooling around!

Just a little tip bro, no one was offended.
You can do it tho, I believe in you.

Portugal. But not always they approach with intention of screwing around user, sometimes they just want to talk and meet someone new. It's very easy to talk to strangers in here, i have had so many conversation with random peopel of all ages which we never even introduced ourselfes propperly.

I have a girl in class that blushes every time I speak to here and stares at me continuously, the thing tho is that I dont really like her. Should I keep things like they are or date her, this shit is becoming too awkward for me

The absolute state of this board.

studying theory outside would solve these problems. the other problems i can't solve because i have them as well.

WHERE? I'm portuguese and that's never happened to me. I can't realte to that at all man.

Ok now I understand, your girls are ugly my dude. Why is it that spanish girls are hot and the guys arent and then the opposite happens in portugal

A couple a days ago I was at this party. It was a small party with it being mostly people my age from my uni. This one girl from my Political Sci class came up to me super drunk and started rambling about how she agrees with the stuff I say in class (we have a lot of discussions and we are pretty few in that class) and how she liked me and shit. She also talked about how she was a communist and wanted to make out.
I chickened out and kinda just walked away. She is pretty good looking, but I'm just not into her. Maybe it was just because I wasnt drunk enough Idk.
What do?

humans are social creatures?

how do you think you are going to have a revolution if you are so uninterested in social aspects of this world? You don't really have to be a Chad yourself, just befriending one would speed the process along and elevate your status

glad we got this sorted fam

Why don't you like her?

I mean, I do go outside to do volunteer work, since I have free time I can at the very least use it to help people, which also help me relate to the theory, since the people I help are ones who have been getting the shorter stick of capitalism

America is such a hell hole. Women here think that to be "powerful and liberated" basically means to be a ho who leverages their sexual capital.

liking is subjective user

I'm interested in the social aspects, of course, I just feel that we're in a critical juncture in history and that now is not the time.



And you cannot find a way to use this to your own advantage? Appeal to their vanity, and get all you need brah

God how do I break the cycle of being khhv :(
I don't know how to approach women. I can't even talk to the women at my workplace.
I know I'm good looking, just really really socially stunted.

You're a fucking idiot, man. Talking to you just pisses me off more and more.
I hate you, user.

4shill Holla Forumshack detected

Have you tried giving up?


Not him, but yes.

Oh boy, Hoochie's here!
How are you going to enrich this thread, girlfriend?

These processes take long time and happen with or without you. Don't you think it would be neat to have your shit sorted out so you could have a nice little home environment to change the world for? Don't you need a muse of sorts? I've had these convos with MGTOW folks one too many times, so I am not very interested in stretching this out too long, just so you know that this self-neglecting, impatient and neurotic approach to politic work gets you not too far. Gets you somewhere, but not in the long run.

stop being cucks and lift and stop being beta fags

try not being a cucked male feminist creep

try not mooching my taxes

try being more assertive and being an absolute madman

try preening yourself

why the fuck are you not lifting yet?


you got issues, dude

I don't know man i live in a town of 6000 people, if I lived somewhere with millions of people in 100km radius, I would definitely find at least one person who is worth the shot.

Surely you agree that these are special times?

What are you talking about. Revolution requires a critical mass of people. We need all hands on deck!

Fuck off. Living a simple, celibate, life is the time tested way of saints and sages.

My issue is you're a fucking idiot who consistently misses the very easy to understand point that I've spelled out for you. Just fuck off and go justify codependence somewhere else.


Actually, I think that romance is much easier in small towns because there's more cultural cohesion. There are so many snakes and con-artists in this city!

Relationships are bourgeoisie.

yes goy dont breed let us import 3rd worlders instead go buy yourself a lovedoll

fucking compete lad! work hard and climb that ladder!

Minho raça mestre camarada. Vem ser feliz para o norte amigo :)

Can you fucking not?

elliot had a lot to work with,he wasnt ugly,he had wealth and a nice car

he was simply autistic as fuck

if my brain was put in his body before he went nuts id get him laid within 24 hours

he was simply an entitled autist



This! Monogamy and marriage is a racket! Think of how much hard work gets waisted on bullshit displays like weddings and dates! Just imagine if this much labor went towards the Revolution, comrades!

Lol, if I was put in his body before the mass shooting I would use the guns, but inside wall street

im alt right but even though i hate you cucks i do care about you all many of you are white

and its in my interest that we secure an existance for our people and a future for white children

break the depression,get fit and compete in the market

dont become childless bums! you are greater than that!


imma race mix just to spite you

So I gather you were not at all looking for dating advice and you were wasting everybody's time? There is no special time - at all times there is something bound to happen, and things happen with you or without you. French revolution or the russian one did not require your personal involvement. It helps if you can contribute with your activity, but it's not a matter of your infrequent energy burst, but rather example your entire life sets to other people. Being a hermit who only shitposts on internet amuses people, but sets no example to follow to anybody who cares to follow.

You are literally coming to this thread to yell at people who are looking for dating advice. I don't have anything to add - it's you who looks stupid.

what kind of friends are they?

maybe you are right, user, but in my experience, there are not too many 20-year-olds here, most of people here are either schoolkids, single moms or elders. I could try with 17-18 year old girls maybe, considering it's legal in my eurocountry, but I'd doubt it would be a mature relationship

stupid reactionary incel bs here, I think mods should bumplock this thread at this point

you shouldn't say you are alt-right tho, now that you announced it, reverse-psychology will come to effect

white people are a tiny minority on the planet,we are like 5% and falling rapidly

we are outnumbered MASSIVELY by africans and chinese



or do you think muslims will care about anything you worship? equal rights? womens rights? gay rights? do you think they will uphold your values when you are the minority?

I'm a white, 6"1, blue eyed, blond Swede

my gf is bosnian, brown haired, brown eyes with jewish heritage


Do you really expect people to take you seriously when you talk like that?

But why do you consider non-whites not to be part of "us" ?

you are free to do that but be aware of the bellcurve

Sou de Vila Real mas vivo no Porto camarada

He shouldn't give up entirely, but there is truth to what I said. If you're constrained by the factors I posted, you should at least give up hope before continuing. You don't have any "safety races," you have a hobby that isn't simply weird but "wrong" for your race, depending on where you live, people of your race might be even more attached to capitalism and liberalism than whites. The best advice he can get is to be aware of the likely outcome.

Good friends, antisocial behavior probably isn't healthy. I still don't like it none.

Who's more pathetic, a bunch of transexual shabbos goyim who want liberal gfs so they can indoctrinate them, or niggers and shitskins who want blonde virgin white girls so they can keep them under lifelong house-arrest and dump kids into them?

you dont have to hate other races just becuase you care about your own

hitler was a fag who went after peasant jews rather than gassing the rich ones who funded his ass

he set white nationalism back 100 years


I never claimed I was looking for dating advice. I'm not OP.

No, if a critical mass of people did this, the economy would collapse and then the way would be cleared for revolution!

Neither would you, fucktard.


What if I'm a nigger transsexual who wants to impregnate blonde virgin white girls?

then what was your intention upon entering this thread?


become a tranny, get with other trannies

get and be the trap gf you always wanted

To discourage leftists from dating.

To try and help anons realize that they don't need a girlfriend to be happy.

i actually do,and we are much more tolerant than muslims

fuck sake just look at this shit


I am also anti-Islam, but that has nothing to do with race.

even leftist cucks have a right to feel the joy of raising a family and have a loving wife

the problem is its harder to do that with lefty roasties due to them being amoral

How is this better than a vegan entering a thread dedicated to affordable food recipies to shill their own personal agenda about not eating meat? What works for you doesn't work for others. It's perfectly OK when you don't find relationships working in your favor, but people like Žižek for example are literally proving that this works well for some people, and possibly encourages them.

Hasn't he gotten divorced twice?

IQ is irrelevant; the Irish have a lower IQ that the UK and USA, yet outperform them academically, have a higher GDP (per capita), as well as having more Nobel laureates (per capita).


japs are not caucasian but even the alt right considers them "our guys"

why? they are smart,have a decent culture and behave well

muslims have a bad culture,its why we hate them

most of the problem with racism isnt even colour,its the average behavior of those races such as blacks committing crime makes you avoid them.

the fleeting sense of superiority to them simply is not worth it…id rather they fixed their act up,detroit is a shit hole,tax money goes toward keeping them locked up

stop with those shitty strawman comicses

why such a stark example

Fine, but not all Arabs are Muslims, right? And people can change their religion, right?

Left wingers were the ones who invented the idea of free love and poly relationships.
In recent times the left have become massive prudes, or rather feminists.
If you stare at a woman its rape reeeeeeeeee

To show why your logic sucks.

they are a point or 2 below

we are taking of a power gap of 20 points

race and iq is real and its the global warming issue of the left

its there but you deny it…at least we admit "fuck the polar bears!"

if given the choice between saving an arab christian or a white muslim i would save the arab

But even "retarded" people deserve love and respect, right?

I step away for a few minutes and this thread has been derailed into becoming a race/iq Holla Forums circlejerk. Don't take the bait you idiots

Where do you think we are?

What about between an Arab Christian and a white Christian?


the meme was based on lauren southern and the "mouldy locks" girl from that antifa riot a while back

the point im trying to convey is…in a world where degeneracy is so pushed you aint gonna find wife material mate

Date a nice asian girl, no Chinese though.


im not ayrian im an anglo saxon

Right, so the best dating advice is really to focus on the Revolution now, and then afterwards we'll actually be able to find true love.


even worse

Yeah, whatever…Google The Flynn Effect for more info.

Unless you have a time machine to the 50s good luck.


ill put my own 1st if that is all i have to go on

if i was told that the arab did alot of charity work and the white one is on the sex offenders register for example then ill save the arab

but given the choice of just race? ill put my own 1st,and that is fine,if i was the one on the edge of the cliff and the arab chose to save the other arab i would understand

ok mods this thread turned to shit, you can anchor now

But why are you defining "my own" in racial terms. Shouldn't we be defining "our own" in terms of ideas, character, and actions?


This is some next level shit, beyond ORCZ and HOMUNZ even

I'm down for a good old burger hate thread.

so you have a problem grasping how some people could find benefit from a relationship?

you are saying this as if "degeneracy" wasn't a thing before nowadays

Just read Lacan and talk to all sentient beings you encounter about the objet petit a, hasn't failed yet for me.




my people will usually enforce our native culture laws values and traditions and saving our own preserves the iq average of the native gene pool

but in some cases i would be willing to over look that for another race if they show merit

but ultimately i put my own 1st,but id help other races if we are not affected.

like i said,you can advocate for your peoples needs but it doesnt mean you have to hate any other group.

That meme is ridiculous. There was a strong pacifist tradition in America for most of its history. There are idiot Burgers here, but that's not all of us.


But I consider "my people" to be communists, which has nothing to do with race. Why are you so obsessed with race?

Unironically? I always wanted to read Lacan anyway

it was frowned upon and we shamed people into not being degenerates

there is a belief these days that just because certain ways are "old fashioned" and "out dated" means we should give them up when they was tried and tested

we need imo to return back to classical traditionalism the path we are on is leading to the burning of rome.

Some people might benefit from the right relationship, but on the whole, leftists shouldn't pursue them.





this is coming from the OP itself here ffs

m8 you're LARPing. Sorry to say, revolution isn't coming soon and I seriously doubt you are doing anything to accelerate it anyway? Are you in a party or organization?

We ancap now.

fucking finally somebody with a common sense, I was losing my mind at this point

Dude, the next recession is nigh, and the powers that be have no idea what to do about it. Collapse is imminent.

That's a good way to get caught up in a controlled opposition group. The best thing to do is just to live as simply as possible, and spread leftists ideas in your own way.

fUCK you for starting it, all relationship threads turn to shit ==REMEMBER THAT==

So much for the christian right.

race is important user

everyone has a right to an ancestrial homeland for their people.

the 1% want you all to mix into a brown mess that is devoid of any culture,the only culture you will get is worshipping the latest iphone and god will be the dollar.

diversity will be destroyed,so will culture,open boarders wont help the little guy,just make it easier for big banks to make a profit with everything centralized and no red tape and contradicting laws.



made me chuckle

it's your fault, and other MGTOW's of your ilk. This thread has been far derailed from my intention.


are you saying they do not?

if you support palestine then you agree with me

if you support the decolonization of rhodesia then you agree with me

if you agree with catalonian independence you also agree with me.

Yes, I'm saying they do not. I am anti-nationstate. I support states only as a vehicle for ultimately achieving an anarchist communist society.

Most posters' reasons for dating are shitty tbh

I've never met a white nationalist that didn't think the de-colonization of Rhodesia or the end of South Africa's apartheid era was anything less than a tragedy.

well lads im off

dating advice?

go on /fit and read everything

join a gym or get a bench press for home

do not quit,get an ipod and load it with high octane music

google stuff about female mentality,its pretty weird but once you understand women its easier

once you start geting fit a wave of confidence you feel will radiate from you and attract women and you will find it easier

work on your personality,your hobbies,women like that shit

STOP FAPPING! once a month tops! cut out porn


it was a tragedy they was dumb savages that rejected the light of civilization,from the pent house to the outhouse

we too the british was no better before the romans came,but we took on their teachings and outshined them.

the zimbabwae guys though didnt,they chased us out and now they suffer

but they had the right to do that…even if it did lead to poverty


its bad m8

its hell in africa,the only okish area is south africa and that is due to still having british ties and british govt traditions in place.

i dont enjoy seeing other humans acting like animals,i would much prefer the entire human race was moderately educated.

bringing these people into our lands or talks of globalism and open boarders before such a process was done is suicide.

You are mistaken.

thanks for effort

Truly the pinnacle of manhood.

im not m8

many of these people cannot even comprehend rape is bad

jesus even after 200 years your minorities still are violent.

if america cant make the "great melting pot" work how the fuck do you expect the entire west to do it?(USER WAS SENT BACK TO REDDIT THIS POST)

You are wrong and you should be embarrassed for trying to talk authoritatively despite your gross ineptitude. Consider perusing a tome or two.


Most communists aren't self hating whites, thats a bad assumption
Good assumption, older generations fought against leftist bullshit
Mental disability is extremely common in leftist ideology. Especially among male leftists who have to suppress the part of their brain that promotes logical thinking over emotional thinking
Again, quite common among welfare gathering gibsmedats
Even a retard can find someone who feels bad enough for them, like from the movie Rainman. The problem is I wish you wouldnt. The further your DNA gets passed, the closer to an "idiocracy" we become. The low IQ low testosterone individuals should die out.

Yeah, that always sucks. I had a girl dump me for Chad Thundercock LITERALLY right after I told her that I loved her. Sure, I got over it, but I felt like shit for a while.

That being said, I realize that I kinda dodged a bullet with her. She later became an unironic nazi, who justified the holocaust by saying "well, war isn't pretty". No, seriously. That was her actual justification.

You're a fat retard who has never touched a tit.

Did she start looking worse after going stormfag and getting dumped by Chad?

Now that he's finally fucking gone can we go back to the thread's topic

Not particularly, but she was kinda always in the 6/10 range

There's no such thing as "leftist dating advice"

Well sounds like you dodged a bullet user, imagine the shit you'd be in if you put a kiddo in the nazi whore. Be glad and find a new gf user.


I'll do my best comrades never had a gf but I won't lose this chance

Put a thumb in her pooper for me

Tell her all of your insecurities, girls love a guy who's sensitive.

Come on man don't troll the poor guy


Don't forget to not spend anything on her, either. You need to establish upfront that the relationship is mutual in every way.

I'm a virgin not a stupid. Everyone knows the golden rule to not follow advice from anons, there is my friends or my sister if I need it. Also really those baits aren't even trying

Girl here. Nothing dries out the ole axe wound faster than a pussy. If a guy shows he's submissive by paying for anything or complimenting me, he's just a free meal ticket and someone to laugh about with the girls

You forgot your trip, Hoochie.

I live with my ex whom I cheated on and I still get to fuck her as she can't live without my Dick.

I just fucked a chick tonight, I've a date on Friday night and I'm thinking about making plans this weekend.

Getting laid isn't some video game, rpg stat or skill like carpentry, you just need to able to socialise and have something relatable to the women you wish to bang. Obviously good looks, height and money are important (penis size is overrated but is considered a bonus, just don't be small), but you can really wow a girl by being adept at something she's into like music, history, food etc, and don't forget flattery is important, not necessarily anything dirty, just be articulate and wow them with some intellect.

Relationships are spooks.


tfw 37 yo virgin, haven't been on a date in 10 years. Been looking for a good leftist gf so long, I got old and having nothing to show for it. Feels Bad Man. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing anymore.

Just relax. There's more to life than romance or sex.

Literally just exercise and talk to people, don't be too picky and don't stop if you fail. Also, befriend dudes, they can give you tips or find someone for you.

Gotta be alpa like Holla Forums

I've been lurking here for over 2 years now. I like the people here. Just wish I could find a legit leftist woman to date where I live. Yes, I'm a fucking burger, I know my chance are nil. Just sucks ass, having to play the convert her-into-a-real-lefist game for the last 20 years with the dates I've had.

I've been lurking here for over 2 years now. I like the people here. Just wish I could find a legit leftist woman to date where I live. Yes, I'm a fucking burger, I know my chance are nil. Just sucks ass, having to play the convert her-into-a-real-leftist game for the last 20 years with the dates I've had.

That's like telling an Indian man who can't afford to eat meat that fried chicken is overrated and that eating lentils 3 times a day isn't so bad.

I think it's better to say that sex is great but there are even greater things in life. A lot of losers and dickheads have sex all the time but you wouldn't laud them over someone almost celibate but having achieved great things.

I'm pretty talkative and calm in social situations, with women. I just need a new friend pool, might be on to something there. Working out is good too, just sucks getting older and always feeling lazy as fuck.

lol this is retarded. Just talk to her. See if there's a connection and if there is, make a move. It's not hard. I used to never make the first move & all it got me was loneliness and that's much worse than rejection. Don't overthink it and don't make a big deal out of it.

don't date her. I was in this situation once and decided to fuck her. It was horrible: I started spacing out after like five minutes and when i tried to focus i just felt repulsion. She stayed until 10 PM the next day too, i ended up just reading aloud from Avant Garde Memes From China to get her to leave

I think you're approaching it the wrong way. Don't try to "convert her into a real leftist" hear her out and treat her like a person

It's not even about what you've achieved, it's about what you believe, what your values are, what you are *trying* to achieve.

the irony lmao

use her for her means of (re)production, don't worry about the superstructure (the female brain saturated in capitalistic ideology)


Why are all fags fascist sympathizers?
God fucking dammit I just wanted a commie bf

Chinese imperialism came quicker then I thought.

good thinking




what are those?

How's the master race going ?



To you

Here's what I've noticed

Women want to smash men who walked around with this all day. Double if they're wearing a comically small sailor suit and an adult diaper.

Girl (female) here. This shit makes my box sloppy.

But hoochie, I am but a poor child

I cannot afford the candy or uniforms of the bourgeoisie, only the diapers, what do

I've dated a lot of girls in the past 7 years or so, starting back when I was a highschool student.

Never had a girl impact my political views. A few had theirs reflect mine a bit more, but not many. The vast majority of women, like most of the population, don't seem to be aware of or care about politics whatsoever. Most of the women I've dated have not had any political views that go past "republicans are mean to gay people and against me having birth control, so I am 100% liberal." Not that they're wrong for disliking Republicans for that, but it is literally the entire basis of their political beliefs and it doesn't go any deeper than that.|

I have met a quite a few supposedly "leftist" women more recently, but most are idpol SJW tumblr users who just started roleplaying. They'll yell all day about "revolution" and "smashing the fash", encourage people to punch Nazis, but as soon as a shooting happens, they abandon all Marxist principles and call for gun control and start regurgitating mainstream liberal media.

I guess it depends what exactly you're hoping to get out of a relationship. Most will not shun you or whatever for being a commie, if that's what you're worried about. If you're having trouble meeting women/getting a gf, give more details about yourself so we can give you advice.

Never date anyone based on their politics. What happens when you or your partner's political views change over time?


It's not about getting a GF, it's about finding the right person. I'm married, I got married to someone I wasn't sure about but thought I could work things out with. She seemed sweet, nice and caring. Now it's a few years later, she and I fight every day, we hate each other, she's beaten the piss out of me a few times, I've broken some of her prized possessions out of anger and spite. As time goes on we both get more depressed and miserable and because I'm married if I go looking for someone else they reject me immediately. She would bail on our relationship if she could and I wouldn't blame her, both of us have come to the conclusion we wouldn't even bother with divorce court since we don't have jack shit anyway and we hate each other THAT much that seeing each other's faces in a court of law is not worth any alimony or whatnot we could get.

I'm a deeply introverted person, I'm dead broke, I don't even have a car. All I do is talk leftism, smoke cigarettes and watch shitty B-Movies. She still wanted me. I'm maybe a 5 or 6/10 but she still wanted me. So don't blame being a NEET, being ugly, being short. it has NOTHING to do with that. it's because people are fucking TERRIFIED of ending up like we have. Women are choosey because they have the luxury of doing so due to supply and demand. Because women realize that a steady supply of dick without a chance of VD isn't worth pure emotional misery. Most men are too fucking blinded by thirst for pussy to realize that until it's too late.

I would give ANYTHING for a do-over where maybe I could find someone I actually WANTED to be with and who didn't make me feel like shit on a daily, hourly basis and I am damn sure she feels the same way.

DO NOT END UP LIKE ME. DO NOT SETTLE. TAKE YOUR TIME FIND SOMEONE YOU ACTUALLY LIKE. if a girl rejects you FUCK IT it wouldn't have worked out anyway. Nobody is "meant" for anyone, not everyone is gonna find someone. IT IS ENTIRELY RANDOM.

t.25 year old unhappily married suicidal user.


Looks like Wife With A Purpose lol that's on you

Gender is a cage, not a ribbon.

The more females rejecting femininity the better.

Ok but if I'm offering real advice? If you're looking for someone to fuck and not looking for someone your equal, you're going to end up having a terrible time. Stop trying to get into relationships purely for sex and not compatibility, half your problems can trace back to that.

tfw no bf

Falling for the bf meme isn't worth it. every relationship I've had ended badly, and the only man whom I know still has feelings for me is not the man I'd want future children to deal with as a father.

Assuming you're female, we lefty women should make an attempt to become independent and do our own thing.

ITT: angry leftist virgins


Dude no one is getting laid but Chads. No I'm not a robot I'm actually a Chad, or at least appear to be. Me and my buddies all have different women every week.
Women do this trick where they pick one Chad like myself to fuck between boyfriends. This keeps their partner count down so they can honestly tell someone they're getting serious with they've only fucked in the teens or twenties.
Anyway all these bitches are ruthless golddiggers and social climbers, I know because they know I'm a player that will never get serious worth them so they are frank as shit with me about it.


Both of you have no idea that you are just as bad as MGTOW or those gay guys who think all women are shit. that tickles me.

Do your own thing sure, but there's no reason to rub it in the face of people who wanna find someone. All any fo us can do in life is return kindness others give to us and take shit one day at a time. There's no overarching message. The pathetic betas in this thread are just as bad as the psuedo chads telling them to lift and the radical dykes talking about "doing your own thing". All of you are looking at the symptoms of the issue rather than the issue. Which is Capitalism has spent a long time commodifying relationships in an attempt to get you to spend money while in them or reject them and focus your time on "Career" or something else they can extract surplus value from.

Wow player lmao

Uh, how? Exactly was what I said anyway similar

Oh also question hoochie, do you have LITERALLY anything else to do in your life other than mock internet betas and shitpost all damn day? I mean I actually have shit to do and I only get to shitpost every once in a while.

Ignore this man hating carpet muncher. It's fine to go after women just for sex, believe I'm a Chad and I can tell you for certain they are doing the same thing. You just gotta hit on women you have a lot more power than. Hit on black women, or save up and go to Cambodia or Vietnam.

I trust you chad!

ngl i'd probably fug hoochie no homo

So far its just been this evening? It's more like all this evening.

It's all about power baby, sorry but I'm tired of seeing my bros kill themselves over these selfish American broads.

A crucial part of female liberation/feminism is conditioning women out of the idea that we need to serve men, that our existence lies on our relationship to men, etc. No one is stopping *you* from having a boyfriend.

I haven't been with a man in over six years and I don't let it get to me.


ban everyone who came in this week

The quicker these robots realize they just need to go after women with less pay than them to get laid the better off we'll all be.

I report the threads and the mods do fuck all.

Whoopie another man hating lesbo getting triggered by the thought of a beta getting laid. Love it!

Women don't deserve /r9k/

What are you going to do next playa call me a bulldyke

He fucks

I don't base my identity on my gender at all. I don't fuck anyone because I don't really fuckin' want to. I got better things to waste my time on. Nor do I spend my time worrying about other people who may share genitalia with me, what they're doing or what they do. People I have been with I've treated as equals and I have never expected anyone, man or woman, black or white, to serve me. I can serve myself pretty damn well. I fucking hate hearing people toss a whole group under a bus because of this or that reason. Not all women hate men, not all men think "ooga booga lady mak diner an fug me." You are as bad as Holla Forums.

I say if a human being makes you happy and gets your motor running you should fuck them. Stop bringing the trashcan of ideology into the bedroom.

Sure! That's an oldie but goodie. I'm very familiar with broken lesbos like you, trying to get pussy by playing the sympathy card. I can tell you rich now no white girl is into chunky asian women. They talk shit about asian lesbos like you to me all the time

*with less power

There are - dare I say - material reasons for women's bitterness towards men, especially in this day and age where most females are conditioned into hyper-femininity. Many of us have been mindfucked and/or physically abused to the point where we would rather not deal with men at all on a romantic level (where we become attached, vulnerable, etc.).

I'm going to trust the person who sounds like the McPoyles from always sunny knows me better than the woman I'm with.

I have been mentally and physically abused by women. So what i don't expect every woman I meet to be the same way. humans are individuals.

I am Irish, I don't expect every anglo I meet to steal my food and enslave me.

You need to do the same thing these virgins need to do and start looking at people as individuals rather than perpetuating a bizarre divide between genders that only exists in this day and age because of capitalist exploitation.

half of the marketing people conditioning women to by hyper feminine are WOMEN THEMSELVES.

Right! That's my point too! I keep telling my friend these American hoes are fucked beyond repair and the only thing they're going to do to a beta is take it out on them.
Either go after women that you represent social mobility to, for instance if you're white go after a black woman because you at the minimum represent social mobility.
Or go to a poor country where being American represents upward mobility.

You also have no idea what you're talking about. Stop posting.

You're a huge attention whore, no way you're in a furfilling relationship. Like I said I have tons of experience with damaged goods like yourself.

That women accept and reject men based on how much power those men have? What world do you live in where that's not the case lol.

It's pretty good actually. But I know what damaged albino goods like you are more from experience. I haven't had to deal with someone faking cancer to be told by someone completely similar how much they fuck. Get out of here.

Oh boo hoo, you got lied to. You know how many times women have lied to myself and my bros about being pregnant? (that's why you always wrap it up fellas). Women lie and harass more than men. And they do it to women more! I have a close gal pal and the shit she's gone through because of what other women did to her is breath taking.

reactionaries are right about women
read PUA stuff, and put it into practice
lift, get a good haircut, don't dress like a shlub

And I'm a blasian (black and Asian) for the record.

Nah nigga that's just bullshit bourgeois individualism they tell betas to keep them from shooting up another concert. You need power, and you can't fake that.
You just gotta hit on women that you are more powerful than in some significant way.
I mean I fake having power a little but I'm still from a fairly well to do family

Hoochie is right on this you dumb faggot. Getting laid and getting a gf are two very different things and a lot of the loneliness tfw no gf complains about isn't getting solved by getting their dick wet. If you want a gf find someone you like spending time with or you'll be miserable like is.

As the guy who made the I am miserable post I absolutely agree with you on that my good sir.

Oh bullshit, a realtionship is built up into this mythical thing in these guys minds because they never got their dick wet.
Regardless they can’t get a gf because they are powerless betas. At least powerless relative to the women they approach.
And if they aren’t approaching women it’s because they ARE picking up on social ques that they aren’t wanted.
If these cucks would just travel overseas or date down race wise they’d experience for themselves how easy it is to for a relationship with a woman when she wants it.

*to form a relationships

What advances the communist project more: abolition of gender roles and conditioning women into independence, or maintaining the idea that women need to be feminine (AKA passive, needy, unable to deal with their own problems, weak-minded, emotion over logic/reason)?

Socialism is useless without feminism.

Feminism is a distraction.

True Egalitarians won't give a fuck about what gender someone is or what gender someone wants to be. REAL socialists won't start attributing characteristics to groups of people based on gender or race. And you and Hoochie have done both tonight over and over.

Any woman is just a capable of any man or anything. if a woman wants to be super feminine, let her, if a guy wants to be super masculine, not my problem. if a guy wants to be a trap I don't care, if a woman wants to be super masculine, I don't give a shit. I only start to care when morons like you start acting like all men or all women need to act or be a certain way. Don't tell people how to live life. Don't tell people they should act a certain way based on opinion.

tl/dr: Don't tell a girl who wants to be femme as fuck that she shouldn't be because "muh feminism."

stop it

Who is singling out individual women? I'm speaking on an institutional/societal level.

The USSR thought so too and rolled back women's liberation during the Stalin Era. The idea that building productive forces will ultimately entail some kind of massive cultural revolution has been proven false again and again.

Yes, because Women's liberation will come from forcing another set of ideals onto women instead of letting them choose their own lives and fates.

I'm not saying roll back women's liberation. I'm saying stop telling people how to live their lives based on your opinion. But you can't help but strawman me with the USSR under Stalin because you have no actual answer to refute.

Also institutions and Society are built by the individuals in them to serve the individuals in them. They are not some other entity that controls everyone. I also would love to see women freed from oppression, but if someone wants to wear make up and look feminine because they enjoy it then don't stigmatize them because you don't like it.


the guy had a swastika tatoo on his chest, caught my gf in bed with him.

What sort of girls do you hang out with that being cucked by fash becomes a viable concern, some kind of punk rock venues or what?

You dodged a bullet homie. A bitch that power hungry would rekt you sooner or later.

sorry but I'd imagine a Holla Forumstard claiming the same about them pinko commies

But you gotta be fuck rock stupid and violent as fuck to be a female fash. It's not the same thing.

Is that any different for males?

"Choice feminism" isn't even feminism since it completely ignores struggle on a political and cultural level. No one is telling a woman she can't wear makeup; we're simply demanding an end to the institutionalization of beauty standards for women (I've worked in cosmetics and can confirm the entire industry is heavily rooted in misogyny, also racism).

I don't wear makeup unless I'm at work or a job interview. I prefer letting my acne and dark circles show than caking my face.

I really hope you're not suggesting socialists should ignore the role of institutions all together.

I'm saying you're ignoring how institutions come about.

Also EVERY SINGLE a capitalist industry is rooted in misogyny and racism. I want an end to capitalist ideas of beauty standards and everything else. but blaming all men for them and then going lesbian for revenge is a shit practice (I'm assuming this because most actual lesbians I've talked to could give a shit about what men do, they have no interest in them.). I've been fucked over by men and women, but some people are just fucking assholes, applying the attributes of a fuccboi or a ghetto street trash whore to the entire gender is like applying the actions of one black person to their entire race. Men are also held to ridiculous standards by capitalist media, everyone is. if they didn't force these standards on people they wouldn't be able to sell make up, gym memberships, penis growth pills and sex toys. Modern Capitalism is inherently about telling you you're not good enough until you buy their products.

Fight the source not the symptom. try and think about the causes of these things, don't just rage against the system mindlessly. Assuming all men are responsible for capitalism's exploitation of women is like Holla Forums blaming jews for capitalist exploitation of white people. And creating a gender divide is playing right into Porky's hands.

Class first, bourg women profit off of women's misery as much as bourg men do. And you're only going to alienate and turn against you those men that are on the fence or even those who would have been on your side before you began to spew vitriol. Take humans as individuals, look at the causes of people's shit opinions before you start talking about how to fix them.

Leave it up to the snowflake nationalist to provide a rational, well thought out argument on anything beyond mindlessly mass breeding more snowflakes.

Wh*Teoids needn't breed please and thank you

Their economy was surpassed by multiple other African countries years ago. Countries without substantial white populations.

Where do you get that from?

Isn't that precisely the problem?

Hey there fellas, noticed you were having a little girl trouble. Here's how you do it the illegalist way my dudes.

Now this might sound a little chad shitposty but that's only because the entirety of dating is a confidence trick. Confidence tricks are some of the most important things you can learn to do. They can let you steal in plain sight, break into places you don't belong just by asking, and furthermore exude that aura girls crave.

The idea is that people are interested in things that don't seem suspicious, but mysterious. You have to be able to read your target. Sometimes you can try 100 times and click once and that's fine, but that's not what this is about. This is about getting the girl you want.

Acting and pretending is suspicious, so people often say 'be yourself'. This seems retarded at first but it means come off as having an aura that lacks guilt, suspiciousness, and fear. A little shyness is fine depending on the type of person but it's tactically applied. Remain mysterious and smile confidently, draw them in with your interests and talents, don't show any hints of disappointment. You can always try again. There are certain ways you can talk about things in your marxist views by explaining from a neutral standpoint your history knowledge. However, don't start out that way, draw them in with simpler hooks. Learn a few parlor tricks, some jokes, making one complex drink wouldn't hurt. For instance I can do rainbow shots and make a pan galactic gargle blaster. It gets their attention in a way that sneaks up on them so they'll be more likely to keep paying attention to your act.

If you want people to practice on, I'd try short and shy simple girls and see how far you can get. Asians are rarer but probably some of the nicest due to the family cultures. You'll always appear in a sort of mystic way to them. Not to mention puffy vagina

And if you're into that sorta thing, traps/trans is great too since they don't have a lot of confidence. They're more likely to have lower standards and submissive tendencies. I wouldn't try and be a chaser though, that appears desperate and alarming.

By raising your confidence with these easy type of girls first you can increase your confidence among women in general.

I know it's not in depth but there's plenty of psychology that goes into it, you have to be bold and interesting, be capable of holding an audience or at least drawing someone somewhere more private. If you have any questions I'll try and answer the 'you's. Also, if you're more comfortable with text a thing like okcupid, tindr, or talking to girls in random games/discords works best for me.

Best of luck m'dudes. Choose the strategy that works for you, and try to think of courtship as a game, because that's ultimately what it is. A game of forming bonds and memories, of transferring information.

lefty faggots


fuck off

Bit frustrating over how right you are. Leftypol bein politically incorrect is fun and all that, but feminism really is a vital point of socialism. One of the first things Sankara did was to liberate women. And if it wern't for the feminists in Russia, the bolshevik movement and revolution would never had taken hold