I always thought that right-wing idiots getting triggered over Wolfestein was just a meme, but I guess I was wrong

I always thought that right-wing idiots getting triggered over Wolfestein was just a meme, but I guess I was wrong
What the fuck is wrong with those guys?How can they be so pathetic?
I love Bethesda now

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You should have seen the 8/v/ threads. The asspain was palpable even through the screen.

Holy shit Jeremy Corbyn is in a videogame.

But I thought only the right actually supported video games?

its humerus to me that having a whole game about socialist infighting is triggering people

Holla Forums was mad because it was injecting politics where they are not needed to the detriment of the product and using hashtags and shit for marketing

All is going to plan.

nigga's woke


>not having a massive circlejerk over how they're the true scotsman gamers all the time


lol games industry is mostly apolitical
but there are games with strong "themes" and frankly thats good no matter what you believe in


what da fug

I can't wait until the big reveal where he finally displays his depravity and that he wants to kill all white people, proving once and for all that Communists are just as bad as Fascists who want to kill all black people because Both Sides Are Just As BadTM

Holla Forums claims that leftists dont PLAY vidya

one of those is worse then the other though


You're a retard kid.

mfw we buy shit but dont play it

This ain't nothing new user

They were asshurt about Nazis being the bad guys.
everything is political consumer cuck

Btw get Crisis in the Kremlin.

nazi were always the badguy and Holla Forums wasnt mad about this, but the good guy had always been a normal american fighting for american goals

looking it up now

its october

I didnt say they were right just logically consistent

looking it up now

both your concept of "normal" and "american" are politicized. you are eating from the trashcan of ideology.

What a time to be alive


Get the original on a DOS emulator. The remake has programmer art and a complete lack of audio-visual feedback.

Why does he have such a derpy fucking face?

He's old af nigga

They always were

we only don't BUY it

Video games are reactionary

And so getting old altered the shape of the left side of his skull and made one of his ears twice the size of the other?

Well my grandfather was like that
But he was also retarded so who the fuck knows how humans work


Removing Nazi since 1945

Holy fuck they started deleting comments and banning people
Maximum KEK

lulz. Awfully lucky timing that the shitstorm really started brewing up just two days before release.

They banned me just when I was getting answers from fashies and even an admin
So much for the rational right

Except for every thread about a WWII shooter complains that you can't play as "the good guys", and it inevitably always devolves into Nazis crying about how cucked it is for American gamers to want to play as American soldiers instead of Nazis.

You are lying. That makes you a liar.

"I'm worried about the gameplay" is the extreme minority. The majority is
Etc. The Beyond Good and Evil threads are even worse. I won't even look at the obnoxiousness filling the youtube comments because the vicarious embarrassment might actually kill me.

when you typed that did you anticipate that people would be buttmad about le gaymers and not about "socialist infighting"?


Pathetic. Practically every rightard born after 1990 is a consumer of bourgeois media.

Video Game players are more entitled than the most stereotypical woman /r9k/ is capable of inventing for themselves

You and I were visiting two very different Holla Forumss. They were unambiguously pissed that Nazis were the bad guys and a black woman was part of the resistance.

GG was unironically the best thing that has ever happened to the left in hind sight. The right wing is now filled with virgin loser who have no social skills or resources. This shit is amazing.

religious right


Holla Forums

PLS, can we get a decade without moral panic?

How much are you willing to bet this character will wind up being some murderous power-mad strawman Marxist, thus proving liberal republics and capitalism as the true doctrines?

There's not enough gulags in the world to stop the moral panic unfortunately. The public just needs to do what it did in the recent past, somehow even better than the present. Keeping this moral outrage in check.

Most Holla Forums posters are generally whiny betas who fly in from /r9k/ looking for a virtual hug box. They latch on the the consumer identity of "gamer" and feel like it is some great insult to their heritage when the capitalist distraction they have chosen to become emotionally attached to changes slightly (as is inevitable in the entertainment industry).
It's not even funny, it's more depressing to see such a level of alienation.

Unfortunately it's probably around 100% or more.

lol where have you been, they have been extremely butthurt about it since the reveal.

This shit is approaching Hotep tier levels of idpol insanity.

At least if there's ever a war under Trump half of these people would enlist and end up tripping an IED or a land mine recklessly thinking warfare is like Metal Gear Solid 5

>>>Holla Forums13659345
This thread says otherwise.

literally picrel

Remember when we were against games being changed to protect people's feelings? What happened?

It was never genuine

Mark spent $2000 on Rock Band, of course they support the interactive jew.


why the fcuk do people care about video games so much

is there nothing else in their lives

How was he portrayed in Assassin’s Creed?

Nope. That's how alienation works.

They should become radical leftists then they would have a goal to work towards!

Hmmm, if I remember right, he says something to the effect of "communism can only be achieved democratically!" after lamenting the violent actions of some other faction. The in game library takes a swipe at "Starbucks Leftists" too.

Yeah but try telling them that

"Killing people and destroying property solves nothing. Democracy is the only road to socialism." @5:32

But.. Marx said… the exact opposite…

We are hitting levels of disinformation that shouldn't be possible


Left liberals are inadvertently pulling that overton window to the right every time they push this "Marx was a socdem" meme.

Yes, thank you for reading my post.


Asscreed has ayylums with fourth sense, good vs evil conspiracy, pope shooting lasors from his staff and Karl Marx endorsing succdems. I see the pattern here.


he's not even portrayed as a good guy, Holla Forumsyps are getting upset over nothing.

Fantasy historyrevisionism, of course!

Does 9Volt post here or are you just using his screenshot?

I like Wolfenstein, but with the current iteration they went really over board with the virtue signalling.
I actually bought and enjoys the Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014).
t. former retard

I'm just using the screenshot. I don't use twitter and I have no idea who 9Volt is.


There it is again.

I mean its not a negative portrayal by any standards even if it does ignore that Marx considered violent revolution a justified strategy.

Not negative, just inaccurate
Which, to be fair, is a leap forward in the right direction


Communism is literally fascist, but without capitalism and jew(banker) ovens.

i would normally think this is satire
but it appears we have many visitors on the board today
so just in case I'll ask
what did he mean by this


Pure ideology

I guess Disdain for Plebs is the definition of a reactionary. The very mention of a Communist in a video game seems to have shattered his little world. I haven't seen someone so butthurt since Anita Sarkeesian took a shit into Holla Forums's scrambled eggs by suggesting that some video games might be a little sexist. Looking back, this "feminist mad woman" was really tame. Why are reactionaries so easily assmad?


This thread reminds me that brutal wolfenstien version 5.0 aka so much for the tolerant left edition came out.

Might make a thread for the butthurt if somebody doesn't beat me to it.


Uphold Horton Booneist thought.

You're right, it's not as bad as it could have been. I'm expecting this guy to get the same treatment the rebels in Bioshock infinite got though.

Disdain for Plebs?


Existence is a zero sum game. If a brown person exists it is white genocide. If someone saw The Force Awakens it is literally genocide.

this butthurt from Holla Forums is hilarious

Made the thread not even seven posts in.


Did the gamercred morons leave already?

>don't follow your creed and mod the ridiculously modular engine to your liking
My coconut!!

Push their buttons a little and let's watch the tantrum just for fun

fuck off.
they will just raid us, and I'm sick of that shit on this board.

They raid you everyday dumbass and even fail at that.

the right can't meme

We have to deal with that kind of bullshit all the time dummy, at least lets try to have some fun while enduring it

Holla Forums hasn't raided us in ages, let's keep it that way


It could be worse.


Remember when Holla Forums was actually funny?


Honestly, no. I don't remember.

Not really.

Are you a girl or are you just really really gay


waste of trips

"We're winning the Kultur war guys!!!" - Holla Forums



he was probably beat up/torchured a buncsh of times. Beilive it or not that changes your face

He was a polish-american jew since 3D.
He was basically designed to look like the archetype of the perfect aryan while being everything the nazis hated at the same time.

The last time they did something funny was back when dorner roamed the streets, and I doubt nu-Holla Forums would ever celebrate a black dude killing pigs.

who is this cum nun

The BFG9000
There's another picture but I can't post it since spoilers are busted.

reddit-tier idpol game
dropped when I saw bugmen praising it

really fighting the mcrevolution(tm) one proud whopper at a time.

this is a 'laugh at triggered Holla Forumsyps who act exactly like SJWs' -thread
not a 'based wolfenstein kill nazis now i wanna pay all my moneys to this company!!!!' thread
which you would know if you actually read this thread, but as we know even the most deep-cover underground Holla Forumsyp is allergic to reading

Just fucking kill yourself already you shitposting fucking mong.


That doesn't mean you should praise the game itself

capitalism is amorphous and is willing to take any and every form to pander to a consumer audience.
This is just a radlib masturbation fantasy

who are you quoting friend

where do you see this

the remake has much more content and is updated all the time.


why the fuck did she get naked for no reason

It all depends on a context


her jacket on fire you blind nigga


No, 90% of their memes were recycled Holla Forums garbage from nearly a decade ago. They were Reddit tier, just like they are now.

Why can't people just keep their weird fetishes to themselves?


That is one of the most retarded things I've ever seen.

Animal niggers repent of being contemptuous (like projecting) and repent of degeneracy if you actually care about the left

I dont think i understand what you have just written, can you rephrase it?

Yes, so by 'being contemptuous', this is to say antagonizing others and promoting hate-mongering amongst the left, whose adherents are already overflowing with contempt from the world's overflowing evil. In such contemptuous environments as the social dynamics of the left, we need positive thinking, and grounded rational idealism to move towards a better future together.

Also, by 'degeneracy' I mean raise your children properly (with decency and respect) and do not foster an environment and culture of negative values.

The right that coalesced after Trump is something, they get offended if you say that an ideology predicated on genocide and relentless oppression on a worlwide scale doesn't really deserve to be debated or even heard. And I can't even tell if they're sincerely offended or just being disingenuous.

Was he one of the Male Ally Brigade members (heh) who was uncovered as a sex offender these past couple of weeks?

… words fail me.

tiny brain: killing nazis is idpol
medium brain: sporting an afro is idpol
galaxy brain: being black is idpol


Eat my shit

Coprophagia is bourgeois.

No, eat it



Dafuq did I just watch?
Who thought this was a good idea?

Ladies and gents, we have a slogan.


It's not a good game lads, 4 hours of gameplay + cutscenes? Fuck outta here

Yeah I know right? They don't even have swag or loot boxes. Fucking SJWs.

Wait, did he drug him or is this yet another case of a jew not handling his liquor?

Fuck BJ I want to play as our comrade

Come on now, a 4 hour experience is not worth $60


It was moonshine so he probably got fucked up pretty hard.

Bethesda and Id are garbage still , we just like it how its making Holla Forumstards whine

**is it just me who thinks these cutscenes are a little weird?==

They were never funny, all of their memes came from /int/ and Holla Forums. They’re pathologically incapable of creativity.

There’s a difference between shilling for a corporate video game and mocking racists butthurt about it.

Now, really.
Who the fuck would buy a game at full price, a bethesda game at that.
The threads on Holla Forums are the true entertainment.

The only good part of this is the buttmad coming out of the marketing campaign, but we're still talking about fucking Bethesda wanting me to shell out 60 fucking dollars for their porky produced vidya.

gaming the system

This is slightly offtopic, but is it just me or is the CGI render of the guy's eyes drooping at a downward uncanny angle?

Like they aren't parallel and it's throwing me off because it's so subtle I can't tell if i'm just seeing things

I'll post another picture because this site is autistic.

I think we do live in the literal worst fucking timeline mates

I like not being gassed for my political beliefs tbh

It's not subtle at all.

as if Holla Forums wouldn't collectively being sucking bethesda's dick if the tables were turned here

yeah I'm somewhat expecting and honestly kind of hoping for something like this too. an actually pro-communist Wolfenstein game would come off really disingenuous Imo

Post more salt



Honestly they are right, big corp is ridding the controversy and abusing current political climate for their own gain. How can you even call yourself socialist and support a gigantic fucking corporation?


I don't think anyone is supporting them but it's honestly hilarious

I support anyone who mocks, injures or physically removes Nazis and other fascists.

this guy totally looks like a cucked numale dad Holla Forums would whine about

Well I like to not be torchered by CIAniggers and COINTELPRO to the point where I wish space commies would rescue me from the hell that we are in.

Exactly! Exhibit 1 is the Nordic Cuckistan Movement. They are doing everything the leftards did some 15 years ago. They are especially fond of publishing WALLS OF TEXT.

Consider this this 2002 book about the Gothenburg riots in 2001. It's 762 pages long. 500 pages longer than the hardback edition.

So the nazis has now mastered the art of crapping out text.

this is why we need flags back

the product cares about opposing fascism you guise!

what the fuck is wrong with them?

Is it not?

Have we finally reached peak Spectacle?

this some creepy neo-paganism shit

Literal Nazis are crying "help I'm being oppressed!" because they're the bad guys in a vidya.

Congrats to SJWs for their contribution to public debate.

The snowflake begat the white flake. Sadly I couldn't think of any good snowflake variant for fashies.

lol that's not bad

It's literally not.

fucking keked



Holy shit how long have you been holding this from us?



It's some pigment thing, but no one knows the term so it doesn't have meme potential, I'm afraid.

Yeah that's some amazing swag, but "snowflake" is kind of already tied to SJWs, isnt it.

right wingers are sjws

this is just "antifa are the REAL nazis" fuel

yeah okay Holla Forums

dude c'mon you know that's the EXACT kinds of responses you're going to get if you ever actually used this against them

oh yeah I'll get so utterly btfo DX
they get upset over literally everything, I can list all of their bullshit at the top of my head anytime.
fuck off concern troll.

No lie, never planned to get an X bone but in the event I found a discarded one to fix up, I got all the shit I would've wanted

But I thought the black woman being the nazi was the reason they were pissed?

If you spend your whole deployment gawking at ass, how would you even find an IED in the first place?

Well, Mortyr certainly wasn't political.
Just massively fucking retarded. The nazi disco saved everything though.

Plebbit/SRS libtard detected

these fucking reality memes, man

You were the one in the womb, weren't you?

nah, next to worst. In the worst, they successfully overturned the electoral college and finally got to use those stanky old Minutemen

lol jewish nazis


You mean dandruff?
Oh hey, that's a great angle! A giant Trump with crusty white angry flakes falling out of his head!

jfc dude. i'm not saying that they'd be right to do so. all i'm really saying is white flakes is better

you and other neolib class collaborators will be first against the wall

this. i really hope the game isn't pro-communist. if so, we've officially reached peak neoliberalism

i can't imagine they'd have the balls anyway though. i hope.

idealist pls go

it's a video game, not anti-capitalist revolution

you reach peak liberalism when you commodify anti-capitalist revolution

It's called art m8.

it's a video game representing anti-capitalist revolution and potentially using it as a selling point made by an explicitly anti-worker industry.

It's a radlib masturbation fantasy which tries to adopt red symbolism. Embarrassing at best

capitalism is bad for art and reduces anti-capitalist art to sad irony by it's very commodified existence within capitalism

yeah this is kinda what it's seeming like. i'm sensing some major radfem idpol symbolism from that webm

I'm buying the game pinko scum. Feel free to bitch about the fact that your Rousseau hippie movement is lost to history and try and stop me.




Nice refutation there buddy.

just watched a little run through with all the cutscenes and yeah it was what i expected. the only values it represents are multicultural neoliberalism. the southern dude mumbles something about the bourgeois once but it's only even about basic bitch liberal talk about the draft and blasko shoots him down and he doesn't do much about it anyway. it totally dances around any sort of actual leftism entirely. pretty lame.

The threads on Holla Forums are the most hilarious thing I have seen on a long time.

It's just window dressing to a formulaic shoot em up. This hype is so dumb from every angle.

Between this commie game and the new Star Wars game where the main character is an Imperial we're supposed to root for, it's only a matter of time before nazis are the heroes in games.

If you buy this game you resist Tru-

It's 42D chess guys!

State of all of you.

Greetings from Holla Forums tiny tittes

How's that capitalist cock comrades??

Don't you have a peado to masturbating over about how "BASED X–DD" he is?

Who is this “disdain for plebs” guy and why should I care what he thinks?

His profile pic is the most immediate signal of his stupidity.

Holla Forumscucks getting utterly triggered in tis thread top kek

What? This isn't anything like the Gothenburg riots. The riots started because the secret service basically ordered the swedish police to build a wall around one of the schools where many of the activists where staying, thereby breaching all agreements the activists had made with the state.

You are also talking about two different books. The first one, assembled a couple of weeks after the riots, is just a collection of testimonials from people who where at the scene. The second, although it still contained the testimonials from the first book, added analysis and documentation of sentences people received. Sentences that where seen as extraordinarily harsh at the time. How is this anything like what SJWs and liberals do? SJWs and liberals would just let themselves get arrested and beaten to death by the cops>