Hey user, wanna talk about the greatness of free-market capitalism?

wut do?

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Ok, although the only greatness of it is "has been"

Slam the door

I only like 2-D sorry.

Capitalism is not a thing.


take a 180 and walk away

I'm gay , fuck off

It's a series of tubes!

Only if you can tell me where I can find the nearest food truck with some bomb ass chimichurri sandwiches not made by hipsters.

I get the joke and play along
Then I get laid


"Ah yes, young lady. Feel free to present your case" I would say with a sly smirk, mentally preparing to belittle and absolutely pick apart each one of her arguments

Girls aren't real, it must be a trap. Get the firing squad.

A movie needs to be made where this thought process leads to the death of hundreds of genuine girls and the drama that can be milked from the situation. It can also be a character study about a r9kbot who refuses to believe a real life girl could like him.


a series of tubes that cannot be named


liberate her

discuss the merits and problems of free-market capitalism with her

"y-yeah, but only i-if you agree to listen to m-my argument about c-coops"

I struggle not to go full tankie and try to offer an argument that the free markets greatness is outdone by its inefficiencies and failings.

Or I stammer type and end up fucking her until her eyes roll back into her skull and she does the peace sign with her hands like in one of my hentai doujins


only correct answer

This is 80% of my nights

it's not that bad really, i feel like people who don't fap make fools of themselves in front of grills. at least i can mantain a coherent discussion without spilling spaghetti everywhere. well, most of the time, but i usually spill it for reasons that don't concern sex.

I thought we have "crony capitalism"

Let me tell you about the communist manifesto.