Is Gen Z gonna be way more conservative than millennials? centrist? or SJW?

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for what I'm experienced it's going to be a generation of nihilists and not the edgy internet kind.

Mostly a generation filled with mongs like every other generation


yes but so was Soviet Union

Culturally? Probably not. The "le conservative generation" meme was based on one specific study in Britain that got overhyped. Other sources from what I understand show gen Z being very culturally progressive

Economically? No idea.

Nah, it will be pretty libertarian: basically "STOP FUCKING AROUND WITH THE INTERNET" will be the rallying cry; I know loads of my mates (I am of this generation) who voted Lib Dem solely because they were the ones running on a platform of getting rid of "terror" legislation.

No because one day they will all enter the job market.

They will be even more apolitical brainlets than millenials. Gen z's are growing up with all sorts of late stage capitalism products in their households, they will developp more ADD than millenials, more autism than millenials.

thats pessimistic

Gen Z will probably be the first generation with absolutely no memory of a job market that isn't reliant on permatemp precariat garbage

If we don't ruin ourselves with internecine debates over minor idpol shit we might actually be able to turn them over to some sort of non-sectarian socialism

They said the same thing about millennials after Gen X had their taste of class warfare.

Generation theory is very unstable - it's filled with holes that can't be easily plugged - and applying it to politics doesn't work. Remember, when dealing with scientivists and their ilk: white raven scenario.

wtf is that

As a millennial and not that I think this is a unique experience or anything as I'm sure most people on this board are in that age range. I remember growing up thinking that most of the people around me were apathetic I was one of the few people that was political at a young age and it actually depressed me how dumb and uncaring it seemed most people were about these things. Then the internet happened and it seemed like everyone caught up to me in a millisecond or maybe my town just became a lot less important in my own life, but the point is locality skewed my vision about the potential of this generation. I think the conditions Z'ers will be under are an even worse set of circumstances and a more politically divided world than we did so it's hard for me to imagine them being aloof to these circumstances and just ignoring them. Though I guess it is a possible reaction given just how bad things are getting at this point. Maybe VR shades and a too cool for school attitude are the only viable reaction to this shit.

Oh no what I meant to say is that society will become more and more hedonistic the more its fundamental pillars are eroded and in the young this is more evident than in the old. if you feel like there's no future, the only thing you can do is to burn the time you have as much as possible. It's no surprise alchohol consumption is getting higher in younger and younger demographical segments.
This is not however an ideological stance, but, as I said, a feeling. A side effect of the media induced terror we all feel, together with commonly observable economic indicators.

That said of course there are people comig out of gen Z with powerful ideas and determination, but the world they found themselves in is forcing many down a one way (ideological) street.

As a member of genz I can say most are apolitical aka default liberal. The remaining 9% are classical liberal, sargonkids and Pol. We are the 1% with most being ancoms.

how do we redpill gen Z?

economically illiterate.

hopefully there at least succ dems

We need to keep the Right in power as long as possible so they grow up in the nuclear fallout, either metaphorical or literal, of their fuck up and in the mean time keep pushing the narrative that liberal parties are included in the "Right".

It's why being anti-Idpol is so important. If the Left can coalesce enough and re-root itself into economics rather than purely social phenomena it can present itself as the rebellious faction again. Even if that means fetishizing the early 20th century working class than so be it, Gen Z and very young millenials only respond to imagery more and more. We must use the Spectacle's own tricks against it

For the young(10-12) ones use memes and what Marxist media does. they eat that game theory thing up.
For the first born of gen Z witch are only a few years younger than the last born of millennials by about 3to5 years just show them how them like millennials
have no chances of ever being as successful are as wealthy as their parents are Grandparents were.Tell them how do to global climate change they may not even live as long as their parents are grandparents.
Also Bernie Sanders really got gen Z to be active last year, it sparked a hope in millennials and gen Z. This got many older teens to try and look for more people like Sanders and found marxist theory and People like muke and Badmouse. They found full alternatives to capitalism, many became communists because of this seeing sanders as too soft on many things. The only Problem is that the rational skeptics ,reaction spear and the dark Enlightenment guys on YouTube are bigger then us, that's why they have more of gen Z on their side.

Gen z needs a third pill

No there going to be Nazbol

Gen Z here. I should probably explain how I got here. I started as an apolitical le left-wing social issues right-wing economics. Then I started watching TYT and became a Clintonite. Then I became a soc-dem. Afterwords I discovered Sargon and became a le anti-SJW, but I was still a soc-dem. I started to become disillusioned with Sargon because he confused socialism with SJWs. I started watch Richard Wolff after I heard Jimmy Dore talk about him. (I was watching both Sargon and Jimmy t this time) When Wolff called himself a Communist I got scared, but continued watching. I then discovered Muke and Badmouse, who I some what liked. Then I found this board and became a Market-Soc. I then started watching Comrade-Piere-tru-dank. Then I became a full-blown Bookchinite.

It's going to be the nazbol generation.

I know quite a few who were pro bernie so possibly

I don't know if they're gonna be more right-wing or left-wing, but what I'm sure of is that they will be radicals due to the conditions of their times.
Probably, a generation z will live in the most deporable conditions compared to the other generations: climate change, further neoliberal transformation of society, the "too big to fail" companies and crisis, and in top of all that, the danger that a 3 world war starts due to some bullshit decision and, as a consequence of that, conscription and nuclear war.
So, a genZ will probably live:

Which would be better (more useful), a gaming type channel with light "leftist" themes, or a blatantly political channel? I've been mulling it over. Something like a gaming channel (not exclusively for gaming but mostly, no blatantly political stuff) would get me a larger audience but I would have to dilute my message considerably. I would enjoy and be good at either one.

gen z here, literally all of my friends are neoliberals in one form or another. I think I'm going to leave this country, knowing that these dumbasses are going to inherit it. most likely Russia if I save enough and they haven't banned American immigration yet like they should.

Idpol basically killed any chance of a democrat ever being in charge again in most of our lifetimes.
The fact that this is not universally understood by so many leftists points to the reason and the result.
There must be a purge of leftist leaders, post modernists, race baiters and pedo enablers.
Everything without this purge is futile.


Be subtle about it and don't use heavily Marxist jargon

I know, I'm not tone-deaf.
In fact I think I have a way of putting things so laymen can understand it.
No need for that specifically though if I make some sort of normie ass gaming channel.
I just need to decide which type of channel to go with. I'm most probably not going to bother with both.

With any luck, they'll become lefties when they enter the workforce and experience for themselves how absolutely shit the job market is, and how their real lived experience contradicts a lot of the propaganda they've been fed.

One of the nice things about the latest crash is that Porky's propaganda hasn't updated for it at all and most outlets essentially pretend the 20th century never ended.

Terms like millinal, gen x, gen z, are just marketing terms.
Its stupid to try and claim such and such generation are going to be like "this" before they are fully formed people.
I do see what one of the posters said about nihilism.
I was reading this thread on another website about how boomers were people that were promised something but never came and still fall for that system. Millennials know the system is bullshit and have become complete nihilists, they know both parties work in the interest of the elite. Thats why trump won, because its funny, they know they cant break the system so they troll it by voting in a retard. basically millinals dont work and are going around trolling boomer neocons and neolibs by making their jobs harder because its funny.
You could say they did it for the lulz.

Once the sargonite gen-z’rs grow up and try to enter the workforce after geting hopelessly in debt from higher education they will realize that there is something fundamentally wrong with how the economy works. Unfortunately, this will only result in a massive hoard of bernie bro succdems.

good, now watch this guy:

then how the fuck did I become a Sorelian and I'm borderline X/Y?

underrated post

do trades instead. for fucks sake.

gen z will either be fascists or communists depending on how the chips fall and how we play our cards

best pranks to be honest, seeing how fucked the system is

But we already know the conventional wisdom peddled by boomers is horseshit anyway. They really couldn't do any worse.

I think you should kill yourself for making such a horrible fucking post


forgot this

Russia is conservative as fuck fam. This aint the USSR anymore buddy.

They'll be less liberal in general.

t. Neil Howe

Nostalgia for a remote past won't cut it. even conservatives' vague sense of nostalgia lives in the recent past, ie. the Reagan administration, 50s suburbia. If anything, modern capitalism takes nostalgia to pathological levels. Our culture is nothing but an endless rehashing of the same blue chip popculture commodities. Never before has the world been so thoroughly homogenized. This certainly facilitates culture war discourse: as our daily lives are depoliticised, the world of the commodity becomes more and more 'political'. The discourse of 'identity politics' might have radical origins, but it has been thoroughly incorporated into the managerial apparatus, whose business lies in ensuring things stay the same. The populist right knows how to appeal to the feelings of claustrophobia produced by modern managerial liberalism and surveillance capitalism. Prominent liberal journalists and professors were found to have been collaborating with Milo Yiannopolous. The proliferation of electronic media means everyone is deeply involved with everyone else yet paradoxically isolated. Profit seeking algorithms mediate between humans. Hence, performativity reigns.

The left should provide a radical, daring DIY alternative to the asphyxiating hegemony of mass culture, we need to look beyond this world, not towards its past. Early 20th century modernists, the 60s counterculture and the punks all managed to capture, albeit briefly, a certain spirit of novelty that has all but vanished from the earth.

According to the internet, I was born in generation z.

What's your definition OP?

Assuming you live in a first-world country, you aren't gonna find a place more left wing. The absolute best you could do is one of the nordic succdem states. Neoliberalism rules all, my friend

a radical escape from nostalgia is exactly what the world needs.

They will be more retarded for sure, so they will probably embrace fascism or something like that

Gen Z born in Spring of 2000 here.

Ask me anything relating to other Gen Zs.

Are all the teachers libs in germany? Because that's whatit's like in the US

Report submitted


I'm not from Germany, I'm from America, this is just a random picture I used.

US teachers can be liberal, maybe 2 in 3, but 2 in 3 is still different than 9 in 10

This works for the thread though.


18+ isn't a rule on Holla Forums.

Hell no. The kids are alright.

Oh shit u right mb

They'll be the generation that spends more time in VR than actual reality

The teachers face gets me every time.

Stop this NOW

Kek, is that kid pretending to be arrested for the national anthem?

Welcome to Identity Politics


Gen Z will be the first generation definitively worse off than their parents (with Millennials it's specifically the younger half)

While liberal ideology can obscure this somewhat, papering over the degrading material conditions will be increasingly difficult.

As time goes on, younger people will become increasingly radicalized, and stay that way because they are unable to buy into the system like their parents. While this does mean a resurgence of reactionaryism, it also provides a great opportunity for the left.


Individualist Egoism is dead. Pour one out for milkman.

I'm terrified gen z will be a 50% fash generation

lmao where is this from

I'm not moving to Russia for communism, I'm moving there because they aren't free market liberal retards and actually want to avoid economic catastrophe.

Most high school and college white guys are more racist, sexist, and libertarian than previous generations, while a lot of females and most p.o.c. (barring some Hispanics who identify more with white people) are more idpol and SJW. It only seems Gen Z is farther right because they're so polorarized that a lot are very far right, which is normally uncommon for young people. However, the generation as a whole isn't more conservative. If anything, there may be potential for economics-based leftism as an alternative to all the polarization.

implying we can afford that.

They will be the most Jewish generation

do you think gen z will get more leftist once they go to college and/or enter the workforceor fail to?


As far as Gen Z white guys go, it doesn't look good. Same as in high school, campus leftist activism is pushing young white guys in the opposite direction, mainly because the only people who get involved are all the biggest losers. College bro/chad/frat culture has gone way up as a reaction to feminist and SJW activism, and those guys lean heavily towards Trump Republicanism. When you mix all of that with the Confederacy stuff in the South, you're getting future leaders who are dangerously close to the alt-right ideologically. With how polarized everyone is, I don't know if harsh times will do anything more than just further radicalize people who are already on the right. That being said the right in Gen Z is pretty much just *some* white guys and anyone who's willing to be their bitch. People of color and most girls in this generation don't seem any different than millennials honestly. It's also worth mentioning that a lot of right-leaning white guys, even if they aren't coming to our side anytime soon will never go full fash and will actively oppose the ones who do. More than we think, *hopefully*

All that said, take me with a grain of salt here as I'm only really talking from my own experiences and observations.

Good why the fuck would leftists want the dems in power lol


actually a generation is ~15-20 years so possibly the next generation after Z is being born starting in either 2013-2020.

Do you live in the South?

I don’t think white guys in my generation are more hateful then precious generation, but the concept of a white identity is more important to them. Whiteness to them is a much more important part of there identity and a much more important part of how they see themselves then previous generations.
-GenZ white male

Those huge generations always seem off to me. Someone born in 1981 has nothing in common with 1997, time just moves too fast now.