Donald Trump has Gained Approximately 25 lbs Since January


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Truly the next Taft

Where were you when the hero of the modern right wing is a fat fuck who loves to eat lays?

Appropriate tbh

Hopefully he has a heart attack within the next two years

He should've laid off the diet cokes.


Thick enough for you big boy?

He thicc

Donald Trump more like the Goodyear Blimp.

Getting ready for Holla Forums to fap to domination inflation porn to fully devote themselves to their obese deity

Hail Blob-Emperor Trump!

he was always fat and even then you see so many morbidly obese people in america that trump looks almost in good shape for age 71.
he could be 600lbs and the only thing i could see is the awful comb over dyed piss yellow on an orange spray tan. he looks fucked up. it's so played out to point this out but i think people are too desensitized to it. imagine if he looked normal, like with a normal skin tone and he just accepted the balding like normal old people. what would he like?

Trump is pregnant

Extremely pale, really fat, fully Baron Harkonnen

He might look worse


Taft broke more trusts than Roosevelt, knew how to take a joke and didn't afraid of anything, don't you dare compare him to Trump


Wow, I'm shocked.

Yeah but then we get Pence, who is worse because republicans don't have a problem doing whatever shit he wants and democrats will be fine with someone who is "presidential" acting. At least trump is a joke and no one takes him seriously.

More like Donald Plump

With WW3, no less

Chairman Trump will probably go on diet soon
Commissar Bannon started drinking green smoothies already i read the other day


It's already been confirmed Trump is the oldest, fattest, dumbest President:



Ugh. Spoiler that please.

Can we somehow use Trump's fatness to sew dissent among the Holla Forumstards? I thought they hated fat people

Please, most Holla Forumstards are overweight themselves.

Sure hes fat and looks weird in his hair but he taking a shit on american flag will not change the mind of a conservative retard.