At first I was an anarkiddie who thought gulag memes were funny. Now I'm turning into an unironic tankie...

At first I was an anarkiddie who thought gulag memes were funny. Now I'm turning into an unironic tankie. It's fucking scary

Anarcho-Syndicalists and Tankies have a lot in common tbh. Watch finbol's video on catalonia.



A tankie is what an autistic school shooter becomes when he gets it into his head to become a lefty.
What I'm saying is that it's not a view, it's a disease.
Your condition is curable, son. Don't worry.

I'll never be able to become a tankie because I feel like the Soviet Union -although a valid example of Socialism- collapsed entirely from flaws ingrained in its very political system.

Any attempt at rebuilding 20th century State Socialism would end up being ah, how do you say? Farcical.

Nothing of any real substance in you has changed, you've just started appreciating Soviet aesthetics more. Fetishization of cool-sounding words and propaganda posters is how people form their political opinions. It's all about appearance, not content. Hence why anarchists dickslurp Makhno or Stalinists deify every strongman who calls himself a socialist regardless of how well they align with their principles.

I'm an egoist but I fucking love Stalinist aesthetics.

anarchists grow up and become commies
libertarians grow up and become fascists
its just the realisation even if you dont have a state some other guy might and will take your shit


No, you're a fucking child that hasn't read any theory. Nobody goes from an anarchist to a tankie short of children addicted to memes. I don't care what tendency you subscribe to, but read a fucking book.

no u

If you think violence solves the problem, you're a tankie allright.

does the state need hierarchy though? i think not.

This is completely true, read Marx Engels and Lenin, and then Stalin's Fundaments of Marxism-Leninism, and only then you can start aclling yourself a ML
Also tankie is a term used for prorevisionist USSR

Depends on how you define tankie, but anarchists becoming ML's or Maoists is actually extremely common, from my experience.

I'm still an anarchist. I just no longer believe that anarchism is necessarily "libertarian" in the sense that I am fully supportive of an intensely authoritarian version of anarchy wherein the federal rule of law is absolute.

Confirmed faggot

You'll go from anarkiddie to teenage tankie to anarcho-chad if you're hot or armchair if you're not. Just try not to say anything to edgy publicly.

I'm still an anarkiddie, but I've been realizing that Stalin and Mao weren't QUITE as bad as people make them out to be. Maybe, they weren't even what you can necessarily consider evil; crazy and arrogant, but not evil.


Nice to see you've abandoned your spooks, but you still got a long way to go

ex-ancom turned to Leninism reporting in

That's called getting educated son. You can accept that Stalin didn't personally kill gorgillions and still think ML is inapplicable to 21st century capitalism.

Maybe if they left their armchairs more than once a month.

You merely adopted the armchair, user. I was born in it, molded by it. I did not stand up until I was already a man

At some point you're going to realize Stalin didn't go far enough.

Maybe 'ruthless' is a better adjective than 'crazy', but how is forming a personality cult not the epitome of arrogance?

The cult of personality thing was kind of a happy accident that turned out to be extremely useful. It wasn't so much arrogant as it was pragmatic


Stalin did nothing wrong. That's a fact. Hitler was a vegan and a cuck


And yet you've yet to name one single wrong thing he done. Very suspiciousness.


An anarchist that doesnt love maoism? I didnt even know that was possible.

But don't you see, they were trying to overthrow the ussr! they even said so themselves in fair, completly not staged trials!

Nor have you given reasons why he isn't

I think Maoism is my favorite form of authoritarian socialism, despite MANY flaws

I didn't know Jeff Goldblum was /ourguy/

Well, any ML arrives to such conclusion

Yagoda, Yezhov and Beria did nothing wrong dummy

In my view, Marxism-Leninism is attractive because it's not just a political ideology. It's closer to a fullblown philosophical system with specific metaphysical, epistemological etc. implications. One could conceivably study the history of western philosophy and come to adopt ML positions, without even getting into political economy. This is rather different from most positions, which usually don't
make systematic claims outside of the relevant issues they are trying to change.

Don't underestimate the power if a coherent, wholesome philosophical outlook, even if you think it's wrong. Socialism can't be an opponent of liberalism if it simply makes economic claims ; the best writers have always challenged its entire intellectual foundations. This is where Marxism has gone further as compared to other strands of leftism, it is a genuine philosophical alternative.

It is undeniable, however, that Marxism-Leninism needs to sincerely grapple with 20th century analytic philosophy if it wants to remain relevant these days.

Wew. Please kys


…just don't call it a state…?

You're a khrushchevite then?