How can people be so okay with woman being forced by monetary issues to go into sex work? Noam Chomsky was right.

tl;dr: So on cuckchan /r9k/ there's this thread where OP says his uni/college classmate is a pornstar. Someone says to leave them alone because of the economic pressure forcing them into sex work. The person who said that is then mocked with disparaging ironic comments. OP goes on the doxx further, post porn of and post more personal information about this girl. He's seems to be planning to fuck up her life while being encouraged by the robots.

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who cares

Link to thread and another thread screenshot.

How does this^ lead to this \/

White knighting by any logic possible?

Also this:

Sex work is like child labor. It needs to be abolished.

Prostitutes are the only honest women worthy of respect.


I don't see sexwork as being much worse than most other kinds of work. It's the conditions of poverty (and capitalism, and related ills) which cause the problems.

The robots in your example, to me, actually seem to be aggressively opposed to sex-work themselves.

I feel like there's much potential in them though but it is hard to wake them up

Sex work and it's acceptance gets conflated with women's sexual liberty at any and all times to deflect from this; the necessity that some face to take part in what remains a grossly dangerous and socially scored profession is, once laid out as such, going to be viewed as horrible. Yet liberal feminism has laid this aside; why, it's the woman's choice what she does with her body; yet what they are truly defending is the continued commodification of sex, the human form, and the exchange of capital where it suits them.


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We're not for sex work. We just recognize that you can't stop it under capitalism since all it takes is a pair of genitals and cash to make happen. We're for it's legalization because right now sex workers are needlessly being persecuted by cops and criminals right now

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It is irrelevant what circumstances forced her into it. She is contaminated, in a similar manner to a plaguebearer. People deserve to know the truth to avoid certain interactions with her.

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Pic related

Hush, your constant outbursts and tantrums will not make me do anything but continue to mock you. I don't have anything to prove to you, you are the one trying to convince fringe leftists on an obscure website you are in possession of the "pill" - when the pill is just your virginity encased in some bitterness. The majority of leftists will never care about your obsessive pity party because they aren't virgins. It's that simple.

Calm down Mike Cernovich

I would not call sex work female empowerment. But it's an out which men, all other things being equal,typically doesn't have.

The only way to abolish sex work would be to restore one property of natural society to our developed society: that everyone knows everything about everyone else. It won't be fully abolished, but it'll cure many plagues of our society.

All proles are compelled into work, often work that entails their body being exploited for the pleasure or benefit of somebody else in some fashion. That's what being a prole is.

Sex work gets people extra mad because it's one of the few kinds of work that is uniquely female in character and culturally considered "more degrading" than other kinds. This seems to be largely because it tends to involve women and we still have a lot of cultural hangups around both sex in general and the idea of our precious princesses having to work at all, let alone something that sullies their purity and honour in that way.

Personally, I used to be friends with a pro whore and I would've killed to live the kind of lifestyle she was living for the hours she worked and the control she had over her livelihood. Obviously not everyone involved in sex work is doing it because they choose it over other kinds of work, but that is a problem with the social and economic order that applies to all kinds of work and not a problem with sex work as a concept.

What's the resident female take on this topic. Is OP a faggot?

you had one job

If I'm being honest, sex work is fine. OP is a faggot.

I know many whores
only one does it for economic reasons
the others do it so they can live a rich lifestyle with plenty of drugs, partying and traveling

Doesn't sound like any sex workers I know

Maybe I just don't associate myself with bottom of the barrel trash while men do.

Probably because you're cheap.

tell me honestly hoochie, are you a part time hooker?

I think the ones user mentions are the cheap ones

I've been caught!

indochinese ones dont live the glitzy lifestyle
for one theres no shortage of them so theres no demand for them
capitalism 101

I live in California…

of course you do
the state the decriminalised pimping children last year

Prostitution is still illegal in California

I really want the san andreas fault line to get active and for that whole cancerous state to sink into the Pacific
it exports filth and cancer across the entire world

They keep saying that every year for as long as I've been alive

I'm sure it'll come around one day 86 years from now.

do you like how all the marxist hippies from the 60's are now the avaricious landlords of today?

You might as well pick New York as well if it comes down to talking about who has the most share of Marxist hippies. And New York is objectively the best state.

no shit this makes so much sense

any defense of sex work is a defense of the free exchange of capital

youre a worthless liberal and you dont know what socialism is at all

How is it any less labor than any other manual labor job

That's interesting, most sex workers I know have a better understanding of Capital than most posters on this board.

Prostitution has existed since the dawn of fucking time but trust me guys it has everything to do with capitalism.

I mean kind of, pussy has clearly had use value since the beginning of time. The structures by which we have turned pussy into a salable commodity are a bit more recent. But I'll let it pass this time because you're mean to people and I appreciate that.

lol is hoochie dropping the lesbian gimmick and making pretend to be a street walker now?

I mean in the same way other manual labor jobs have been traded, the same way sex has been sold, used as labor in past societies

Prostitution in socialism would look a lot different.

Yes she is

it doesnt if you go far back enough


How much do you charge for anal most Thai girls around here are glad to do it for an extra hundred Euros

the fuck does that have to do with defending capital exchange and it as a method of exploitation

defending prostitution is exactly the same as defending any other wage slavery? sure is

you need to understand Capital yourself to make that judgement

you're an idiot
prostitution - regardless of how similar it's role was under fuedalism - isn't somehow seperate from the capitalist system because of it's age

it wouldnt exist

sex in socialism would be done for fun and/or reproduction

Isn't this the situation of all labor in capitalism?

Yeah but it doesn't mean these jobs just magically vanish under socialism, that's naive. What you do is try to


The exploitation going on between worker and capitalist.

It's age should tell you that it's older than Feudalism, and it isn't going away.

literal an-capism

What makes you so sure, gonna make it illegal? lol

Imagine being this beta.

Can you trade strawmen for capital

Sounds like someone is ripping you off or you've never been around sex workers

It's like this slag does not even know about Sumerian temple prostitution. Or the Church run brothels. The rules by which pussy is commodified are historically a bit different from the normal labor market. Pussy was the property of god and you weren't allowed to just go around renting out gods shit.

Fucking cloaca then you godamn pedant.

What's your going surcharge for anal HOOCHIE?

With Mises Institute approval, yes.

you're defending now your defense of capital exchange, trying to deflect from you being a liberal fuck

you dont fix relations between worker and capitalist unless you are a liberal

the fuck you gonna trade sex for? there's no labour market to limit the availability to the things you need - you wont need to fuck anyone for things

you're gonna fuck for fun - not money, not favours

do you know what socialism is bitch?

Hoochie just mad because without a sex market nobody is gonna bang her

back to /r9k/ with you, fatass

It's like you're missing the point that if its existed for so long it'll probably outlive even most future socialist societies.

As long as civilization exists there's going to be prostitutes and what a society should do is inspect how best to make labor between capitalist and laborer unexploited.

That's not how all prostitution has existed cross continent though. That's hopelessly selective.

you just confirmed that you dont know what socialism is with this sentence

No I'm not lol

I also said prostution in socialism would probably look nothing like it currently is. Which you conveniently ignored I said.

That's a question you have to ask the million prostitutes throughout history, men and women, boys and girls.

Did I do something wrong by implying there might be history after Socialism

you implied that socialism and communism would maintain the same service exchange structure as capitalism, fuedalism, and everything before

I specifically didn't

well you didnt anywhere actually

aside from that the difference is that

it wouldnt exist

sex would literally never be work

nobody would need to fuck to survive

nobody would need to trade sex for labour

I did imply that prostitution isn't going away no matter how hard you try however. You're right I did imply that. You're stuck imagining a society where sex work is tied to capital, and I have to say, that's both unimaginative and disappointing.


lol you're a shit for brains no wonder you have to resort to tricking

I'd fuck someone to shut you up, nothing gonna stop me from bartering that.

Yah it'll exist but I think its a bit off to classify it in with other sorts of labor. There's a number of social issues that make quantifying and commodifying pussy difficult. There's a reason there's still a market for white escorts despite the huge supply of cheap foreign pussy. Men care about status and exclusive access to women among other things. I just think its hilarious that at some points in history it was considered inappropriate for women to be sold on the open market because people were gods creatures. So the church did it instead.

you're stuck imagining a society where survival is tied to exchange value and that society isnt socialism

Can someone tell the bored new meat I have him filtered.


I'm actually not at all. I'm saying prostitution would exist without exchange value.

You're a literal moron


I must have missed the part in Das Kapital where we transcend fully into the realm of having all our needs provided and nobody is gonna trade pokemon cards anymore.

wouldn't that just be having sex

You're acting like trade itself is somehow not going to exist in socialism and that's ridiculous


I mean, in the sense that sex is an exchange, yes. But I feel like there's more to it to prostitution, I would still classify it as labor. In whatever form it appears throughout societies.

You're arguing that somehow prostitution doesn't even have any value, and that's even more retarded a claim to make.

there's nothing more to sex in socialism than sex

it's already a mutually beneficial act in pleasure

Putting aside questions of whether its legally or socially permissible to put your pussy on the market. There does not seem to be a reason to classify it as anything other than a service provided through labor.

So we're just arguing about whether services have an exchange value or not.

If something has "exchange value", it already has underlying value, stupid. There's common factor to prostitution, underlying it all. It just manifests itself in exchange value, like all valued exchanges.

Maybe its a mutually beneficial act in that you suck my dick and I'll teach you how to play the trombone. How's your socialism going to stop that you weasely little fucker?

and what would it's exchange value have anything to do with it in socialism

your service is provided by the internet

seems like you're not getting your dick sucked

How would you get rid of a specific value that manifested itself throughout history in socialism

How are you magically going to do that without further making it an exchange value

You're retarded

/r9k/ is mad that they're still not getting any after capitalism and they sent their lead soldiers on the matter, Hoochie & friends, to defend the idea of sex for payment

so you dont know what socialism is then, because that question applies to all private property

I've been told I've been FBI, CIA, DEA, but I've never been accused of being /r9k/

Do you know what a value is

Have you read Marx


how you gonna eliminate private property in socialism hoochie?

Are you now suggesting that prostitution is somehow equitable in scale and matter as private property?

dodging the question

When Ragnarok comes and we are all standing on the fields of final battle. I'm going to just ignore all the fearsome drama, terrible warriors and dragons to come find your skinny little ass and choke slam you into the next incarnation of the universe. That's how fucking annoying I find you.

I resent that, and I wish you would stop being so retarded so I can go back to talking about the history of usury law like I wanted to this evening.

Hoochie "Being plowed like middle aged white men like my arvn grandma is socially necessary labor" Minh

I'm confronting the question. Prostitution and Private Property may be old, but the manner in which private property is sold still has the underlying value, which is property itself.

Similarly, the value itself in prostitution is sex. The difference is, between public and privately exchanged sex. How this manifests itself I have no earthly idea, but claiming that value would suddenly

poof gone

In socialism is stupid. It would probably continue to exist.

there's like 4 m8 they all die

How are you going to stop people from having control of their bodies and choice of who they have sex with? If you can't then you can't fucking stop them from trading sex for whatever the fuck they feel like can you? Good luck abolishing private ownership of peoples bodies you fucking inbred.

You want attention way too bad and its annoying. Can't English. Maybe you're just too advant garde for my burger taste buds, but where are you going with this?

it's sex for sex m8
it's not that people will or will not be able to "trade sex" it's that there will be nothing it need to be traded for and even then - sex will be traded for sex

sexual slavery will exist under socialism guise sexual liberation is off the table now

Perhaps sex will be traded for service

thats called capitalism

Not necessarily, no. If I fuck someone in exchange for, as user previously mentioned, learning how to play the Saxophone or whatever

I don't see how that somehow in violation of what socialism exactly, is.

Capitalism involves capital, in the case we abolish all private ownership of capital individuals will still possess their own bodies and capacities. They will not be able to rent out the bodies and capacities of others using accumulated capital but there is nothing to stop them from trading a service for getting their dick sucked.


Also can we just take a second to check my fucking satan quads. Are you little shits too young for quads?

you're having sex for sex sake - you don't need this individual to learn to play the sax, it's provided elsewhere without such exchange

the number of the devil is actually 616
are you 12 years old or what

no you see rent doesnt exist under socialism

you're having sex for sex sake - you don't need this individual to learn to play the sax, it's provided elsewhere without such exchange

the number of the devil is actually 616
are you 12 years old or what

you're having sex for sex sake - you don't need this individual to learn to play the sax, it's provided elsewhere without such exchange

the number of the devil is actually 616
are you 12 years old or what

no you see rent doesnt exist under socialism

the thing is as soon as you post any picture on the internet its nolonger yours and she is doing porn what the fuck did she expect no one to find out?

The point is you can trade sex, turning the trade private to public, without it violating anything that's socialistic.

You're not from the chans are you? And I see the issue here. You're misunderstanding something you read and taking it as an absolute that rent does not exist under socialism. When they say that rent will not exist under socialism they are referring to the rent seeking system where accumulated capital is used to gain private ownership of commodities that are not for ones personal use but are rented out to gain a profit and further accumulate capital. Rentseeking. This behavior will be abolished when none are allowed to accumulate capital beyond what is for their personal use. Hence the statement, no rent under socialism. But your body if it can be called capital at all is certainly something for your personal use. Rent is not the correct term for exchanges of value using your body under socialism.

You don't know shit about communism, do you.

Lets assume for a second there is no exchange value under socialism. Are there any other values we could exchange? There's use value and labor value. Can we exchange two labor values? Sure we can, happens all the time. There is then an exchange value of those services but it does not have to be used in the trade. I could do the service for free, or do it for far less than its exchange value because I happened to want the use value of something you had or did for me.

Get clear on what exchange value actually means before you start coming at me scrub. It's not just something that happens anytime you exchange things. Now I'm going to bed. Finish your fucking reading next time, christ.

Marx took care of that some 150 years ago. You should read him. Really.

Yes it is. Now go to bed, and come back when you've done your homework.

There is no exchange value under communism.

What did Marx mean by this?

Damn this thread is more entertaining than I expected

I love the belligerent sexual tension half the posters on this board have with Hoochie.

The obvious solution to people being shamed for doing sex work is to accept that it's exactly like any other work.

But obviously reactionary idpolers on both sides can't stand that, so you get confused people like OP and several others ITT, trying to "defend" a woman while perpetuating the very ideology that allows assholes to persecute her for her occupation.

That smells like idealism.

Nigga, do you even know what idealism and materialism mean?

Think from the robots perspective, what would most women he's known have done had they found a vid of him ?
Right or not it doesn't matter, autistically ignoring expected and natural emotional responses is only gonna lead to problems.
Not than any of this matters as any sex-based will and already has devolve into shitflinging, although what else can be expected from a mix of hormone fuelled teens and bitter old virgins.

Yup. Care to explain how OP is perpetuating this ideology?

Hell, why even treat them as two separate occupations? Why can't a boss open a position with the responsibility as an accountant girl and exclusive escort?

You'd be wrong kiddo.

That the means of production are jointly owned , think things like factories, land and heavy equipment. The means of production does not include the bodies of people and their skills which are also necessary for production but are classified as labor. Something like a car factory where capital and the labor of multiple people are required is run and owned jointly and the products are distributed according to need throughout the society. The producers are not exchanging as neither they nor any capitalists own their product. But we're talking about prostitution here which is kind of an edge case because there are no material means of production for prostitution. As far as I'm aware Marx never argued that the proletariat would jointly own women's pussies and assholes and distribute them according to need throughout society. Prostitution and other services are value generated purely through the use of labor and workers bodies. And Marx is very clear that workers own their own labor. If you guys pulled your heads out of your asses for a second you would notice that even under supposedly full socialist systems there are exchanges of services between individuals fucking constantly. Your friend watches your kids for you one day and in return you help him mow his lawn the day after. You've just performed an exchange of services through barter. Your service had a value to the other person that was tradable for a different valuable service.. like some sort of exchange value.

Every fucking fortnight we have one of these fucking 'porn is evil because X' threads, just like the fucking 'free speech is evil because Y' and 'anime is evil because Z' threads. Enough. Fuck off with your outrage-trolling.

If you wanna change that post your address

Thats not what OPs point was. A giy on r9k doxxed this girl for being a amateur porn actress you retarded tripfag

Lets face it. The only socialist solution is centraly planned sex.


But from each acording to ability andto each acording to need!

Does this mean I getmy state assigned boyfriend?

Jesus christ what is the deal today. Literally who cares.

fuck remember to sage guys

Generaly men have more need and women more ability. In stupid capitalist system people use price to reach equilibrium. But we need a cybernetic AI system to optimaly distribute sex. Or a new type of human who transcends sex.

nice class disdain


Whores could get real jobs like the rest of us, but instead they chose the easy way out. If they don't understand the situation they are getting into, that only proves that the age of adulthood needs to be raised to provide more time for parenting. If women want to be responsible for their own sexuality, then they need to own the consequences of it fully.