Alright Holla Forums, how do we save the American left?

Alright Holla Forums, how do we save the American left?

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I'll finish writing the texts for it, I swear

Tough one…the major problem i see at the american left is that you guys are very few and sparsed all over the country. So it would be nice if you guys all got together, bought a nice property somwhere and get together there to organize.
From this place you can start the illegal activities, guerilla training, survival training and then you are ready to be like the Oathkeepers.
This way common people in USA will respect you guys.

Stop collaborating with liberals. Keep promoting antifa (as long as they are fighting actual fascists/white supremacists that is.) Abandon all attempts at entryism into the democratic party.

The ferner is right! But they don't take kidnly to unauthorized cults in the USA. Definitely going to hit you with the COINTELPRO and probably the ATF if you're trying to buy weapons.

Ah yes this too. Fuck the liberals. American liberals are scum who wish to maintain free market capitalism with idpol.
The nazis and the alt-right should be your main target, because nazis and the alt-right have the feeling that something is wrong, they're just been misguided.

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none of those people in your pic are on the left op

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Idpolyps get the bullet too. Stop collaborating with the DNC/Hillbot crowd, although be willing to use the party's ballot lines to attempt hostile takeovers.

People will respect those fighting to make their lives better and referendum campaigns on concrete issues are usually better than electing politicians, and much better than electing democrats. But use them to build the movement, don't let them be an end in themselves.

Anti-capitalism is more popular than urban liberals or student activists, don't let the latter be an anchor on us.

Close. The best place to go are the people who are gateway drugs to the alt-right - people like Sargon. Go to their content and shill class and "it's the economy stupid" as the root cause.

You absolute fucking retard. You really do have the brains of a baby.

I've also been noticing a whole lot of feminists who are now calling themselves "leftists" on twitter. They are using the exact same Obama era liberal tactics of callouts, witch hunts and attention whoring.

What i'm trying to say is, you can't. It's too late. Liberals have already infiltrated the leftism resurgence that Bernie brought about.

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with bullets

antifa is financed by soros
paid foot soldiers for porky is what they are

porky detected

I don't see where you disagree with me. I'm saying we shouldn't just let them do it. This guy is saying they already have.

Did you miss the absolute shitstorm over a chapo cosby twitter joke and the vox article about sexism in the left?

we've already been infiltrated

So that's what it takes for you to admit defeat? The ideas are still here. Non-liberal leftists are still here. Isolate the problem, try to better understand how it got that way to prevent further infiltration, and move on. Also, Chapo and the D.S.A. were always red liberals. Anyone who didn't see this is either a liberal, not very bright, too willing to put their trust in people, or some combination of those.

I'm not claiming defeat at all. I'm just telling people not to join meme orgs like the DSA.

The DSA cop shit and DSA DC leader running to a fucking liberal shitrag to open her mouth would have never happened in PSL because PSL actually knows how to run a leftist org and knows how to discipline its members.

Oh, OK I can see how you thought I was suggesting people join the DSA. I was taking this post
to mean there is nothing left to gain from new movement into the left in general, which I disagree with.

Yeah until the PSL becomes trendy once it hits a certain membership and gets flooded with liberals.

And that's where discipline comes in. DSA national is a complete fucking joke and couldn't even get rid of a fucking cop lmao

Prioritize class struggle over idpol.

Heh the wordfilter is gone.

That's weird, I haven't received my check from Soros yet.

Disavow all current liberal-"left" factions and institutions in the continental United States, this includes Hillbots, academic neoliberals, Antifa larpers, and socdem organisations such as the DSA.

Organise has a grassroots movement that has no associations with any of the aforementioned groups. Present yourself as an alternative to ordinary American politics on both the "left" and right.

Don't pander to idpol but don't use tankie imagery or sentiment either, as this has just as much of a bad reputation among the American working class as idpol crap.

Focus on converting center-right working class people in the rust belt and the south. These people are generally closer to class consciousness than coastal liberals and the far right, as they just need to be shown that the problem lies with corporations AND the state, instead of just the state.

I bet you own a Lenin hat, faggot

If you don't fight fascists they will organize and destroy your movement.

It's the liberals who will destroy the movement by entering it en masse and then doing away with all the things that bother them while they focus primarily on the idpol side of their new "leftist" identity.
the alt right is smaller than the american left by at least 10x. They're a non threat and its clear that the internal contradictions between various groups will fracture them apart as they keep getting more national attention with these retarded campus speeches.

Promote socialism as worker controlled co-ops instead of a society where workplaces are run with top-down hierarchies. Tell people you can own your own shit as long as you yourself work for it by punching the clock and can trade whatever you earn at the end of your day for profit for good measure. Basically, shill the basics of Titoism/market socialism or whatever.

There's no left in America. Only liberals and conservatives competing who will suck more Porky dicks.

Vote for reactionaries and lolbertarian republicans until the impending financial crisis/civil war causes so much chaos and backlash that nobody will ever want anything to do with the Right wing ever again

This is seriously the only fucking option, American Left as it is today is doomed. Pic related

This but only because it will help to destroy the American empire.


Its a lost cause, IMO your left completely forgot about class issues and now focuses on advocating queer vegan trans-nigger rights, and if you dare to disagree you're a mansplaning brocialist $hitlord. I feel sorry for you burgers.

This. The worst enemies of the left IS the left itself.

Not payed by soros but they promote liberal values

The lower caste of ANTIFAs do it for free.

being a leftwing burger is a special hell that I'm probably in because of my colonial ancestors.

Trump winning legit broke the minds of liberals. Literally the walking epitome of everything they hated beat them. When obama won they had thought they would be in office forever and that there would never be a white male or republican president again.
The democrats are finally reaching the depression stage of death.
They are realizing there is going to be no impeachment, clinton lost, and there is nothing they can do about it.
Trump winning sent out a psychic wave of energy that made democrats legit retarded.

Maybe for a week or so after then the election. Then they went right back to being snarky. And the fact that Trump turned out to be the colossal fuck-up they said he would will only make the smugier.

t. closet liberal that voted hillary

oh yes the democrats have the cognitive dissonance where trump is hitler changing everything but at the same time he is a moron that cant get things done.

There was a time when they feared he would be a Hitler, that was the time right after the election I'm talking about. Now it's all about snickering at the buffoon.

Antifa exists solely to disrupt fascist organizing. It is the only acceptable form of class collaboration.

op's image proves that wrong

How about no. Antifa just provide justification for the existence of the far right and are funded to tarnish the left. Corrupt capitalism the enemy. We should be fighting radical centerists if anything. I unironically think poltards are closer to allies than the center. They are easier to reform than establishment apologists even if they are bootlickers.

Both the alt-kike and ANTIFA do more harm than good to their own side, they need to understand that normies are fucking horrified when they see their shenanigans in the media.

Antifa stands for nothing and promotes nothing. All anyone gets by allying with or promoting them is accusations of violence thrown your way.

No they don't. THe far right hates them because they are the only thing actively preventing them from achieving more mainstream acceptance. If you weren't so spooked about this you would understand. Gamergate was stupid get over it. Milo deserved worse.

You seriously believe this? You child.

I don't see any one else doing anything to fight right wing reactionaries.

Pray do tell, what great victory was the right on the cusps of achieving before they were fought? What cities has antifa liberated?
Oh, they stopped manlet Ben Shapiro and that prancing fagot Richard Spencer from speaking once or twice. Phenomenal.

A fuck-up is good for the USA. How many civilians did Bush and Obama kill? How many blacks did Clinton lock up? If all Trump does is golf for the next 3 years and just shitpost on twitter, he will be remembered fondly in a "well he wasn't that bad" manner when the Trump = Hitler narrative shatters.

That the only thing Trump is good at is shoving golf balls up his butt is a relief. It means free market and alt-right agendas aren't getting pushed through. However. . . . .

And he's been rolling back environmental regulations. (In lieu of passing any legislation of his own.)

Mind you, I agree that all Presidents in our lifetimes have been dirty, and a decline in American expansionism would benefit the rest of the world.

Trump=Hitler as played by Chris Burke

1. Bring in Canadians to take steaming moose shits on the US government
2. Get madd guacs from carbon trading
3. Fund violent lefty groups
4. Rinse and repeat

I fantasize about this all the time. I think Idaho or eastern Washington might be the ideal spot. The land is fertile and affordable, and in a gorgeous, inspiring location.

Stupidest shit I have ever read tbh

The absolute state of /leftypol…………….