What did white america mean by this?

What did white america mean by this?

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princeton.edu/~tje/files/webAdmission Preferences Espenshade Chung Walling Dec 2004.pdf

stuff like this has devolved into nothing more than a distraction from the reality of the inherent slavery in the capitalist mode of production

it means that your boss is a mexican so get mad at him for being mexican not the fact that he's extracting your surplus value


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Oppressed, white gamer



They realise that in 50 years they will be a part of the black/mexican/rural underclass

This but unironically

You're not oppressed for being white you're oppressed for your existence in relation to capital.

Are we ever gonna find out how many VC your collaborator dad "disappeared", Hoochie?

There isn't a microgram of revolutionary potential in the USA, just ignore it.

Oh Noooooooooooo those fucking upper middle class schlubs might fuckin

Experience poverty? Fucking heavens it's almost like its fucking capitalism

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Half of everyone on Holla Forums doesn't even go outside but claim to be experts on how Hispanic families are discriminating them.

There is institutionalized racism against White people so primitive baboon people can get jobs with affirmative action which they will then proceed to ground the country to a halt. Because brown people take the "cargo cult" approach to everything they do.

Look at Detroit. Subhuman monkey jigaboos you should be kissing our feet for allowing you to live among us in our societies.

this, unironically

Whites benefit more from Affirmative Action than Asians, but Asians out perform them anyways.

It's interesting.

if your issues within a union are ignored in favour of others due to skin colour its literally discrimination

thread isnt even about oppression you dumb fat chink read the fucking op

Do you believe whites discriminate against you?

Don't reply to my posts subhuman

I haven't heard of this happening, I'd like a source on it. A lot of these claims go unverified.

Imagine having to move to white countries to be successful though

You lot must be an absolute embarrassment to the ones that stayed behind

Not intentionally but in some manners yes.

Vietnam is an open sewer


War does that. I'd like to see how many Americans would end up hamburger refugees in event of a war on its own soul

Why is your perception of discrimination more valid than theirs?

So is New Orleans.

Neither whites nor Asians benefit from affirmative action. What the heck are you talking about?

New Orleans is all primitive jungle people

Just like Vietnam

Interesting, that speaks in contradiction to past Justice Department inquiry

Business Idea: Invent time machine, show '60s US draftees that they're not actually fighting "communism" in Vietnam,they're fighting for second-gen Vietdykes to complain about white privilege in Californian universities

Her parents were in arvn

So is New York

We can go city by city small town by small town until we cover every square foot of the Shart in Mart country

I would have found a way to irritate you with the facts about affirmative action regardless.

There aren't that many jungle jigaboos in nyc any more white people are chasing them out gentrifying all of Brooklyn and Queens thank God

Bye bye niggers

Effort post:

Hoochie I like you but your shitposting potential hasn't been that great

Vietnamese are good people. They killed a lot of americans and made many others completely disabled for life.

But I thought you hated white liberals


You're a white liberal

Vietnamese are cat eating subhumans

Hoochie ancestors didn't kill americans they gave them blowjobs in go go bars in Saigon

I rather live next to White liberals than jungle jigaboos likes you

Link 4 a Dumbass like me?

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I always knew I was black. Thanks for making my dreams come true.

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IDPOL - Many such cases




Americans eat literal shit at McDonald's so i fail to see what's wrong about cats…


So do Vietnamese


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Plastic surgery

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No your post sounded like a stroke. It's nice that you're expanding to jokes about eyes, like I was always expecting you to at least get that far but you never did and it was constantly bitterly disappointing for me

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Go make some culture of your own american turd. Stop apropriating european culture.

"Jungle jigaboo" has to be the lamest epithet I've heard. Did you get that straight out of a 1950's Klan training video?

Yes I know you would white features are the envy in every shitskin's (gook) eyes

Stat STEAMED for being born a subhuman, subhuman

What did he mean by this

Only a matter of time before Jewish privilege will enter the public consciousness. Finally.

Affirmative action benefits Fellow White People, really.

Steamed like the severed legs of every Vietnam Vet that had the misfortune of stepping on a landmine

B-but someone called me a berniebro racist shitlord for suggesting that fighting the class divide liberates all Americans

what do I do, I don't have 10 grand to donate to a non-profit ;_;

I wish it would because it would be top kek but it won't.

And afterwards when the jews are removed and there's still shit going on, people will finally realize that the one true cancer of the planet was USA all along. Afterwards the world will unite to exterminate those freaks of nature

Discrimination by definition affects white people. The concept of discrimination is that people are treated differently from each other. Discrimination can't happen without the comparison. The only issue here is the use of the word "against."

The ones your grandma was giving bjs to in the va?

Communism won't solve the class divide

From each according to his ability…EVEN under communism non whites will still be working shit jobs because of their monkey level iq

Wait a second wait a second so now your argument is white american troops rape indiscriminately like """"""""""""""jungle jigaboos""""""""""""""

Like we sure agree about that bud

Is this what it feels like to not try

No my implication is when your south Vietnamese grandma wasn't selling her pussy she was giving it away for free.

are whites a race?
are there people who hate all white people and make judgements about white individuals on the basis of the color of their skin?

if the answer to both of the above is "yes" then there exists discrimination against whites on the basis of race

That's a very immature comment user. I thought we were above this

OK but how many respondents do you think took the question that way?

Whites are snow niggers user, Germany, Scandinavia, etc. I am european, but i have brown eyes and dark hair, therefore i'm not white

God bless you, user.

It it true you made a post recently about being a hapa if it's true it explains your whole persona.

Her mother worked hard for that gleen card.

Ayyyy, just like Quadroonplasm

Mean SAT Mathematics Scores by Race/Ethnicity, sourced 2015

White American: 534
Asian American: 598
English and Language Arts
White American: 513
Asian-American: 531


Interesting that even Asians speaking a second language score higher on English than their supposed fucking first language peers

Affirmative Action is discrimination against white men. Prove me wrong.

Nah. I'm 100% jungle jiggaboo I'm afraid. Not a hapa.

Now do asian and black

It's discrimination against non-Jewish whites and Asians, yes.

Are you trying to sound like Holla Forums, faggot?


Do the Jews too.

Institutionalized racism against White people

t. butthurt asians better excel at English Language Arts than Native English speaking Americans


They're grouped within the larger "White" subset

Which is very retarded…given that USA doesn't have an official language, why bother teaching english at classes?

No one feels sympathy for you, you bamboo bitch.


Asian rote memorize words they barely understand

You. Are. Automata.

Lets not even get into how much asians cheat.

Defacto language is english. There are no non-English courts.

Will people feel sympathy for America when Kim Jong Un decapitates Trump

Not me

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

Anyways if its that simple to memorize a language why the fuck aren't whites doing it.

Replaced by automation again I guess

Typical of the behavior of our Fellow Whites.

Jews are vastly over-represented at some top schools. Interestingly, when merit based admissions are used, like at Caltech, we have a ~6% Jewish student body, and about 35% non-Jewish white and 40% Asian. Same for MIT but they do use affirmative action a little. Meanwhile, at Ivy League schools where fuzzier admission criteria are allowed, we see things like Harvard being 25% Jewish. This is a bit absurd, no? Pure Jewish nepotism, since the admissions officers are likely all Jewish.

He calls that White. How colored of you.

In 2015, the College Board reported that 79% percent of Asian test takers in the previous academic year earned at least one score of three on the AP exam (the level generally seen as indicating success), compared to only 66% of white students

That shouldn't matter though, isn't intelligence genetic?

Holy shit…i-is she alright? anymore white than that and she would be transparent

i'm no alt-right nutjob, but aren't whites oppressed by the anti-white media?

Jews are 2% of the population. Again, Caltech probably has the smartest student body in the US. MIT is probably second. Where's all the Jews?

Also, most Jewish IQ studies indicating them (Ashkenazis) being a full SD out are a bit dubious. It's like how China only did IQ studies in Shanghai - statistics with Chinese characteristics, basically. The statistics just don't work out.

The "diversity" meme has done nothing but divide the working class without delivering any results to a majority of the brown working class. African Americans in particular have become much poorer in the last decade. Only white women seem to benefit from anything these days and that is highly debatable.

Missing those word filters…


Affirmative action mostly goes to Nigerian and Jamaican immigrants from rich families.

Among Blacks, that is.


this. gamers are a reactionary parasitic petty bourgeois class.

This shit is what happens when you replace solidarity with "intersectionality."

Clearly an african albino.

Interesting way of spelling Jews.

White women, jews, same thing

A program designed for blacks no longer serves them as liberals used the minority loophole to extend the service to people who didn't need it.

"Intersectionality and diversity as a moral good" is definitely one of the cleverer ideologies our ruling class has come up with.

Certainly not. Jews only identify as white when they want to demonize non-Jewish whites.

lol ok buddy

Go follow some prominent Twitter Jews and see for yourself. It's the same pattern every time.


Viewing yourself as The Chosen inevitably breeds this mentality.

I follow felix and adam

In reply to your thread about hate of whites:

I'm not white, i am iberian….and quite frankly i'm tired of seeing whites apropriating the culture of my ancestors, the Templar Knights. Go get your own knight order REEEEEE

Not meaningfully, no.

The closest any of that gets to the mainstream is clickbait idpol shit, usually thrown together in part because it gets clicks from angry white people who want more shit to be angry about. The anti-anti-white audience is one of the chief demographics consuming anti-white outrage porn.

There is interpersonal racism directed against white people, but mostly on a regional basis among pretty fringe groups. There's probably institutional racism directed against whites, but it doesn't really manifest in the ways that I think that crowd thinks it does.

This was an interesting point, to me, about Jim Webb in the 2016 primaries. Everybody seemed to just react to his position on Affirmative Action like it was the most racist thing ever, but I thought he actually did make a good point - it's hard to equate African American families who have been in the country since slavery and Jim Crow with other ethnic minorities. Like Asians have been shit on, but it's never been quite as consistently as black people have been shit on in the south. For a lot of black people, blackness is hand-in-hand with lower living conditions and some amount of segregation - no matter how far back they've been in the country, there's a level on which it's harder for them to assimilate than it is an East Asian, European, Indian, Carribean, whathaveyou population.

To Reddit back you should

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State of this thread smh

Nerds pls


This unironically


The rich owners of the auto factories destroyed Detroit you dumbass hill Billy. But keep being a useful idiot for them, you wind up as cannon fodder soon enough

Wow is this place dead or what?

Have you watched the news recently? What about been on a campus? Every other word is about how being white makes you innately a bad person, but if you're black then you're Jesus.

I mean……………

I've done both, and you're delusional.
There are entire sites devoted to cherrypicking this stuff to make it look more common than it is, and its only real prevalence is among devout SJWs and specific campuses with higher concentrations of them.

Thank you for confirming what Holla Forums thinks about us, using only 2 words and 15 periods.

Also you should really check your keyboard I think your > key is broken

Fucking genius tier logic there lad.

Usually when I decide to post here I'm off at least 20 periods

You're hilarious………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Jim Webb seems to be right on this issue. Hearing him speak on it, he's talking about class without mentioning the word.

Beyond that, I don't think black people will ever be integrated, because they are considered a lower caste in America. Whiteness as it was invented is defined as the opposite of blackness. Hegel's master/slave dialectic creates this idea of the negative identity (an identity which relies on another and which is negated by the other's removal). This means whiteness needs blackness so that it can define itself. This is why blacks are kept from succeeding through a number of means, from employment and housing discrimination, loan discrimination (blacks aren't given loans, or they're given loans at higher interest rates), and this has kept them from gathering resources and succeeding at the level of their white counterparts. This is not a mistake, banks and the government decided this was acceptable. I don't know how to move from race to class, as that basically means a denial of black justice claims. Leftists assume these will be redressed under their rubric, even though white unions historically excluded blacks.

imagine you're a 90 IQ white boomer who was recently laid off with no health care and trump anti-immigrant rhetoric still hot on your mind and you don't know anything about the world and you watch CNN (fake news) which shows you videos of black people protesting and you don't really know what they're protesting except some guy called richard spencer who is "pro-white" so all these people protesting are anti-white and want you to be unemployed.

Imagine you're a 9 IQ straw man poster who doesn't understand what a logical fallacy is and has Shaun King anti-white rhetoric still hot in your mind and you'll understand the above post.

Everyone in this thread is being a massive faggot, why can Hoochie never have an intellectually honest discussion about IdPol related issues when it comes to white people without shitposting and baiting despite the fact that she actually has some good things to contribute and why do some of you fuckers respond to her bait with some racist bullshit alongside all the fucking Holla Forumsyps in this fucking thread.

Nobody will ever be honest with themselves about problems they are so tied up in emotionally so it becomes my responsibility to burn a thread before the discussion can ever start.

What was the average kill count for a high-ranking ARVN officer, anyway?

And how many gooks did your dad have to kill to get a green card?

Good question

How many threads have I killed?

Talk about my dad


I'm pretty sure the small boy told me to always come back

You don't get to decide that though, and you know full well when you do your whole "fuck white people" asian supremacist shit you're essentially killing any attempt at explaining the actual material reasons (despite the fact that you know most of them) because even if no other comrade decided to be a fucking snowflake retard all the Holla Forums lurkers get assblasted. So basically what you're telling me here is that you think you're more important than everyone else and you get to choose which threads deserve to get derailed or not yet you have the fucking audacity to say that everyone else is tied up with their problems emotionally. No wonder you're a fucking tripfag


Holla Forums confirmed for pedos?

Me on the left

So you admit you're just gonna continue derailing threads because you think you're the arbiter of productive discussion on Holla Forums?

Why not just become a volunteer or something holy shit why do you have to be such a fucking narcissist all the time?

When you actually try you're one of the few non-cancerous tripfags and you btfo shitposting neetsocs but when your gauge for whatever you think you shouldn't exist is so far off sometimes it's real hard to not just want you to be banned

People like you make me think that maybe Holla Forums has a point.

Sometimes. I mean, it isn't going to be a surprise if I always do it. You have to worry about each thread you walk into, "Is this going to be a Hoochie Minh thread"

I am a shitposting predator, I am the bug from the short story Mimic and you will never expect me when I come to derail a thread.

I'm sorry but it's just ridiculous for everyone else to be subjected to your whims like that, and if you're not willing to show a bit more restraint or put some effort in whilst continuing to maintain an identity you're just dropping board quality. Everytime you do this other threads have to suffer for it because it pulls discussion away from actually good threads and into a blackhole of complete and utter garbage.

Comrades, at least report this bullshit when threads devolve into cancer like this.

It's Holla Forums

She's just another bog standard antiwhite.

Non whites are not your friends.

unironically kill yourself you fucking faggot

This is my board, don't trip final warning

Fuck (You)



Nice way to ignore that your own assertion was false (and plant a strawman that has nothing to do with what I've said). "Anti-white" sentiment is not nearly as prevalent as you think it is, and the people you are claiming "focus" on it are actually exaggerating it. And so are you with your "every other word" nonsense.

I like how Holla Forums turned up in this thread just in case anyone began to point out how half of white americans have a persecution complex.

Literally anytime an urban person and a rural person interact

Cuz why's there a black history month and historically black colleges, but no white history month or whites only universities? Racism. That's why.

When they drive cross country to go run over protesters?

muh permits
muh non-pedestrianized area
muh state enforced rules


If i ever have to debate something political outside of anonymous image boards some city cunt inevitably tries to use my rural upbringing against me
You are all fucking prejudiced hypocrites and thats why youre hated and socialism isnt gonna get anywhere in the USA until people like you drop the class-based superiority complex
Redneck revolt has the right idea
Biggest worker uprising in US history? West Virginia. City-fags are just LARPers that's​ why Porky concentrates the right wing of his dual sided propaganda hard as fuck in armed rural zones instead. Theyre scared.

I get along with all sorts of people outside of the place I live, and I live in a city. Rural and everything in between. I've never experienced this.

What he: said.
I grew up in the outskirts of a big city/county. In high school there was one guy in my group who grew up in a small California rural mountain town and the girls ribbed him for it but he was all the most popular guy in the crew, soo…. Without knowing the specifics of your case it's hard to say.

Whites are such entitled babies

We need communism, now more than ever.

You're white dude. Iberians are European, historically Christian, and get shat on just as hard as anyone by the Jewish global elite. Some questionable moorish admixture doesn't mean you're not in the same boat as the rest of us.

its time to remove the ones who are making them uncomfortable.

Geting shited on =/= oppressed
Oppressed is a strong word.

So true.

bullying isn't oppression though.

Were talking about people in Appalachia. Not upper middle class pokies.


It does, but most white people don’t know that. Perception is evreything.

So you mean conscripts who were against the war, but still fought because they were scared of the CIA harming there family and didn’t surrender because they didn’t want to be tourcherd.

Why do you support gentrification?

The 2 links i clicked support hypothesis that AA is bad for Asians. Are you unable to read?

We gotta be decolonizing these spaces

fuck off

South Italy please leave.

We both know you you really are.

"When whites succeed it's because they're gifted, when Jews succeed they're conniving": The Post

*Insert bootstraps meme here*

They mean they are pissed off at retards like you for labeling them as "white trash" for decades

Congratulations on geting racial awareness back idpols, sure nothing bad is going to come out of this

I wonder if the kids the GI's left behind got tallied up to the 70s white out-of-wedlock birth rates.

hi Holla Forums

princeton.edu/~tje/files/webAdmission Preferences Espenshade Chung Walling Dec 2004.pdf
Really, just examine SAT score distributions broken down by race, find the averages, then compare the composition of the universities with that average to see how they are distributed.

Why are people bullying Hoochie? She doesn't deserve this.

Tripfags deserve bullying for being tripfags.

Why the fuck are you commies always so reluctant to point out the jew in the room? Every time i see debate heading to the point where any rational person would reach this conclusion it always ends up deflected.

Christ, you people are nothing compared to the left of the past. At least they struck out against corporate/goverment corruption. Anything that comes close to actual research here boils down to crafting some intricate web of shit to support some capitalism-is-bad narrative.

And then there is the push for literature that is just the same as every other commie scripture since it all stems from the same roots.

Think i'll head back across the pond now..


Hoochie gets under the skin of Holla Forumsyps, she's a verritfied dirtbag

But we do

hi nu/pol/

Using 'oppression' also gives one away as a liberal

communism will work because people are selfish.

Where do you think you are? This isn't Holla Forums where people salivate over the latest trickery of the incumbent ziocon establishment. (Muh BASED Kushner!!!!)

Except the communist movement is about self-interest. Anything else is just quasi-liberal "muh collective" nonsense. It's not about being an altruistic masochist.
Far from it, I'm into communism because I think it's not in my best interests. And I'd be into it even if the rest of the world disagreed.
Capitalism is debasement all the way down. Even near the top you are still subject to a dehumanizing rat race. If even being a fat porky leeching surplus value doesn't offer a fulfilling life, why even bother?
Read Stirner.

North America is such a steaming shit hole, please deliver us from our mortal coil Kim.

actually america is welfare capitalism, but nice try pollack, its time for you to go back

why do you think it is ok for you to write comments when you don't understand even the basic definitions of the stuff you are talking about?
I presume this is about finance capital vs real economy? yes thanks we are very aware
the divisionary function of identity politics is one of the few points this board agrees on just about unanimously, Marx called it 'false consciousness'
you can't come back before you read books

Correction. That's what a real white person. Darkies like (

Are you genuinely retarded or was there some other reason you contradict yourself within the span of two sentences?

it means 45% of whites don't know what affirmative action is

IMO this might be a reflection of how bad the approach of fighting material, systemic inequalities through cultural change and personal attitudes is.

The gap between white and black families in the US now is even bigger than it was in the 60's, but the whites spend so much time immersed in a new culture that has already absorbed thousands of norms about ethnical, religious and sexual exceptionalism precisely because of those material inequalities (e.g. white jokes being ok but black jokes not, because one is deemed harmful and the other isn't) that they start perceiving themselves as targets. Add the fact that these new norms of behavior often come from places that the average person feels small next to (media, academia, corporate culture) and it creates a mindset of persecution that is completely out of tune with reality, but that's because it's a reflexive response to the ongoing project of creating a set of social and culture norms that will "fix" this reality.

Basically, it's the result of people putting all their focus and energies into supporting "lol white dudes" pundit #82914 instead of engaging in real politics.

Wait what?

Different person, but why would you be surprised by this? Black Americans tended to work in lower-skilled jobs, which have been outsourced, filled by Mexican immigrants, or automated. Obviously the incarceration rates aren't helping matters.

Student debt among Whites is a huge problem Also most jobs shipped oversees were white dominated. Also consolidation of agriculture land and destruction of small farmers, who’re predominately white.

would you say its to the same degree that non-whites endure? :)

Hoochie, I just want you to know that I'm madly in love with you.

The amount of idpol that just came out is fucking utterly hilarious.

Most of this thread spooked like a motherfucker.


Sometimes it's just black and white isn't it?

Is this really all leftypol is?

Do the ruling classes in the west care what race their wage slave immigrants come from.

things are shit, because of capitalism, and there are a few people on the tv saying things should be shit for white people (implicitly this is usually "because things are shit for black people and we should drag white people down to their level?") and white people reasonably assume that the reason things are shit for them is because they're white, since that's the only explanation they're hearing about why things are shit


I don't understand what point you are trying to make. It has nothing to do with Holla Forums infographics, that information is publicly accessible online. That user is absolutely correct, what you should be doing is linking the racial crime stats back to capitalism.

Trusting the FBI's and US law enforcement's (in general) records is hilarious

I wish you people actually were capable of being self aware. At the very least capable of being skeptical.



Reminder we outnumber you commie scum! You'll never win in America. The youth is conservative like myself, just dropping by to laugh in your faces as you only have a base on fucking Holla Forums KEK.