Russian Food

Have you ever tried Russian food?

I went to Russia and loved it. Full of creamy butter and sauce.

Reminder that Russia food is better than McDonald's bullshit.

yes i've eaten potatoes.

this is a leftist politics board.

careful OP theres a bunch of amerifats here who get buttfrustrated when you make fun of their fast food

nyc pizza is still shit

It must be cold up by those great lakes.

I can't imagine any American defending McDonald's. The food is gross as fuck. I didn't eat there even before I was working there.

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Is Russian fast food better than traditional Russian food or something? I've heard Russian cuisine is pretty lacking.

Otherwise, I'd be inclined to mock you for your apparent obsession with fast food. Like, if I went to some classy Thai place, there's no way I'd come out saying "Wow, that was way better than McDonald's!" just because McDonald's isn't even good by American fast food standards, let alone American food in general.

McDonald's is not traditional American food in any sense.


Shhhh baby, smallpox sleepy times soon.

Russian Pizza Hut is so good they called it a day on the USSR.

Mmmmyes. Cornbread and greens and stuff.
Vanilla fudge.
Whatever else, you know. We have some good stuff.

That said, we also have chitlins in there somewhere, but that's not important.




USA even has the best food and chefs in the world, lmao, turd worlders blown the fuck out, go cry some more jason unhrue you fat faggot cuck



Some borscht and perogi was enough for the people of Russia before Gorby sold out the country for Pizza Hut.

You mean Russians don't eat fishsticks with tartar sauce?

Give me extra fries euroman

Traditional Russian food is pretty much any other European food in composition, except that sweets and dessert is limited and unsophisticated(Russia took things from Asia for that), and there is a lot of fish and meat. There are lots and lots of regional cosines.

Russian Mcdonald's is much, much better than McDonald. Because they don't prepare a dish in a shitty but fast way, but make a dish that is supposed to be made fast (pancakes, pelmeni), or may safely be stored warm and ready (buckwheat)

I have no idea why anyone would willingly eat McDonalds, it tastes like shit and is shit for you. If I'm gonna pay for unhealthy food I'd go for pic related instead.
t. Texasfag

US food is stuff Native Americans ate. Everything else is US take on other countries or imported by immigrants themselves.