Bringing this to light


Out of all the reddit threads and click-bait articles posted on r/fuckthealtright and r/marchagainsttrump I have never seen anyone bring up that an alt-right official going of the name of "TheBigKK"(pictured) doxed a 14 year old kid and attempted to sexually humiliate him into singing 'Daddy's cummies' with the official's name in the song. Most likely not mentioned as the video is hard to find as the kid's information is still read out in the video. To add fuel to the fire the official is also a sociopath furry in which you can find a link to an Imgur album containing photos of him at furry conventions in the article. Praise Weev.

Nah, fuck weev. He was funny a long time ago, but going full blown aut-right neo-nazi is too far. Hope he chokes to death on his own cum.

shig dig

You know it's always funny to see the alt right cry about how the left are all about pedophilia while brushing Milo and things like this under the rug.


I actually talked to this faggot. He sounds exactly as he looks.

I have a feeling there's something coming in a big way soon. There's no reason ANY of these fucking people don't have a skeleton closet the size of the empire state building. No, they really do, and the social capital needed to just fuck someone over and call them out if you disagree with them is all too tempting.

These people will eat each other up sooner or later, it's only a matter of time. And I have a feeling they've done worse things than Sam Kriss ever did.

Yeah, don't do this.

Edited the direct link to the site because it was reported as a honeypot.
Dunno if I should ban OP

see you in 10 years then


As a 14 year old chad I can confirm



can I get a clarification on what do you mean weev's site is a honeypot? IPs are tracked or something?


Spencer mentioned

dude what
that fag was just the guy who briefly controlled the halfchan Holla Forums discord

I was in that discord briefly, he is as much of a faggot as he sounds.
He spent 2000 dollars of his parents money to try to get people to use a Holla Forums internet forum, only to get outed as a furry a day later.

It's not necessarily false - hierarchical organizations always lead to abuse of power. But I wouldn't trust weev to tell me the sky was blue. He's famous for his GNAA associations, just because he's a nazi now doesn't mean he's stopped trying to troll.

Why does this guy even exist, even Holla Forums knows he's a fucking fake opposition and over all trash.

( ( ( weev ) ) )