Anyone with vox cookies on his pc gets the gulag.

Speak for yourself.

since when is condemning a sexual predator scum like Cosby idpol?


Or perhaps, some kind of castle.

Did you mistake this thread for a similar one?


This unironically.

Fuck the police, and fuck the authority worshipping liberal faggots of Chapo Trap House

eternal glory to chairman Nick Mullen, Great Architect of Communism, Father of the People and Architect of Human Hapiness

The only people opposed to identity politics are people who aren't affected by it (white people)

Record status: CORRECTED

Reminder Chapo rakes in the dough every month from idiots "donations"

George Ouroborus strikes again.

And actual communists.

Gee user, that sounds lovely.

I'm sure this has nothing to at all to do with Vox getting roasted by Chapo on a bi-weekly basis.

Why were original Marxists war mongering reactionary white supremacists?

you're dumb nigger ass is the reason why communism will never get off the ground in amerika

Stalin did nothing wrong.

also vice
also large municipal news sites
jacobin only if youre one of the retards in the comment sections


we already have a chapo thread
please contain your anger, however well-founded

I've heard pretty awful shit about the LA chapter. I can't imagine that happening in the irony poisoned gulag posting chapters in my state.

80% convinced these people are RNC plants. This woman could not come across as more of a petty, puritanical authoritarian

And they say Idpol is not a fucking mistake and nust a handful of crazy and vocal people.

I have never EVER seen a Leftist organization engaging in identity politics that did not end up doing this self-flagellating liberal garbage while completely neglecting class politics.

I wish they all were this honest

Liberals and conservatives both are life-denying moralizers.

My mind is starting to dwell into Marxist Leninism, because of all the Hatred I have, against IDpolers, Feminists, Anarcho Feminists and faggots in all of the anarchist branches.

Stupid nigger faggots

I mean, to be fair, she is right. Although I think that condemning Chapo for making a Bill Cosby joke is quite overboard and retarded, we have to make sure there isn't neglect of women's issues going on in our movements. We should constantly correct ourselves and try to be better when it comes to misogyny on the left.
We should also refrain from using homophobic, sexist or ableist slurs if people say they're not comfortable with them in public meetings etc.

She's right so far as abolishing class won't abolish patriarchy, she's wrong in assuming abolishing patriarchy is part of the communist project.

All Identitarian struggles are product of class society. "Patriarchy" was used to justify hierarchical property relationships. However, Capitalism has had no problem in adapting into a more egalitarian ideology, as it has no set values or ideals.

it's time for kkkommunism

anyone with cookies on his pc gets the gulag
keep your machine clean!

Do they sell cookies now? Fucking liberals

White people are very affected by identity politics. They are the main victims of sjw outrage, and the main recruits for nazi bullshit.


It is. Abolishing the current state of affairs is *literally* what communism is about, check urself b4 u wreck urself famrade

Have chapo trap house ever done anything to give the impression theyre not completely retarded?

This. I used to be an edgy white dude who got mad at the least hint of 'political correctness' but I have met wonderful, brave queer folks and POC who have helped me become a better person

Why? Why do they keep fucking doing this shit?

Felix made a similar stupid move when he was caught making rape jokes with Nick. Don't they realise that the people going after them will go after them hundreds of times throughout their entire careers, and the more virtuous and performative they make their apologies, the more it will drain them mentally and financially in the long run?

If you're going to apologize, say "sorry, that was bad" and move on. Don't let the people who keep shouting that this is not enough win.

You not all trannies are retarded IdPolers

They are liberals. Why can't we have a cyclical thread for Pod Save America?

Here's a tip: Marxism-Leninist groups are the same bullshit. Tankies tend to be even more radical than Social-Democrats and Liberals on that issue. Anarchists are probably the worst, but Maoists, Stalinists, and so on are not any better.

The problem is not about which ideological cleavage is responsible for propagating this nonsense, the problem is demographics. The identitarian culture is not a culture found in a particular left-wing movement, it's a culture found in universities, the world of art and literature, and youth subcultures, which is where most of the vocal Left stems from, instead of the regular working masses.

While undergrads, academics and so on continue to be the main 'voices' of the Left, all leftists trends will be subjected to their bullshit equally. So we need to organize along explicitly anti-idpol lines, reach the masses directly, and talk to them with a clear message of taking the Socialist agenda back from people like this. We don't need to fight the Jacobin-reading, Vice-writing types day in and day out on Twitter, we just have to create a social base, which is something they don't have.

I swear, the economy is fucking collapsing and the only reasonable opposition party is imploding because of a joke on a podcast about fucking your dad.

If you get so hurt by a fucking joke that you want to limit the freedom of expression of the person that made it, get the fuck out of the movement. Obviously you're not interested in serious politics. I don't care how many times you got raped, this obsession with assault and gender politics is a cancer that eats left wing movements from the inside out. If someone is found to be a rapist, excommunicate them and be done with it. But don't start to fucking tone police people.

I hope this is irony or something and you don't actually type like this.

The Nazi is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Nazi and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

leftists: lmao comedians are the troops of liberals

also leftists: how is cumtown helping to build socialism tho?