Why are there 2 Stirners in Engels' sketch of the Young hegelians...

Why are there 2 Stirners in Engels' sketch of the Young hegelians? The guy sitting on the right is identical to Max except for the bigger nose/forehead

someone give me a rundown on whos who?

why is there a squirrel with a massive nutsack in the upper left

all the people seen in OP's sketch are as follows:
Max Stirner
and his property

I don't get why despite disagreeing with him, Stirner got drawn as the most cool and collected in the room. Hell, he's even the only one smoking.

Egoist magic

You can disagree with someone without caricaturizing them negatively in every representation you make of them.

who's the tall guy and his manlet friend?

seems obvious to me he'd be the coolest looking one in the room tbh

I know, but its just kind of surprising for Engels and Marx who constantly tore into and lambasted those they disagreed with.

Stand user?

the eternal spook of stirner?

He actually was his friend before Marx senpai told him he was being a bad kohai

He's also the only one drawn halfway decently.

What if Stirner is actually Engels' stand 「Hang On To Your Ego」who's stand power is that it exists in his subconscious and manifests itself without the user knowing, acting as a possessing spectre that influences the user and eventually is able to project its form to those around him through the sheer weight of its own ego?

it's Engels


Venom Stirner

They're all arguing and tipping over chairs and wine glasses. Then Engles gets bored and draws random shit at the top. I feel this is what would happen if Holla Forums had regular gatherings.

They were supposedly pretty good friends you know. My theory is that their friendship allowed Engels n Marx a sort of freedom to tear into him so viciously. Although I don't think Marx ever met him.

Look if there are any of y'all in PDX who want to drink and lament just hmu


Because he's Engels OC character. Duh.

so who's the scrooge looking guy sitting down?

young (((Marx))) without the beard, notice the HOOKED NOSE, confirmed zionist conspieracy lmfao hitler was right all along

Yeah Stirner is totally an individual….

Engels liked Stirner. It was only Marx's autistic breakdown that forced poor Freddy to abandon his ideas.


I'm arnold